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  1. With the boom of the mobile Internet, the beauty industry is no longer just the O2O model of "Internet beauty salon". Following the follow -up of the "Internet Beauty Artist" O2O model. So, in the face of the Internet era, is there a promising service on the home service?
    It is understood that the on -site service of the beautician can be a way, it can be a product, but beauty instruments cannot come to the door. The person in charge of many beauty institutions also said that it has never considered the implementation of this on -site service. Most customers live near the stores of the beauty institution, and it is convenient to go directly to the store to make beauty. It is not difficult to see that even if O2O online services are an irresistible development trend, the development space of "Internet Beauty" is not as great as imagined.
    The on -site service income is high
    . Although there is not much room for the laboratory's door -to -door service, many beauticians are attracted by its high salary,
    The on -site beauty service platform to launch such a beautician recruitment Requirements: High -time salaries, free time control, no need to perform performance pressure, large promotion space, and five insurance protection for social security. Each beautician will receive a unified paid training, like a stewardess. Although the revenue of the Beauty 020 platform is higher than that of traditional beauty salons, not all of which can provide high salaries on the home service, but also depends on the professional level, work skills, personnel quality, and supply and demand changes. Without strong professional skills and sales techniques, how do you take the order, let's do it in a beauty salon honestly.
    100 on -site service beauticians can produce up to one shareholder
    Faced with the boom of the mobile Internet, is the beauty master chosen on -site service or stay in the traditional beauty salon? In addition to looking at income, you can also look at future career development. Beauty artists who work in traditional beauty salons, the road to future development is from beauty instructor, consultant, store manager, or the shares of beauty salons. Her career development direction is private customers, group management, or regional managers, from freelancers to partnerships, or shareholders of the platform. Relatively speaking, it seems that the future is bright, but it is highly competitive and stressed. 100 beauticians can produce up to one shareholder, but 100 beauticians can achieve at least 30 beauty salons owners.
    The people who are generally capable like freedom, people who do not have the ability like smooth, and those who like stable people will stay in a beauty salon. People who like freedom will jump out of the beauty salon. The quality of the beauty industry is low. It is still most who like to be in the beauty salon. The girl's adventure spirit is not great. People who stay in the beauty salon will be more than those who are running outside. In the end, in the beauty O2O model, choose the on -site service or continue to stay in the beauty salon? You have to look at your choice.
    This information comes from 138Job China Beauty Talent Network

  2. It is good to learn beauty and semi -permanent tattoo.

    The point is it depending on which one we like

    industry? And the future development direction is selected.

    The professional technology that is suitable for you. Beauty

    Rongshi and semi -permanent tattoo artist. They are very suitable for

    . Girls' learning, and future salary benefits are also

    are very high. If you want to learn, I build

    Is you can find a very professional and formal school

    to learn. In this case, it will also be more assured of some good

    . After graduating from the school, it is also the

    of the enchantment of teaching and employment. Still very good.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer As the beauty of the beauty 020 platform protrudes, the beauty scholars who were still staying in the beauty salon began to embrace the Internet and transform to door -to -door services. So how can we become a on -site service beautician, what are the application channels and precautions? 1. Application channels are average. If you want to be a cosmeticist who serves at the door, you have at least three years of beauty experience, find a job through two ways, one is dug out by others, the other is to apply for it. Beauty is the beauty director, Xiaomei home, Bai Caijia, beauty home, beauty , etc., can learn about related recruitment matters through its WeChat, recruitment website and other channels. According to 138 reporters, some of the current on -site service beauticians are part of the high -paying recruitment, and some of which are beauticians of cooperative beauty salons; they also find talents through website recruitment. The on -site service beautician will receive comprehensive beauty knowledge training. After assessment to ensure that their service level and professionalism meet the standards, they can accept orders. 2. The toolbox of the on -site service of the on -site service of the tools of the tools is basically provided by the door -to -door company. It mainly carries these tools: the sterilization, aromatherapy, Bluetooth speakers, U -shaped pillow, disposable bed sheets, one -time sheets, one -time sheets, and one -time sheets. Beauty care products, etc. Generally, the beauty artists who are on -site services will end the beauty service steps from before entering the door to provide users with the most professional standard services in accordance with the beauty service steps. 3. Precautions for the safety of on -site services are very important. After receiving orders, they must check the customer identity and family specific address. If the remote suburbs and the service time are late, they can screen out. Teachers also have to do insurance to ensure that both sides are foolproof.

  4. As the consumption level of residents rises, the consumption demand for beauty products is becoming more and more vigorous.
    low employment thresholds

    The lower employment thresholds have made many people discriminate against this line, and feel that engaging in this profession will be large and small, and the development prospects are not great. But in fact, the benefits of lower employment thresholds to this profession are more bad. Because of the low threshold of beauty artists, it can provide more women with good employment opportunities.

    The personnel demand is large

    In recent years, people's beauty and health consciousness has been increasing, individual health service consumption and Japanese drama increase, and the demand for beautyists has continued to increase. Although there are many beauty artists practitioners, from the perspective of the market environment, the number of cosmetic health service agencies that are constantly rising have increased their demand for cosmetologists, especially beauticians.

    The profession of beauty artist is still in a non -saturated state, and personnel demand is still rising. Therefore, unlike the current situation of employment competition in many industries, it is easy to find a job as a cosmeticist.

    This salary is good

    The wages of beauticians often consist of two major parts, one is the base salary, and the other is a commission. In terms of the base, the economic level of different cities is different, and the salary standards are naturally different, but in general, it must be higher than the local basic company standards.

    The base salary of junior cosmetologists in China is about 4,000 yuan. Of course, the commission is the big head of the beautician's salary. Beauty salons generally adopt a multi -hard work form to formulate performance standards for beauticians and meet the basic requirements, and you can get the corresponding bonus.

    It, it will make commissions based on the number of customers, the number of projects, and total performance of your service. The more you do, the higher the salary. The annual income of a beautician is higher than the local white -collar workers, and it is normal for more than 10,000 a month.

    The employment is wide

    The superiority of beauticians can also be reflected in its broad employment pathway. Many people think that as a beautician, you can only go to work in a beauty salon or health gallery. But in fact, many enterprises and many institutions now need beauty artists.

    Is when you are a beautician, you can not only work in a beauty salon, but also choose to be a professional adviser to a beauty institution, serve as a cosmetic company in a beauty franchise company, serve as a trainer at a beauty training institution, or Entering the sales of beauty products and so on. It can be said that employment channels are very wide.

    The skill determination value

    The beauty artist is an industry with technical capabilities determining value. A good attitude and effective service are the most basic motivation and source of this business. As practitioners, if you can provide customers with professional and original services, you can create extraordinary value.

  5. On -site beauticians are a relatively novel occupation. Many people do not understand the situation of this profession. The following briefly introduces: 1. How to become a door -to -door beauty master: you must have strong technical and rich experience; you can go to a professional training school to learn first After graduation, go to the beauty salon to work, and wait for the customer resources, then go to the door of the beauty master. 2. Preparations for on -site beauty artists: essential beauty care products, basic tools, aromatherapy, U -shaped pillows, disposable sheets, etc. 3. The advantages of on -site beauty artists: The service cost of on -site beautyists is relatively high, and wages are considerable. The work is relatively free, without much performance pressure

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