1 thought on “Pacewear in the dark horse technology in smart watches makes exercise more intelligent”

  1. The smart watch market has gone through several years of precipitation, and has increased significantly in the past two years. According to a recent report released by the market research company IDC, the shipments of smart watches in 2018 will reach 46.2 million yuan, an increase of nearly 38.9%over last year. With the enhancement of the functions and the refinement of the function of sports, smart watch products can already become the second expansion screen of our mobile phone. Not only is it convenient for handling daily affairs and viewing news, but also played the role of personal sports health assistant, so as to use it to do it. Rich data provides reference suggestions for personal health, and the advantages of smart watches in portability have also attracted many friends who love sports to buy.

    Sminton watches have developed to the present. People have continuously injected new expectations into this small screen tied to the wrist, looking forward to a beautiful future, and also attracted many manufacturers to enter the smart watch market. Huawei and other brands have launched heavy products this year, and equipment shipments have also shown a significant increase, and competition with Apple's Apple Watch is becoming more intense.
    The smart watch market presents two levels of differentiation. Technology giants represented by Apple and Huawei continue to expand various functions on smart watches with small screens and limited performance. For example , Introducing mobile payment solutions, rich APP blessings, etc. This product is closer to mobile phones, and the audience is relatively wide. On the other hand, due to the limited technical background, it is difficult to make innovation. More improvements are strengthening function points. Focusing on a certain aspect of the needs to deeply dig in, it is often relatively single in other functions, but it is more affordable in terms of price. And more targeted.

    In last month, Huawei released a new HUAWEI Watch GT smart watch. This product has achieved several core functions that smart watches can do -clear large dials with clear dials. , Sports, heart rate testing, mobile payment, etc. Long battery life and bus card functions have also greatly improved the practicality of this watch. Even if you do n’t exercise often, you usually use it to view time and new news. Occasionally, you can detect the health status and swipe the bus card. After Huawei GT, the author found that a independent technical school with “Huawei” in Huawei is very “Huawei”. Smart watch manufacturers, this brand called Pacewear comes from the strong union of Tencent and Goor, taking root in the smart wearable equipment industry for more than four years.

    Pacewear Zhenshi Technology is a smart wearable company invested by Tencent Technology and Goer's strategic investment. It is hatched from Tencent's internal team. The core team mainly comes from companies such as Tencent, Gollara, Nokia and other companies. Essence As a startup, Zhenshi Technology has cooperated with Tencent in various fields such as social networking, finance, entertainment, information, tools, platforms, and artificial intelligence. Goor is The dimensions of manufacturing and product research and development will provide support for Zhenshi Technology. The Huawei smart watch mentioned above, because of the use of self -developed LiteOS, can meet the needs of flexible customization. Most members of the software R

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