5 thoughts on “What are the Taiwan CNC machine tools”

  1. There are many processing centers in Taiwan. In the early years, there were a ranking of thousands of degrees such as: Taichung Precision Machinery, Yongjin, Youjia Essence Machine, Liwei, Fuyu, Craftsman Ze, Dongtai Precision Machinery, Xiehong Ji, Euma, Euma , Li Chi, Oil Machine, New Tiger General, Lid Wei, Aville, Fulian, Songying, Cheng Tai, Weili, Belle (Swiss quality), etc., very much.

  2. Taiwan's CNC machine tool brand, with high comprehensive popularity:
    Ti Dongtai Precision machine Topper;
    Yue machine industry Youji;
    Chengtai Machinery Goodway Goodway ;

  3. Buying Taiwan's Dongtai Precision Machinery Processing Center is broken for the first time. It has been used for nearly 2 months from order to receiving bearing. Now it is broken again. After 2 months, the cost of the active cost is about 20,000 yuan a day. This TMD is not the normal maintenance cost of the equipment. What service is this? The processing center stops for more than 2 months to let the manufacturer live? Do not buy this brand

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