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I am from the Northeast Electric Power Company. Now I am going to purchase electronic belt scale. It is understood that there are many manufacturers of electronic belt signs in Xuzhou, but in the end, the quality of the product is over. I hope the majority of netizens can give guidance

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  1. Electronic belt scale selection method
    Xuzhou Yilong Mechanical Sales Manager: Zhang Chuanyu
    Electronic belt scale is one of Xuzhou Yilong mechanical leading products. Guide users to select the correct type to ensure that users can choose the appropriate electronic belt scale according to their needs, and maintain a high performance price ratio, and use it reliably under high -precision conditions.

    1, electronic belt scale model
    The electronic belt scale is mainly ICS series, including ICS-14, ICS-17, ICS-20, and ICS-30. For example:

    .1 1.1 Electronic belt scale model representation method
    According to national standard GB/T7721-1995 "Electronic Belt Scale", the model of the electronic belt scale is expressed as shown in Figure 1:

    2. Types of the accuracy level of electronic belt scale

    The electronic belt scale belongs to the automatic balancer. 1995 "Electronic Belt A scale" can be seen: the accuracy of the electronic belt scale is divided into four levels, indicating that the symbols are: (0.25), (0.5), (1.0), (2.0).

    The belt scale model and corresponding level are:

    ics-14- (0.25)

    ics-17a- (0.25)

    ics-17b- (0.5)

    ics-20A- (0.5)

    ics-20b- (0.5)
    nics-30- (1.0)

    2.2 The type of accuracy level of the electronic belt scale

    The electronic belt scale is an automatic balancer. T7721-1995 "Electronic Big Belt A scale" can be seen: The accuracy of the electronic belt scale is divided into four levels, indicating that the symbols are: (0.25), (0.5), (1.0), (2.0).

    3. How to choose a belt scale of different accuracy levels according to the use
    3.1 Apply to processing or control

    Is the occasion for commercial trade settlement or internal accounting. If it is used for commercial trade settlement, you should choose equipment with higher accuracy, such as (0.25) and (05) levels. If it is used for internal accounting, you can choose (05) level, (1.0) or (2.0) level electronics electronics. Belt scale. It is used to monitor yield, production speed and ingredients. According to the situation, the accuracy required is between ± 0.5%and ± 1%. The most commonly used belt scale accuracy in this application is ± 0.5%. No It is necessary to recognize the management agency. Like the meal of the power plant in the power plant, the measurement of various production materials for internal accounting, the ICS-17 series belt scale is usually used. However, in process control, such as quantitative materials, the proportion control of multiple raw materials, usually use the ICS-30 system belt scale, can meet the requirements.
    3.2 Application to processing process monitoring
    Is when there is a waste or equipment damage, this scale can be used to call the police in the processing workshop. Depending on the situation, the measuring accuracy range is between ± 0.5%and ± 2%. The repetitiveness and weighing accuracy of this scale are often equally important. In this occasion, ICS -30 series belt scale is usually used.

    3.3 The configuration of the selected equipment

    In the purpose of the purchase equipment, then you should clarify whether the purchased device needs to be added to choose other functions in order to choose the relevant configuration, and then should be directed to toward the configuration. The manufacturer proposes to choose the request to choose the equipment, including the basic configuration of the device (the body, the computer accumulator, etc.) and the selection of the configuration (a communication board, printing board, analog current interface board, remote display, etc.). Among them, the models of the core component computers are very different. At present, there are many domestic applications including Xuzhou 10-201, the US MT2000 series, the Japanese CFC-100 series, and the German 400 series. Because the configuration price is more expensive, users should choose appropriately according to their own needs, such as the optional printer for commercial trade, and internal accounting to choose from a remote counter.

    3.4 Provide the technical information to the manufacturer

    Per clarification of the above two points, and then provide the manufacturer with the technical information of the manufacturer so that the manufacturer can be targeted进行设计,其中现场的技术资料主要包括环境的温度、湿度,皮带输送机的型号、输送机的倾角、托辊的槽行角、皮带的速度、皮带的宽度,运送物料的特性、正常流量、 The maximum traffic is the distance between the on -site calculator, the installation form of the accumulator.

    4 The condition of the installation of the belt scale

    The use performance of an electronic belt scale depends not only on the design quality of the manufacturer (high -quality design should be a prerequisite, in the text, in the text, in the article It is not described), and it also depends on the requirements of the on -site installation process and the maintenance of the equipment.

    4.1 Installation location of the belt scale
    In the installation of the belt scale, the important point is to install the tension and tension of the conveyor to the least change. Based on this reason, based on this reason, based on this reason. The belt scale should be installed at the tail close to the conveyor, but it should have enough distance to prevent the influence of the guide bar.
    4.2 Requires a single point settlement
    In a high -precision weighing device, the belt conveyor should have only one setting point and at the same point of the raw. Zhang Li is constant.

    . 4.3 Requires a uniform belt load
    . Although the measuring system can work accurately in the range of 20-100%of the amount of material in most applications, it hopes that the load is as possible as possible as possible Uniform. In order to reduce the fluctuation of the amount of materials, a high adjustment board can be installed at the outlet of the material.

    5.4 Requires to avoid material sliding
    The belt scale system to process the belt load and belt speed to obtain accurate measurement. The belt speed generated must be equal to the belt speed in the scale position. For this reason, the speed and inclination of the conveyor should not be too large to avoid sliding the material. In a large inclination and high -speed conveyor system, the scale should be configured in a distance from a distance from the distance, and the inclination angle of the belt conveyor cannot exceed 18 degrees. For the belt scale of the N10-14/17 series, the conveyor's inclination cannot exceed 6 degrees. For the belt scale of the ICS10-20/30 series, the conveyor's inclination cannot exceed 18 degrees (according to GB/T7721-2001). Consultate professional and technical personnel who cannot meet the above requirements to determine whether the belt scale can be installed, or it needs to be reduced.
    5.5 Avoid the conveyor convex curve segment when installing
    The conveyor scale in a straight segment is more desirable than conveyor with convex curve segments. It is recommended that the convex curve segment is not between the loading point and the scale. The convex segment permit of the conveyor is more than 6 meters or five rollers of the roller of the roller outside the heavy domain.
    5.6 How to install the belt scale when there is a concave curve segment with a concave curve section
    The cut point of the conveyor (rising) concave curve must be at least 12 meters away from the scale. If the scale is qualified according to the standard test proposed by the 44 manual, this distance must be 21 meters. If the belt conveyor installed in a concave curve segment is not satisfied with the above dimensions, Outside the entire loading area, at least 8 groups of bracket rollers should be contacted before and after the scale. The belt scale should be between the feed point and the concave curve segment. Essence
    5.7 The impact of the unloader on the belt scale
    The label scales in anywhere, weighing accuracy is always important, so it is not allowed to install the belt scale on the belt conveyor with a mobile unloader. If the scale must be installed on the belt transport aircraft with a unloader, the conditions are basically the same as the conveyor of the convex curve. The minimum distance is still in accordance with the provisions of the previous section. In the form, the belt should be able to ensure that the belt runs in the measuring center.

    6. After installing the electronic belt scale, the requirements for the working conditions of the conveyor
    6. Avoid the effect of wind and climate
    Therefore, the belt scale and transport aircraft should be protected from the influence of wind and climate. At least the cover should be sealed within 6 meters on both sides of the scale, and the door is recommended to open at the end.
    6.2 Avoid vibration and offset
    The entire conveyor framework should be separated from the material warehouse, feeder and other mechanical equipment to prevent the ingredients from being shifted by the belt conveyor and avoid the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder and the feeder Vibration and impact caused by mechanical equipment.

    7. Instructions for the installation of electronic belt scale
    7.1 For conveyor bracket requirements
    In the design of the weighing system, the following scratches should be considered. The deflection of the scratching, the scales and the scratching bridge system, and the deflection of the support structure of the conveyor is that these scratches are too large. In the manufacturing of the scale, the load sensor, the scale frame and the heavy bridge system system The deflection is controlled. Only the deflection of the supporting structure of the conveyor is a variable. Therefore, the vertical beams of the conveyor supporting the two sides of the scale and scale should have sufficient stiffness and the support of the requirements to make at least 3 in 3 The relative deflection between the -3 roller does not exceed 1/200 (such as the spacing of the roller 900mm to ± 0.75mm) at the part of the scale, and the conveyor should not have a splicing of telescopic joints or longitudinal beams.
    The installation position of the electronic belt scale should be avoided as much as possible to avoid each connector of the conveyor bracket.
    7.2 Gravity or tension device
    All conveyors with more than 10 meters in length should be equipped with a gravity tension device.
    7.3 The requirements for changes in the belt groove shape
    In order to obtain the best belt weight accuracy, one of the problems to consider is the effect of the belt -shaped changes along the entire conveying route from the air load to the full load. The belt should have a certain flexible to ensure that the belt is empty and all the weighing rollers (horizontal rollers) are in good contact. This can ensure that the transmitted material is inherited by the weighing roller, not the support of the belt skeleton.
    7.4 Weight domain support roller
    In general, the high -quality roller produced by the roller manufacturer can meet the requirements in the weighing system, but the conditions are selected by the weighing system selected. The size of the original roller of the roller and the belt conveyor must be the same, and the slot -shaped angle must be the same. For the rollers used in the symmetrical segment, the selection type is particularly important. Not only should we consider the type of the roller, but also the structure of the roller itself. Because the calibration of the roller plays a very important role in the operation of the belt scale, Therefore, the structure of all rollers should be unified as much as possible. It is important to avoid using the "V" type support roller and hanging roller.
    7.5 The groove angle of the roller roller
    This roller groove cornered too many problems to use. The impact of the heart increases. When the weighing system is installed, one of the important tasks to be completed is to adjust all the rollers into a straight line in the weighing section, so as to minimize the belt as much as possible when the roller runs above the roller, due to changes in the tension of the belt or other external forces. The additional force of the weighing system is introduced. For all high -precision electronic belt scales, the recommended slot -shaped angle is best or smaller at 30 to 35 degrees, and the 45 -degree slot angle generally does not meet the accuracy specified in the electronic belt scale, so it is usually forbidden to prohibit the prohibition. Used.
    7.6 -guide roller (the belt running partial stick)
    It the direction of the belt center from the condition to the full load, which is extremely important. The distance between the roller spacing (called the heavy domain roller refers to the heavy bearing roller and the four sets of rollers on both sides of it).
    7.7 The calibration of the roller roller
    The roller roller and four sets of rollers before and after the belt scale should be calibrated. At the same time, the scale should be adjusted as required to make the scale from changing the tension of the belt as required. The four groups of rolling rollers before and after weighing rollers and heavy bearing rollers should be calibrated very accurately in order to make the weighing platform or the weight segment as accurate as possible. The installation of these rollers is very strict. Rolling roller calibration is very important, it can ensure that the ideal belt -shaped changes are obtained under various belt loads.
    The consistency of the weight area support roller is very important. They will directly affect whether the weight area of ​​the material's weighing area is stable. The roller on the original conveyor is transformed into a weighing area support roller. The regional roller has good consistency. This is why Simo usually does not provide a heavy support roller when selling belt scale.

    8, the working conditions of the unsuitable installation of the belt scale
    8.1 steel cable conveyor
    is usually called a steel cable conveyor.
    8.2 Stacking conveyor
    This should be avoided on the wire suspension conveyor (such as the heap conveyor). These applications should also be avoided on the conveyor that changes the inclination in the calibration cycle, and these applications will reduce accuracy.

    9 Installation requirements of the electrical part

    The power supply part should avoid the power line as much as possible, and the lighting power can also be used. Conditioners can increase the power supply on the power supply side of the computer accumulator. The voltage pressure device; the electrical wiring box is installed on the side of the conveyor, which should be sealed to prevent the circuit board soaked in water or dust into the wiring box when the circuit board is soaked in water; It can reach a few hundred meters, and the weight signal line and the power cable should be separated, and the shielding end should be connected. Due to the large line loss and the weighing signal are more disturbed by the outside world, when the distance is more than 60 meters, the wiring should be the wiring should be The 6 -line connection method is adopted; the computer accumulator and the scale should be grounded separately, and the ground resistance should not be greater than 4Ω.

    10. The maintenance and repair of the electronic belt scale

    10.1 The maintenance of the system

    The ground can maintain good accuracy and reliability, and the following seven aspects should be performed: First, the newly installed belt scale will be detected at zero within a few months after installation. The interval value, according to the accuracy requirements, choose the physical calibration or simulation calibration in a timely manner; second, the accumulation of the accumulation and the adhesive on the belt after the daily stop after work; Fourth, because the flexibility and radial beating degree of the heavy bearing roller movement directly affect the measurement accuracy, the annual symmetrical heavy bearing roller is lubricated by 1 to 2 times, but it is necessary to pay attention to the rolling roller. Fifth, during the use process, normal traffic is best controlled within the ± 20%range of the calibration flow range; sixth, the maximum traffic should not exceed 120%Qmax, which will not only help improve the accuracy of the belt scale, but also increase the improvement The service life of the equipment; seventh, welded on the scale of the installation sensor to avoid damaging the sensor. In special cases, the power should be disconnected first, and then the ground wire should be led to the scale body. The current circuit must not pass through the sensor through the sensor Essence

    10.2 The repair of the system

    This due to the large number of factors, checking and excluding the failure of electronic belt scale, which is much more complicated than other balancers. The repair personnel should carefully read and learn about relevant knowledge, and observe, diligently observe, work hard, analyze, think more, and summarize more.

    10.2.1 The maintenance of the computer accumulator

    The computer calculator is the center of the electronic belt scale. The volume signal is treated with the pulse signal sent by the speed sensor, and then sent to the microprocessor together for centralized processing. The repair procedure is refers to Figure 2.

    The computer calculator fault maintenance flowchart

    10.2.2 The maintenance of the weight sensor and speed sensor

    The heart of the belt scale. The maintenance of weighing sensors is more familiar, limited to space, and no longer introduce here; the speed sensor is to drive operation by rolling device with the belt, and the speed signal of the belt operation is transformed into a voltage signal (square wave), because the manufacturer selects Different devices and belt running speeds are different, and the voltage amplitude is different. In normal operation, the voltage amplitude is generally between 3 and 15VAC. The "~" file of the multimeter can be checked.

    10.2.3 zero and interval values ​​

    The zero -point adjustment and inaccurate weighing.使用环境有关,具体可从以下几方面处理:一、环境温度、湿度是否昼夜变化较大,导致输送皮带的张力发生变化,从而使皮带秤零点发生漂移;二、秤架上积尘积料、 Transfer belt adhesion; 3. Material card in the scale; 4. The belt of the transporter is uneven; 5. The system does not have good grounding; Secondly, the stability of the sensor itself and the performance of the computer accumulator should be considered.

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