Xi'an welded titanium alloy, urgent, very urgent, very urgent! Intersection Intersection

I have a display base and is said to be titanium alloy. I can't try peroxy welding. Oxicated welding will be burned. I want to ask Xi'an where there is welding. Welded technology is good. Where is the complete variety?

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  1. Very simple
    It, if you are a display, only handmade tungsten arc welding, that is, Tig, other welding cannot be achieved. The most important thing for the protection of oxygen welding is definitely not good. OK
    This alloy can be easily polluted, not called oxidation, and reacts with hydrogen inhalation at 400 ° C. Therefore, the time to protect the gas should be slightly longer.假如成金黄色也可以,其他颜色都不行rn你是在西安,随便找个手工焊师傅就可以了rn你要技术好的,可以去宝鸡钛业找,哪里高手很多,都Welding titanium alloy, Xi'an should also be available.
    If the welding, please leave a message if you have any puzzles and questions

  2. The arc welding is sufficient, because the pyrethrin is an inert gas, and the titanium reacts is not met. You can go to the manufacturer of titanium equipment. Is it close to Xi'an Titanium City? Baoji is a titanium company!

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