What industry category is waste recycling

We are recycling broken glass, what kind of industry category is this?

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  1. The recycling stations of waste items are regenerative resources and waste materials recycling industry categories.

    In the process of urbanization, the product of garbage as metabolism was the burden of urban development, and many cities in the world had garbage siege. Today, garbage is considered to be the most potential, never exhausted "urban mineral", which is a "resource in the wrong place". This is not only the deepening and deepening of junk understanding, but also an inevitable requirement for urban development.
    This China's garbage treatment industry has started late, but through the development of recent years, China's garbage treatment industry has begun to take shape, garbage treatment market capacity has increased significantly, the market penetration rate has increased rapidly. Increase. Now China's garbage treatment market has entered a growth period from the introduction period and is moving towards mature.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the recycling of waste products belongs to the recycling and wholesale category in the category of the wholesale and retail industry. Waste supplies can be used as regenerative resources and can be recycled. The remaining value of the remaining value in the process of daily production and life, including: old, scrap, second -hand, inventory, production and life materials. For example, waste metal, waste paper, regenerative plasticnHope to help you

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