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  1. it is good.
    The group chat created by the school in the home school. Teachers can use notifications, homework, voting, etc. According to the students' automatic statistics, the class teacher can ban the group members and withdraw bad news. Parents can also check the teacher's news notification in the family group. The files in the group and the pictures are also kept for a long time.
    1. The information sent by nails is more conducive to the class teacher to understand the parents' reading situation. The head teacher in the past sent a message on WeChat, and the parents needed to reply to know whether they saw the information. After nailing, parents will show that the class teacher will count in their hearts, and there is no need to ask one by one, which greatly improves the efficiency of work. 2. Because the parents' mobile phone number is required to register, it is more convenient for the class teacher to find the parent phone call, which also greatly improves the efficiency of work. 3. In WeChat groups, some parents often send some unrelated learning spam, which seriously affects everyone's mood, and the head teacher hinders face, and it is not easy to criticize directly. However, it is not necessary to criticize, because the group is mainly responsible for the WeChat group. If some violations are often sent in the group, the owner must be legal to be held. 4. Materials are easier to save.

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