How to find a customer on behalf of the salesperson for the client, I just enter the industry, nothing

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  1. The freight forwarding industry is an industry with relatively fast personnel flow. Therefore, we can always see every day that some newcomers of freight forwarding are asking, how do we cargo generation newcomers pick up goods?
    For sales, there is no experience to talk, that is, industry knowledge plus sales skills, industry knowledge needs to be slowly understood, but sales performance is imminent. Because of the low threshold, this industry is all newcomers in freight generations. The sales skills are not at all, and they have no savings. They are all innocent. They can't stand the blow. Once everything is not smooth, the world is lost, and they are blank!
    For operations, the freight forwarding operation process is experienced. There is no tutorial. At least for at least some basic freight generation knowledge on the Internet, understanding a general process, many problems encountered in the operation can only rely on others' instructions to go to go to the guidance of others to go to go to the instructions of others Only by solving, if no one taught, it would be at a loss like a child. A good master is very important and can learn quickly.
    The sales of international freight forwarding are not easy to do, as well as the freight forwarding company. For many small companies, even if 10-20 people are standing firmly, there are so many monthly goods. They rely on the relationship to maintain customers. The service is the same. The price is not good. Living, there seems to be no way out, the competition is getting fiercely, and the pressure is getting stronger ...
    It, from the perspective of sales, it is the heart disease of most CIF cargo companies. Why is it not good for sales? How to teach newcomers and how to take over the goods, first, the company does not provide training; second, there is no sales computer; third, no system support is provided. Let sales yourself, ask yourself, see yourself, break through yourself, die and die, and sell well? In a word, most responsibilities are in the company.
    Most veteran business is unwilling to teach the goods to take the goods on behalf of the newcomers. This is the characteristic of this industry.
    It, they also survived, no one taught, so they are unwilling to teach others; second, there is really no experience, the coming and forth is the words, call more, go out to run more and run more ; Three, the newcomers have made a three -month phone call, and there are no results, but there are always a few customers who are interested. The newcomers can't hold it. After leaving, they can receive these customers. Why do you teach you?
    The newcomers of freight forwarding are always talking about how to say how to say, and do not know what to talk about when going to customers.
    The purpose of calling is to screen out interesting customers from a large number of customers, so it is necessary to talk about efficiency: the first sentence finds the person in charge of the import and export; Advantages; the third sentence, sorry, that disturbed you, bye!
    If the customer is interested, if you want to understand, that's good, see you, don't talk on the phone. Although it saves time and effort and money, the effect is not good.
    What do you talk about when visiting customers? What industry does the other party engage in? What is the export volume? Which ship companies and routes do you often take? What are the destinations? Have you encountered any problems in the past? How to solve and so on, this is the public; where is the person? where to live? Did you buy a house? Did you get married? Is it smooth work? Wait, this is private.
    In short, there are not many novices who have to consider. Every day, find resources, call, visit customers, pay attention to some skills, accumulate over time, and persist in the elite, which is successful.

  2. The freight forwarding industry is an industry that needs to be accumulated. Finding the promotion method that is suitable for you must try the promotion of the building in the early stage.

  3. I have just entered the industry too. No one taught me. My situation is similar to you. Persevere, the experience is accumulated easy

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