1 thought on “How to share the video shot by the camera to the WeChat group”

  1. 1. First open WeChat, enter the chat window, click the " " icon, and then select "Photo"

    2, then select the video from the camera film

    3, choose to want to want to want The sending video

    4, dragging the slider at the top, you can choose the video selection segment. Click "Select", and then click "Yes" to send the video

    5. In addition to selecting the video from the camera film of the mobile phone, we can also send the video shot on the mobile phone.打开微信,进入聊天窗口,点击“ ”图标,然后选择“拍摄”rnrn6、当拍摄完成后,点击“使用”,然后再点击“是”,即可发送视频

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