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  1. Lime is a very common Ashidae material. The main role is to play a role in gel. The use of lime in my country is very wide, not only in the industry, but also lime The production is also used above, and it is a very comprehensive material. The following editors will introduce to you what the price of lime in the market is, and what are the manufacturers of lime and what are the basic situations of these manufacturers of lime.

    The price of lime
    The price of lime on the market is about 300 yuan/ton. (Price source network, for reference only.)
    l lime manufacturers
    1. Guangzhou Yuanda Trading Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Yuanda Trading Co., Ltd. is industrial refined salt, sodium chloride, feed additives,中粗海盐、沐浴盐、晶体盐、食用一水葡萄糖、工业煤炭、工业尿素、工业洗衣粉、纯碱、片碱、烧碱、复合碱、活性碱、硫化碱、元明粉、漂白粉、酵素粉、 Insurance powder, corn starch, ammonia water, bleaching water (sodium chloride), hydrogen oxygen, enzyme water, calcium oxide, lime powder (calcium hydroxide), light calcium carbonate, baking soda, soda, potassium alum, aluminum alum, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfur,, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfur,, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sulfur, Iron sulfate, polyacrylazide, polymer aluminum chloride, polymer iron sulfate, aluminum chloride, foaming agent, stuffing agent, boiler ash, metal rust remover, non -foam osmotic agent, sewage treatment net net Water, sewage yeast, sodium methampite, sodium sulfate, sodium phosphate, sodium salvate, sodium -chloride, sodium sodium sodium sulfate, sodium trifle, sodium polarized sodium phosphate, hydrochloric acid, nitrate, sulfuric acid, hydrofluor acid, methamphetamine, methamphetamine Specialized private enterprises operating and sales of chemical raw materials such as acetate, fluoride, ammonium fluoride, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and other chemical raw materials.

    2. Shanghai Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Shang Shanghai Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is located in Qingpu Industrial Park in Shanghai. The company is an enterprise with urea, soda, soda, Yuanming powder, industrial salt, sodium phosphate, bleaching powder, aviation kerosene and so on. Company personnel have been engaged in the chemical industry for many years and have rich experience in chemical product sales and service. In many years of business, it has continuously improved the service capabilities of the enterprise, while winning the strong support of new and old customers and the widespread trust of the industry.

    3. Changxing Tianhe Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    Changxing Tianhe Building Material Co., Ltd. is located in Lijiaxiang Town, Changxing County, Pearl, Taihu, Taihu, Zhejiang. , Persons such as ball mill, water mill machine and other professional equipment. The company specializes in the production and sales of various specifications of calcium carbonate, ultra-fine calcium (800 mesh-1250 mesh) calcium carbonate content of 99.9%, nanocal calcium (2500 mesh, the most humid method in China, 2UM90%), heavy calcium (100 mesh- 400 mesh) Calcium carbonate content is 99.9%, chip -shaped silicon gray powder, square stone powder, talc powder, double fly powder, limestone powder, wall high -end putty powder, 7 0 sand, texture round sand, refined white sand, calcium hydroxide (gray calcium calcium calcium (gray calcium calcium calcium calcium (gray calcium calcium calcium calcium ), Light calcium powder. It is widely suitable for plastic, coatings, paint, rubber, paper, ink, profile, wire and cable, daily chemical industry and other fields.

    Il is the price of lime in the market, and what are the production manufacturers of lime. These editors have made a detailed introduction to everyone above. The production of lime is relatively diverse. Some types of lime production is very easy. Basically, there are no technical content, so many people are engaged in production, cheap, and some have relatively high technical content Well, there are few people engaged in, the price of this type of lime is also relatively high.

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