Which university has a specialty major, what information can be used for self -learning knowledge? Is this industry a high threshold?

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  1. The auction and professional majors of Nankai University

    The majors of Hubei Institute of Economics

    The professionalism of Hubei Institute of Economics

    (Chongqing) Auction and Dangdang professional

    唉 I wanted to learn this major in 2008 and then did not go to school. The first thing to pay attention to is related to the pawn appraiser.

    The business scope of the pawn industry is all -inclusive, such as real estate, car, watches, jewelry, national debt, stocks and other real estate or real estate may become mortgaged. Professional knowledge, to practice the eyes of fire, judge the value of the collateral, and understand the legal knowledge of financial regulations, civil law, business law, contract law, as well as corporate accounting, taxation and other aspects.

    This director Xiao Yuefeng, director of Beijing Futong Dianbang Bank, said, "The work of their work is not only evaluated the price of items in the counter, but also to go out, understand the market, change, and some items market conditions. Treatment, even make predictions in advance. "

    At present, only one or two schools in China have auctioned auction professional, and it takes at least three or four years to train a qualified masterpiece. At present, there are about 20,000 employees in the domestic pawn industry. People in the industry predict that in the next 5 years, the demand for the masterpieces will be doubled.

    The training target: This major adheres to the needs of industry talent needs, intended to cultivate a group of auction and pawn theoretical knowledge for the market, familiar with the auction, the relevant laws and regulations of the industry, and use the auction, pawn pawn, Practical skills, technical and applied auctioned professional composite talents with a bachelor's degree with strong cultural relics appraisal skills.
    The teacher strength: The teachers of this major are mainly composed of senior people in the auction classics, teachers of relevant colleges of Nankai University, and their own teachers in this major. , Auxiliary instructor. The theoretical courses of industry and commerce are professors and associate professors of Nankai University. The core courses of the professional are taught by experts hired by the Tianjin Auction Association, the pawn association, and the Tianjin Business Committee.
    The main courses: professional courses are composed of public compulsory courses, compulsory courses in the department, professional compulsory courses, professional elective courses, and appointment. Principles of political economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, organizational behaviors, finance and taxation, auction introduction, auction practices, auction laws and regulations, actions of pawn, pawn practice, pawn laws and regulations, asset evaluation theory and practice, corporate human resources, corporate human resources Development and management, financial management, calligraphy and calligraphy appreciation, jade appreciation, porcelain appreciation, Baoyu stone science, investment, e -commerce and other courses.
    If employment: Industrial and commercial administration (auction and pawn direction) professional graduates can work in major auction companies and pawn companies across the country, and can work in museums, auctioned industry associations, and cultural relics appraisal agencies. In addition, if graduates want to continue their studies, they can obtain graduate students in economics, management, geology, law, etc., and they can also consider studying abroad. In 2008 and 2009, this major transported 220 graduates to the market for two consecutive sessions, and the employment rate reached 100%. A few of them are admitted to major universities in China, and some have been studied abroad. The rest have worked in Beijing, Tianjin and other places to auction, pawn industry, museum, and cultural relics appraisal agencies to receive good evaluations from people in the industry.

    Over the years, Tingfengye has always played the role of the lack of relics. With the central bank's various financial reforms

    The initiation, the pawn industry is taking off the hat of financial institutions. After changing the "in -laws" ---

    "Borrowing money in this bank borrowed a pen, free of charge for guarantee and free financial statements. "Family in the crisis and illness" —— On a pawn door on Moutai Road on the city, posted such posters. Through fast, flexible, redeemable loan methods, many difficult small enterprises, entrepreneurial households, and urgent families who have no money in regular banks have passed the dangerous period, and this special industry is also unique to their own unique industry. Methods maintain self -cycle. According to incomplete statistics, last year, there were nearly 70,000 customers in Shanghai, with a pawn amount of nearly 600 million yuan.

    . When people in the predicament think of the tradition and effective emergency method of "pawn", I am afraid that most people may not find it immediately, because since the establishment of Shanghai Hengyuan Code in 1989 , To this day, there are only 12 pawnsoms in Shanghai. This is inseparable from the supervision principles of relevant departments: It is understood that since the People's Bank of China promulgated the "Interim Measures for the Management of the Director of Poolings" in 1996, the new pawn bank is not approved to open. As a non -bank financial institution, Dangdang Bank has been strictly constrained by the Banking Law: registered funds must reach 5 million yuan, not allowed to borrow, not allowed to establish branches, decentralized equity, restricted scope of pawn, and so on.

    In this background of regulatory, the day of pawn is not good. Relevant information shows that the total principal of the 12 pawns in the city is less than 100 million yuan, of which 35 % of the idle funds have reached 35 %. Due to the small financing scale and the relatively high operating costs, the idle funds cannot invest in profit, resulting in low efficiency of some pawns. Recently, the People's Bank of China and the State Economic and Trade Commission have decided to formally leave the financial system as a special industrial and commercial enterprise. People who have a lot of hope to have a lot of hope to ask the pawn of the pawn must not help but ask: After changing the pawn bank of "in -laws", will the road tomorrow go well?

    Due to the special circumstances of Shanghai, the pawn bank will regulate the municipal business committee. Although the formal "transfer" has not yet been handled, the Municipal Commercial Commission has conducted a survey and set out to formulate relevant management measures. It is reported that the Municipal Commercial Commission will soon set up a service industry management office to conduct industry management of the service industry, including the pawn banks. People in the industry believe that this is likely to be an opportunity for the development of pavilion. Martin, general manager of Hengtong Bonder, told reporters that the biggest benefit of the pawn bank is that some of the original restrictions may be loosened, and the operating tax may also be reduced from 8 % of the original financial enterprises to 5 % of industrial and commercial enterprises.

    The pawn line itself is also exploring new roads for future development. According to reports, the pawn banking project led by the National Payment Professional Committee will enable more than 1,000 bodies in the country to realize talent, information and technology sharing on the network platform. Relying on the Internet for pawn transactions, appraisal and appraisal, qualification training, and valuable product auction. The calligraphy and paintings that cannot be produced in Wuhan can be used in Shanghai. Experts in Beijing can identify the pawn of Shanghai. Shanxi antiques can sell well in Shanghai. People in the industry optimisticly estimate that the wings of the Internet will be paid to this ancient industry to rejuvenate.

  2. It is best to enter the pawn industry after professional training. The Central South Dianzhu Academy has a professional watch and names such as a luxury review course.
    If you want to learn yourself, it is relatively difficult, after all, it is practical knowledge.
    Otherwise, you can find a teacher or a master of a pawn bank, follow them for a while, and exercise your eyesight

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