What knowledge should I master the cable sales and do it? Answer, please help, thank you very much.

1 thought on “What knowledge should I master the cable sales and do it? Answer, please help, thank you very much.”

  1. Hello: It is actually very simple to do cable sales, that is, we must first understand the wire and cable industry. One is to understand the use of cables; second There is only a wire and cable (a conductive conductor), but there is no specific distinction between the wire and the cable.
    Why do you need to understand the use of cables first, because you must first know what aspects of the cables you sell, such as architecture, computer, or ships. These must be understood by you first, so you know what kind of cables are sold to accurate users. Otherwise, you can't choose accurate target users. Secondly, you take the model of the cable, the general cable use and design units, and when purchasing and designing cables are used to procure or design in English letters, such as "Exxon-YJHLV82-4*150 1*70"; The previous "exxon-yjhlv82" is the model of the cable, and the "4*150 1*70" in the back is the structure of the cable (usually called specifications).
    The cable varieties: there are many types of cables: there are power cables, control cables, special cables, flat cables, spiral cables, computer cables, geothermal cables, alloy aluminum cables, inverter special cables, wear -resistant cables, high temperature -resistant cables, silicone rubber cables, silicone rubber cables, silicone rubber cables , Branch cable, steel ruler cable, hanging cable, and so on.
    In the target users, and then choose a company with good brand, guaranteed quality, and large scale, becoming his agent. Choose a region (province and city) for publicity and sales. Earn the difference.
    . Finally, according to the needs of social development and market, the cable variety will develop towards security and low prices. This is an inevitable trend. The floor is getting higher and higher. The requirements are becoming more and more stringent. One is to fire, and the other is lightweight. Therefore, mineral insulation cables and aluminum aluminum cables will be the development direction; China's copper resources are lacking. The more expensive. Therefore, when choosing cable sales, you must choose a good variety, which must be considered.

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