Remember the former female astronaut Liu Yang, who has not appeared after landing. What is it now?

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  1. In my country's social development, there are many people who pay silently. These people may enjoy some reputation at some moment, but they live behind their real life. Few people will notice. Remember the former female astronaut Liu Yang, who has not appeared after landing. What is it now? Let's talk about this topic today.
    The former female astronaut Liu Yang said "space is hell", because the brain of 11 astronauts has shrunk, and a large number of astronauts have changed permanently. Note that "permanent changes"! It is theoretically the sequelae of astronauts to perform space mission in theory Representative astronauts (returns) will not appear in the future, or these impacts may appear in future generations.
    In 1970, China's first artificial satellite "Dongfanghong No. 1" successfully launched, becoming another milestone in the history of Chinese aerospace. The successful launch this time greatly encouraged and shocked people's hearts. At 18:37 on June 16, 2012, the Shenzhou No. 9 spacecraft was successfully launched. Since ancient times, there has been a beautiful legend of "Chang'e Running Moon", which entrusts people to explore the beautiful wonders of the vast universe.
    Liu Yang once recalled: "I flew for a total of 1680 hours in the Air Force. My biggest dream at the time was that one day I could fly all the airports of our motherland. Fifth, God Six, God Seven launched, but I did not expect that one day, I could become one of them. "
    In Liu Yang, now at the age of 34, take my country Shenzhou 9, my country, It became the first female astronaut in our country. Liu Yang and her husband married in 2004. The two were comrades -in -arms, but in order to support Liu Yang, Liu Yang not only delayed the child, but also made every effort to be Liu Yang's supporters. Liu Yang became a space clerk to make a contribution.
    After completing the task of flying in 2014, Liu Yang, who was recuperated, went to Tsinghua University to study for a master's and doctoral degree. In 2014, Liu Yang got married. Since then, she and her husband are also preparing for pregnancy. In the family, in order to think about the next generation, she decided to give up the dream of astronauts, but she still worked in a low -key position in the space industry. Because she no longer traveling in space, she naturally had no news. It has already withdrawn from the front line. It is a part -time vice chairman of the National Women's Federation and the ambassador of China Aerospace Public Welfare Image Ambassador. Even if he quit the front line, he continues to contribute to the country in different fields.

  2. In my country's space industry, the name of such a woman has been remembered by the world, that is, the first female astronauts to board the outer space -Liu Yang. Born in Henan in 1978, he entered the Air Force Changchun Flying Academy after joining the army at the age of 19. She is one of the first female pilots recruited by the Air Force in Henan Province. When the second batch of astronauts were selected, she was also successfully selected. After professional training, she successfully entered the Ninth Group of God, and became a member of the Sky No. 1 flying group with subsequent efforts. She is not only an excellent astronaut, but also a doctor of law at Tsinghua University. So, what about her currently fading out of the audience's vision?
    . Liu Yang, as the first female astronaut in China, is naturally undeniable. What the astronauts need is a high combination of wisdom and hard work. She can stand out from tens of millions of people, and she has experienced the hardships more difficult than others. In fact, she never thought that one day she could become an astronaut and flew into space. Coincidentally, she signed up for the seventh national astronaut selection, and the passing of the pass will become a real pilot. She also participated in the army at the age of 19. The life of the pilot and the life of the army hone her strong will and improved her flight ability.
    when I was selected by my second batch of airlines in my country in 20110, 15 candidates were outstanding elites, and she was an elite among the elite and successfully became the second batch of astronauts. She once said:
    The I think it is this great era to support a person's dream and ideal.
    It said that the development of the country's science and technology ignited her aerospace dream.
    The women who entered space as the first place, she needs to face more challenges than others. She did not give up lightly, and worked hard to exercise herself, tap the advantages of female astronauts, and finally successfully traveled back and forth. The overseas space has also become the heroine in the eyes of people.
    The first Chinese female astronauts not only make a difference in aerospace, but also achieved it in other aspects. The so -called "excellent people are always all -round and excellent." After the astronauts, she still did not stop learning after her career, and she began to study law.
    Whe she has a lot of dreams. After finishing the aerospace career, she began to pursue her unrealized dream at the beginning. She became a dream of Liu Yang, a lawyer who was justice for the people, and was a lawyer who was justice. After the aerospace career, she began to learn legal knowledge and became a graduate student at Tsinghua University. Later, she also obtained a degree from the PhD in Law of Tsinghua University.
    , although she failed to really participate in the development of the lawyer industry, her action proved her enthusiasm for this profession. Once a person has a dream, life becomes more meaningful. Liu Yang was in his thirties when he finished his career in the aerospace officer. Because he had a dream in his heart, he was not afraid of the bumpy road. He became a PhD in Tsinghua University at the age of 40 and a model for Chinese women.
    Stime soon after the aerospace flight, she became a mother, and her husband was Liu Yang's air force comrades. Liu Yang's parents also cared about her. Her father Liu Shilin was an engineer. Her mother Niu Xiyun was an ordinary car manufacturer employee. The two couples have always been attentive to Liu Yang's education and gave Liu Yang a lot of encouragement and help.
    Liu Yang's concern for her parents is also meticulous. When she first parachuting, she was afraid of her parents' worries. Before parachuting, she called her mother to report to peace. I am very afraid of what, the instructor is there, rest assured to jump. " After the jump was over, she knew that her parents had to guard Liu Yang at home and waited for the news that she had not been at home for a day. Now she has become a mother who treats her children. The pains of the mountains and rivers are in exchange for the world's respect. Shortly after the end of Tiangong No. 1 flight, she was rated as "2012 Chinese Children's Annual Person"; she was awarded Dr. Tsinghua University in 2018 and was awarded the title of "Model of the Times". In April 2020, she was hired by the State Aerospace Administration as the "Ambassador of China Aerospace Public Welfare Image", which is a real admirable woman!
    In conclusion
    "Knowledge is power!", Liu Yang's life is constantly learning. Even if she reaches the peak of her life, she has not stopped learning. Following dreams in her world is a piece. Can't finish. Even though there is a thorns and a bumpy way to find a dream road, she has never given up. Whether she becomes a astronaut or a lawyer, she insists on what she wants to reach on this road. She has experienced both in Shunjing and adversity. The bitterness and sweat she had eaten have become a stepping stone on her success. Fortunately, the starlight is not upset. Today, she is still remembered and admired by the world.

  3. I think the life of such astronauts is still good, but there may be fewer opportunities to show up because they have been waiting in space. Everyone knows what everyone is in space, but they do see them with their own eyes, so they rarely appear in front of everyone after leaving space.

  4. After she landed, she went to Tsinghua University to learn legal majors and became a lawyer who stretched righteousness for the people.

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