Is there companies or capabilities such as capacitance resistance on high -end electronic products such as ICs and high -end electronic products.

3 thoughts on “Is there companies or capabilities such as capacitance resistance on high -end electronic products such as ICs and high -end electronic products.”

  1. The upstairs are wrong. For example, private enterprises developing and producing ICs include Huawei, Hongjing, etc., and they are dense and national giant. In the past few years, domestic private enterprises have a qualitative leap in research and development capabilities, and they have gradually broken through foreign technology blockade. Huawei is the pride of the Chinese people. Of course, there are also OEM cottages in China. Essence The quality of domestic separation components is always unsatisfactory, mainly in the following aspects: 1) There are too many cottage products. Like the Chaoshan area in Guangdong, it is famous for fraud. The counterfeit resistors and capacitors produced there are almost false after labeling, and most of them are sold to Shenzhen Huaqiang and other places. Genuine separation components. 2) Poor stability and low redundancy. Domestic separate components are cheap and can meet general consumer electronics applications. However, these domestic goods are often prone to problems under extreme conditions, and sometimes they are damaged without the conditions specified in the specification book. question. 3) Insufficient technical accumulation. Those who have worked with electrons often have such experience: Sometimes the circuit will inexplicably self -excitement, often the reasons are not analyzed, and finally the key part of the capacitance is replaced with imported capacitors, and the fault is eliminated. This kind of problem may be caused by parameters such as ESR of capacitors. Some foreign companies, such as Muraki, Japan, have rich experience in manufacturing dividing components. People from engineers can spend a lifetime of time for a capacitor. And what about Chinese companies? Most of them are quick -handed, and most of our peoples have the mentality of "can be used". This is the gap. This is like this, but the quality of Chinese domestic military products is unknown. I have one type of strategic products in electronic products. It is difficult for ordinary people to contact. The country also strictly controls the import and export of such items. I know this, I hope it is useful to you.

  2. Although the atomic bomb in the early 1960s could not sound on Hiroshima or Tokyo, it also shocked the Soviet elder brother and the American paper tiger. Later, the hydrogen bomb also rang, and Dongfanghong also sang into the sky. This shows that the Chinese have a strong ability.
    This Revolution left us to "where there are people in the crowd, there are left, middle and right." China is so big, there are so many population, and the horses will have the group.
    We we have the ability to touch outer space? Isn't our invisible aircraft also going to heaven? The aircraft carrier is discussing, and it is estimated that we will see it soon. The days of visiting Chang'e are just around the corner.
    Is that we must not blame who cottage goods, we are an individual of this society. We cannot force to stop others from choosing the right, but if everyone is like us, not greedy and cheap, where there is cottage goods, and cottage goods ah. (The greedy is too poor, and today's society is the status quo. In order to reduce the cost to reduce costs, the purchases must be like a woman's food market ...).
    In general, we are progressing every day, and our country is absolutely capable of producing various high -end products.

  3. This problem is too mentally retarded. Can large -scale integrated circuits be produced and can no capacitance resistance? Why don't you doubt your mother's fertility?

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