The development prospects of the LED industry? What are the main products?

Market size, gross profit level, terminal products (lighting, display)

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  1. Analysis of LED Full Industry Chain
    . The upstream chip industry,
    The upstream of the LED industry dominates downstream. In the LED Industry Change Bureau, the impact of upstream enterprises is less than downstream. LED production is a typical uneven industrial chain structure. It is generally based on material preparation, chip preparation and device packaging and application to be divided into upper, middle and lower reaches. Although there are not many industrial links, it involves a wide range of technical fields, technical and technological craftsmanship Diversity, the differences between upstream and downstream are huge. The upstream links enter the barriers are much higher than the downstream links (the investment scale prepared by the upstream extension film is thousands of times more than some downstream application links), showing the structure of the pyramid -shaped industry.
    Among them, upstream and middle reaches are typical technology or capital -intensive "three highs" industries: high difficulty, high investment, high risk, extremely difficult technical difficulty in certain links, high process accuracy requirements, technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical and technical accuracy The dependence of equipment is extremely strong, and the packaging and application links in the lower reaches of the industrial chain are very low, which is a labor -intensive production. The substrate material is the basis of LED lighting and the basis of extension growth. Different substrate materials require different extension growth techniques, and to a certain extent affect chip processing and device packaging. Therefore, the technical route of the material fee of the substrate will inevitably affect the technical department of the entire head, which is the key to various technical links.
    The growth of extension films mainly depends on the growth process and equipment. The mainstream method of manufacturing extension is to use metal organic material chemical gas deposition (MOCVD), but even this "most economical" method, its equipment manufacturing is very difficult. Internationally, only a few countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan China with a very limited number of enterprises can carry out commercial production, and the equipment is very expensive, but European and American companies have limited research on materials, so the process parameters of the equipment are not perfect. The most leading Japanese companies in the industry have strictly blocked technology. Among them, the MOCVD device that has the most successful research on GAN materials and MOCVD equipment synthesized by Toyota is not sold at all. Limited to the sale in Japan.
    The difficulty in the manufacture of chips is in the preparation of materials, which belongs to technology and capital -intensive industries, and the barriers to enter are still very high. Its technical problems mainly include improving the efficiency of external quantum, reducing the mild and effective heat dissipation. At present, core technologies are also in the hands of large companies, such as HP, Cree, Germany OSRAM, etc.
    The core patent of the LED industry is basically controlled by several major foreign companies. These companies use their own core patents to adopt horizontal (at the same time entering multiple countries) and vertical (continuous design and subsequent application) expansion methods to arrange strict patented networks worldwide. As Chinese companies started late in the LED patent bureau, the patent application time, patent type, and authorization ratio have a large gap with foreign companies, especially in high -end chips and some applications. In recent years, although my country's semiconductor lighting industry has achieved rapid development, patent disputes are increasing, and domestic semiconductor lighting companies are often passive among these disputes. However, so far, most domestic companies have not really paid enough attention to patent issues, they are still unfamiliar with patent conditions and patent regulations, and some new investment projects have not conducted sufficient due diligence on IP, and there are great legal risks. Because most of the invention patents in domestic LED companies are not original, they are all repaired on the basis of international LED giants' original patents, and patent lawsuits with international LED giants are often disadvantaged. Therefore, the issue of specialty will seriously restrict the development of the LED industry in mainland China. Therefore, strengthening intellectual property protection awareness and implementing effective response strategies are a long and arduous task that mainland China LED industry needs to face.
    . The midstream LED packaging
    The LED packaging as a LED industry chain plays an unparalleled important role in the entire industrial chain. A large number of LED devices of LED devices, such as large LED display, LED backlight sources of LCD display, LED lighting fixtures, LED traffic lights and car lights, etc. The total cost of LED devices accounted for 40%to 70% And the performance of the products of the product is often determined by the performance of LED devices by more than 70%.
    The large LED packaging country. It is estimated that 80%of LED devices in the world are concentrated in China, distributed in various American -funded, Taiwan -funded, Hong Kong -funded, and domestic packaging companies. With the continuous maturity of craft technology and the accumulation of brand reputation, Chinese LED packaging companies will play an important and dominant role in this LED application country in China.
    It the following aspects of the LED packaging industry chain to explain the differences between Chinese and foreign packaging companies.
    1. Differences of packaging production and testing equipment
    The LED packaging enterprises at the top of Chinese LED packaging companies currently have the world's most advanced packaging equipment, which is determined by the post -issuing advantage. In terms of hardware, LED packaging companies above designated size are the most advanced in the world. Of course, some higher -level test analysis equipment needs to be further equipped.
    Therefore, China has the world's leading level and the foundation of advanced packaging technology and process development on the hardware of packaging equipment.
    2. LED chip differences
    The performance of the LED packaging device depends on the LED chip at a degree of 50%. The core indicators of the LED chip include brightness, wavelength, disorders, anticrofitting capacity, and attenuation. At present, most of the small and medium -sized chips of domestic LED packaging companies choose domestic brands. The chip performance of these domestic brands is small and the gap between foreign brands is small. It has good cost performance and can also meet the needs of most LED applications. In particular, the performance of some chip brands has been equivalent to foreign brands. The cooperation of packaging process technology can meet the needs of many high -end applications.
    3. Differences of packaging assisting materials
    The packaging auxiliary materials include brackets, golden threads, epoxy resin, silicone, molds, etc. Auxiliary materials are an important foundation for the comprehensive performance of LED devices. The quality of the auxiliary materials can determine the disability, attenuation rate, optical performance, and energy consumption of LED devices.
    The supply chain of packaging auxiliary materials in mainland China is relatively complete, and most materials have been produced and supplied on the mainland. However, high -performance epoxy resin and silicone are mostly imported. These two types of materials mainly require high temperature resistance, UV, excellent refractive index and good expansion coefficients.
    With the process of global integration, Chinese LED packaging companies can be applied to the latest and best packaging auxiliary materials in the world.
    4, packaging design differences
    The packaging forms of LEDs mainly include bracket LEDs, table stickers LEDs and power type LEDs.
    LED's packaging design includes appearance structure design, heat dissipation design, optical design, material matching design, parameter design, etc.
    The design of supporting LEDs has been relatively mature. At present, it can be further stepped up in the aspects of attenuation life, optical matching, and failure efficiency.
    The design of the patch LED, especially the top light -emitting TOP SMD, is constantly developing. The packaging stent size, packaging structure design, material selection, optical design, and heat dissipation design are constantly innovating, with broad technical potential.
    The design of the power type LED is a new world. Because the manufacturing of large -scale chips is still under development, the structure, optics, materials, and parameter design of the power -type LED are also under development, and new types of designs are constantly emerging.
    This LED packaging design is a improvement and innovation based on existing design of foreign and Taiwan. The design needs to rely on good computer design tools, good test equipment and good reliability test equipment, and it is necessary to be based on advanced design ideas and product understanding. At present, China's LED packaging design level is also different from foreign industry giants. This is also related to the lack of large -scale enterprises in the Chinese LED industry, and lack of organizational and planned scale and investment.
    5. Differences for packaging process
    LED packaging process is also very important. For example, the volume control of the solid crystal machine, the welding wire temperature and pressure of the welding wire, the temperature, time and temperature curve of the oven, bubbles and card position control of the sealing machine, etc. are all key process control points. Even if the chip quality is good, the auxiliary materials are well matched, the design is excellent, and the equipment accuracy is high. If the process is incorrect or the control is not strict, it will eventually affect the reliability, attenuation, and optical characteristics of LED.
    With the rapid development of Chinese LED packaging companies in recent years, the LED packaging process has risen to a better level, especially some high -end demands such as large LED display, wide color gamut LCD backlight, etc., China’s Chinese’s LED excellent packaging companies can meet their needs, and the LED produced by advanced packaging processes is close to the level of similar international products.
    6. The performance differences between the performance of LED devices
    The performance indicators of LED devices are mainly manifested in the following six aspects: ① brightness or lingering value; ② light decay; ③ failure efficiency; ④ optical effect; ⑤ consistency; ⑥ optical science Distribution characteristics
    The light decay
    The general research believes that the correlation between light and chip is not large, and the most correlation with the packaging material and process is the largest. The packaging materials that affect the light decay mainly include solid crystals, fluorescent glue, outer seal, etc. The packaging process that affects the light decay mainly includes the baking temperature and time and material matching of each process.
    At present, after years of development and accumulation of China's LED packaging process, it has a good foundation. In the control of light decay, it has rivked to some foreign products.
    This Effective efficiency
    The failure efficiency is related to chip quality, packaging auxiliary materials, production process, design level and management level.
    LED failure is mainly manifested by dead lamps, too large light decay, wavelength or color temperature drift. According to the different use requirements of LED devices, their failure efficiency also has different requirements. For example, the LED of the indicator light can be 1000ppm (3000 hours); the LED LED is 500PPM (3000 hours); the color display is 50 ppm (3000 hours).

  2. 2011 China LED industry development status and market forecast

    I. As the fourth generation of products in the lighting industry, LED is one of the most promising high -tech fields in the 21st century. In the future, LED lights will gradually replace incandescent lamps and Fluorescent lamps, etc. The performance of various generations of lighting products is shown in Table 1. Specifically, under the current technical conditions, LEDs have shown many advantages:
    1. High light efficiency. The spectrum is almost all concentrated in visible light frequency, and the efficiency can reach more than 50%, while the incandescent light visible light efficiency of the incandescent lamp with a small light effect is only 10%~ 20%.
    2. The quality of the light is high. Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, there is no heat and no radiation, which is a typical green lighting source.
    3. Small energy consumption. The single power is generally 0.05 ~ 1 W. It can meet different needs by clustering. It is a waste of waste. The LED is used as a light source and the power consumption is only 1/8 ~ 1/10. at the same brightness. R n 4. Long life. The standard life of the optical flux attenuation to 70%is 100,000 h, and a LED light can be used for 50 years under normal circumstances; 2 lamps are used at most in a lifetime.
    5. Reliable and durable. There are no damaged components such as tungsten wires and glass shells. The non -normal scrap rate is small and the maintenance cost is extremely low.
    6. Flexible application and small volume. It can be encapsulated in plane, and it is easy to develop into a thin and short product, making specific application products in various forms of points, lines and surfaces.
    7. Safe, the work voltage of the unit is roughly between 1.5 and 5 V.
    8. Green environmental protection. Waste can be collected without pollution, unlike mercury like fluorescent lamps.
    9. Short response time. Adapt to frequent switch and high -frequency operations.
    In view of the advantages of LED, it is currently mainly used in the following aspects.
    1) The display screen and traffic signal display light source. LED lights have the characteristics of anti -vibration resistance, fast response speed, long power saving and long life. They are widely used in various indoor and outdoor display screens, divided into full -color, three -color and monochrome display. There are more than 100 nationwide in the country. The unit is developing and producing. Traffic signal lights mainly use ultra -high brightness red, green, and yellow LEDs. Because LED signal lights are both energy saving and high reliability, the traffic signal lights are gradually updated nationwide, and the promotion speed is fast, and the market demand is very large.
    2) Application in the automotive industry. Car lights include internal instrument boards, audio indicators, backlights of switches, reading lights and external brake lights, taillights, side lights, and headlights. The incandescent lamp is not resistant to vibration impact, it is easy to damage, the life span is short, and it needs to be replaced frequently.
    3) LED backlight. Based on high -efficiency side -light backlight sources, LEDs are used as the LCD backlight application, which have long life, high luminous efficiency, no interference and high cost performance. On the swiping machine, as portable electronic products are becoming increasingly smaller, the LED backlight is more advantageous. Therefore, the backlight production technology will develop in a thinner, low power consumption and uniform direction.
    4) LED lighting source. The current direct goal is to replace incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps in LED light sources. This replacement trend has begun to develop from the local application field.
    5) Other applications. For example, a kind of flashing shoes that are welcomed by children, the built -in LEDs built -in when walking will shine, and only 500 million glowing diode will be used in Wenzhou.
    The supply and demand analysis of China's LED market
    1. Overview of China's LED industry chain
    The LED industry chain is divided into upper, neutral and downstream, upstream is extension production, midstream is chip production, downstream refers to Packaging industry. Among them, the production of upstream outer extensions has the highest technical content and large investment. The second is the midstream chip. But in fact, the current packaging has put forward higher requirements for the heat dissipation and glow of high brightness chips, and technical requirements and importance are getting higher and higher. The industry presents a relatively small number of upper and middle reaches, while there are many pyramid forms of downstream companies. In summary, the global LED core device industry has developed rapidly, and the production technology of semiconductor materials such as extension, chip, display technology and related silicon crystals has improved significantly. Highlighting screen, GAN chip, multi -chip technology and various color light technology are the representative results of the growth of the core device industry in recent years.
    . After years of development, China's LED industry chain has become increasingly perfect. Enterprises have all industrial links throughout the substrate, extension, chip, packaging and application. Throughout the overall industrial chain, the upstream industries have high requirements for technology and funds, resulting in rarely involved domestic enterprises. Therefore, the industry has a small number of enterprises and a small scale. In contrast, because the downstream packaging and applications are relatively low in terms of funds and technical requirements put forward by the enterprise, which is exactly the characteristics of domestic enterprises with fewer funds and weak technical characteristics. Therefore, the number of companies engaged in these two links in China is large. Essence The absence of such corporate structure distribution has led to the main focus of low -end products in China's LED industry, and enterprises have faced severe price pressure for a long time. With the start of the national semiconductor lighting, the "sinking" state of the development of China's LED industry is changing, and China's upstream industries have developed rapidly. Among them, the development of the chip industry is the most noticeable. However, from the perspective of industrial scale, packaging is still the largest industrial chain link in China's LED industry. In 2009, the total output value of the Chinese LED industry in four links: substrate, extension, chip and packaging reached 10.55 billion yuan, of which the output value of the packaging link reached 8.75 billion yuan.
    2. Demand distribution of the Chinese LED market
    1) LED backlight display. With the use of large -sized liquid crystal displays such as TV and laptop computers, as well as demand for automotive and indoor lighting, the global LED display market has also expanded. In terms of growth rate, in 2005, 2.1%, 2006 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2006. The average growth rate between 2006 and 2010 is as high as 14.6%; by 2011, the scale of the LED display market will reach US $ 12.3 billion, which is more than twice the 2006.
    ) LED lighting. With the successful holding of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the high -tech application of LED lighting has been even more mentioned by a new ladder, complex and variable applications, adding a lot of colors to the entire world. In 2013, LED lighting and display elements will account for 30%of the entire LED market, and will face huge development opportunities.
    3) Infrastructure construction expands the needs of the community. In the face of the financial crisis, under the macro -control policy of "expanding domestic demand and promoting growth", my country will accelerate the construction of affordable housing projects, accelerate the construction of rural infrastructure, accelerate the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports, and accelerate to accelerate After post -disaster reconstruction in the earthquake, the scale of investment will increase significantly. According to the information published at the press conference held at the Second Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, the rural people's livelihood projects mainly in water, electricity, roads, gas and houses will invest 370 billion; The construction of infrastructure will invest about 150 billion yuan; energy conservation and emission reduction and ecological engineering will invest 2 10 billion; adjustment structure and technical transformation will invest about 370 billion yuan; after the disaster area, the reconstruction of reconstruction investment will be 1000 billion yuan. These huge investment and construction measures will definitely increase the needs of various LED application products including display screens, special lighting, general lighting, and landscape lighting.
    The competition pattern of China's LED market
    1. The overall competition pattern
    In terms of production capacity concentration, because there are not many large domestic enterprises, small and medium -sized enterprises occupy the main body, which makes it extension in the outer extension The output concentration of the top ten companies in the film field is 75.4%, and the chip field is much lower, only 56.4%, and the lowest position of the display screen field is 45.6%. Many, low yield concentration. In summary, the industrial concentration of the LED industry in my country is relatively low. Although the concentration of the upstream is normal, it is also facing a decline with the entry of many companies.
    In terms of brand concentration, because there are not many well -known brand companies in China, small brand companies occupy the main position, which makes the concentration of the top ten brands in the field of external films of 72.4%, and the chip field is much lower. It is 52.3%, the lowest position in the display screen is 40.6%. It can be seen that the concentration of the same capacity is similar. The higher the domestic brand concentration in the front end, the lower the downstream products is that there are many enterprises and the brand concentration is low. In summary, the brand concentration of my country's LED industry is not high, and the overall competitiveness of the industry is low. There is still a long time to take the brand's road.
    It in the technical competition pattern, the field of external films is a monopoly technology of several companies, and it is difficult for foreign entrants to enter quickly; in the field of chip manufacturing, technology is relatively low in barriers and coexist in various technologies; due to the field of display manufacturing, due to the field of display manufacturing, due to the field of display manufacturing, due to the field of display manufacturing The diversification of product applications and technology are also diversified, and its barriers are the lowest. In summary, the extension of the extension of the technical competition pattern and the chip field in the technical competition pattern is relatively clear, and the display field field is many technology and various products.
    . The competition pattern of enterprises in the industry
    It's competition in the LED industry, the main enterprises of domestic LED extension and chips are: Xiamen Sanan, Dalian Lumei, Hangzhou Shi Lan Mingxin, Shanghai Blu -ray , Shenzhen Fangda, Shanghai Lambao, Shandong Huaguang, Jiangxi Lianchuang, Shenzhen Century Jingyuan, Guangzhou Puoguang and Yangzhou Huaxia Integration.
    In the development of the LED chip production industry, the early products were mainly based on ordinary brightness chips, and the manufacturers were only a few such as Nanchang Xinlei. After 2003, chip production companies represented by Xiamen Sanan and Dalian Lumei have focused on the needs of the chip market, and they have focused their products on high brightness chips, which directly drives the rapid growth of high brightness chip production. For a while, the development of the LED chip industry was set off in China, and high -brightness chips became the main driving force for the development of the LED chip industry. In 2009, my country's L ED chip output reached 30.93 billion, and the output value reached 1.19 billion yuan.
    As the number of LED chip production enterprises continues to increase, the growth rate of LED chip output value has been higher than the packaging link, resulting in the proportion of chip output value in my country's LED industry output value continuously increased, from 5.4%in 2002 to 2009 in 2009 to 2009 11.3%of the year. It can be seen that my country's LED industry is moving from low -end to high -end, to higher added value and more core value chip links.
    The company competition pattern in the field of packaging is a large number of enterprises, without large leaders; in the fields of display manufacturing, it also shows fierce competition, and there are fewer companies in enterprises.
    The growth trend and prospects for the Chinese LED market
    The application market in my country is mainly in building lighting, indoor and outdoor display, so the main force of the next wave may still be these markets. However, in mobile phones, small -sized LCD backlights, and car penetration, some scattered markets such as special lighting will also be larger (special lighting requirements are not as demanding as general lighting). After a few years of replacement, LED traffic indicators are very common. Due to the long service life of LEDs, it is difficult to have large -scale replacement work in the short term. ; The domestic sedan market is huge, but the requirements are high and the certification cycle is long. As long as there is strong product quality, the demand for the domestic car backlight and the LED market of the car is very large, and the demand for this market is relatively stable; the LED display screen With its easy -to -assemble, low power consumption, high brightness and other advantages, it has been widely used in banks, securities, squares, stations, and stadiums. In the future, this market has great growth potential; Driven the promotion of many favorable factors such as the effect of the effect and the national semiconductor lighting project, the building lighting market is still prospective.
    Professional research institutions pointed out that it is estimated that in 2011, China's LED output value will exceed 150 billion yuan. Based on the following points, it can be considered that my country's LED industry has good development prospects in China: ① As far as technology is concerned, LEDs have having having having having some of them. High bottlenecks in technology growth, low housing characteristics, long -term accumulated research resources in the field of semiconductor fields can be used, and have a good research foundation. Although the foundation of domestic integrated circuits is relatively weak and the level of craftsmanship is relatively low, some domestic enterprises have continued to make breakthroughs through hiring overseas technicians, and the overall gap with international manufacturers is constantly closer. ② The investment amount of LED is relatively small. The initial investment can be built. The threshold for domestic enterprises is low, and it is easy to achieve rolling development. "Insplexity", domestic enterprises are likely to enter the formation of industrial clusters. Of course, it may also cause vicious competition and develop to a certain stage of market integration. ③ The domestic market is huge. The main market in the future is the general lighting market. The market capacity is large, the terminal consumer market is relatively scattered, it is not easy to form a monopoly, and the survival space of domestic enterprises is broad. ④ Some domestic enterprises have core intellectual property rights, such as crystal light -electrical silicon base nitrile blue light projects, and the core technologies of Dalian Road's chip field, all of which are global competitiveness. The enterprise market grows healthy. ⑤ After the technology matures, the production of downstream packaging and device in LED is a labor -intensive type, and has the advantage of developing labor costs in China.
    In in the long run, in the next few years, with the prevalence of global energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and energy conservation have become a hot spot in the market, and the LED industry has also begun to heat up. After more than 30 years of development in my country's LED industry, although independent production devices, chips and extension films have been realized, the production of its own LED chip has limited output. , Can only meet the demand for domestic packaging companies 20%to 30%, and most of the high -performance LEDs and power LED products must rely on imports. With the vigorous promotion of the government and the transfer of global industries, it is estimated that by 2011, the output value of the entire LED industry in mainland China will exceed 150 billion yuan. In the LED industry chain, LED extension and LED chips account for about 70%of the industry, with about 10%~ 20%of LED applications. In 2015, the industry scale reached 500 billion yuan. my country's entry into the LED industry is increasing day by day, and competition in the industrial market will be more intense.

  3. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, good display, long life, and wide application scope, although the price in the early market cultivation is higher than that of traditional incandescent lamps, the government has supported the development of industrial development through policy support and various municipal engineering lighting projects to support the development of industries. From the perspective of long -term trends, it is an inevitable trend to replace incandescent lamps and fluorescent lights as mainstream lighting products.

    The forecast industry research institute predicted that the annual growth rate of China's LED industry sales revenue in 2013-2017 will remain above 10%. In 2017, industry sales revenue is expected to reach 515.996 billion yuan.

    The considerable market size and prospects have attracted a large number of companies to the LED market in recent years. As of the end of 2011, there were about 4,000 downstream companies in the LED industry chain, 1,200 middle reaches, and upstream companies such as materials and equipment, at least 6,000 LED companies across the country.

    In data monitored by the forward -looking network database, in 2012, there were only 621 companies in my country's LED scale or above (sales revenue of 20 million yuan). In recent years, the number of LED companies in my country has grown extremely rapidly, but more than 90%is a small and medium -sized enterprise, which is in a "small and scattered" state. In recent years, a large amount of hot money poured in, which made the entire industry unprecedentedly prosperous, but it also hidden the risk of excess. The voices of the development order of the industry through shuffling have always been high. In fact, the industry's shuffling reorganization is also being quietly carried out. Since 2011, LED companies have closed down. believes that the probability of mounting in the industry in the future will reach 25-30%or even higher.

    "Analysis Report on the Organization of the China LED Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by Forensild on Website shows that there are currently more than 1,200 LED packaging companies, while the number of new products launched by enterprises is insufficient. 550 pieces; more than 300 LED street light companies, the products are basically in the stage of plagiarism and imitation. Homogeneous competition has caused the price of price and smoke, lack of benchmarking brands, the size of enterprises is difficult to grow, and the industry lacks credibility. Therefore, cultivating leading enterprises and accelerating the construction of independent brands have become an imminent task for the LED industry.

    In general, the LED industry has a good prospect and a large market size. LED currently lacks the leading industry, and accelerate brand building is conducive to companies occupying a larger market share.

    Is my answer can help you.

  4. This product has a good prospect. It is in line with the national energy conservation policy. But the development is not popular enough, which restricts it is the manufacturing of LED lamp beads. At present, large billboards and display screens still have a certain market. Lighting has not yet entered the family (high cost). Many manufacturers are currently producing, but the sales are not optimistic. This is mainly caused by cost, reliability, and life span.

  5. China's LED industry development prospect analysis manufacturers accelerate the layout of downstream
    This year is the first year of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" plan. The good news of the LED industry as the representative of energy conservation and environmental protection comes. At the Shanghai International New Light Source · New Energy Lighting Forum, according to Xie Ji, the deputy director of the Ministry of Enterprise and Reform Commission, the Development and Reform Commission is organizing the establishment of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" of the semiconductor lighting industry. Green Lighting Engineering ".
    The China Chanyang Optoelectronics, which is established by Chanyuan, LGD, and Dongbei, is expected to be officially mass -produced in the second quarter. The MOCVD new machine introduction plan has been announced, and the scale will be reduced from 50 to 37. On the one hand, the cautious introduction of Chanyang Equipment is a response to slowing policy intensity, and on the other hand, it also shows Chanyuan's concerns about the demand for the LED market in my country.

    is worth mentioning that as the Ministry of Science and Technology approves the establishment of seven semiconductor lighting industry bases, the LED has become a key development enterprise. %, And the growth of 2011 will increase again. By 2015, the scale of my country's LED market is expected to reach 500 billion yuan, and the LED industry has achieved the goal of turning over.

    The new prospect for the development of China's LED industry

    The innovative guidance trend, technology leads the future. In the context of low -carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, my country's LED industry has developed rapidly, and has shifted from a single development economic industry chain to a diversified and self -developed development and production. With the increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, the prospects for the development of the LED industry are highly optimistic. Driven by huge potential interests, many companies have developed industrial development policies to promote the rapid growth of the LED industry.

    In statistics, the scale of my country's LED industry at the end of 2010 has reached 100 billion yuan, and the scale of my country's LED industry in 2015 may reach 500 billion yuan. With the continuous maturity and development of technology, the scope of the application of LEDs has gradually expanded. From LED lighting, building landscapes, display screens, gradually expanded to mobile phones, computer notebooks, etc. The model involved in the industry is gradually expanding. The development prospects of the LED industry are inestimable, especially in this new environment that advocates low -carbon environmental protection.

    LD industry has good development prospects in China, based on the following points:

    . This year as the beginning of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" plan for my country, the government departments continue to continue Increase support for the LED industry.

    2. China itself is a large market. Especially in recent years, the demand from helping the end market has increased greatly, and the scope of LED applications has gradually expanded.

    . Although there is a certain gap between technology and foreign countries, it can be well used to apply for the application of others' technical narrowing gaps and take their own industry.

    . The low -carbon economy has become the trend of future world economic development. The LED industry will become the main green industry to promote the rapid development of my country's economy.

    With the vigorous development of the domestic LED market, more and more foreign companies have turned their attention to China, especially in recent years, the number of patents in the field of LEDs accepted by my country has increased significantly year by year. With competition Increasing, the independent innovation of enterprises is an inevitable factor in enhancing competition. The second is that the diversification of the industry is also the key to development. The LED display is a core in the industrial chain, and the range of applications in the market is also the most widely used. From the outdoor display to the home appliance display screen in daily life, LED display has a very important position, but with the development of the market development The market share of various types of applications such as traffic signal lights and special lighting lights has also steadily increased. Especially in recent years, the opening of the smartphone and tablet markets in the smartphone and tablets has gradually changed to diversified LED markets, which has changed the new single market demand in the past. The technology and science and technology content are also gradually being improved and developed, and the LED industry has entered a new stage of new development.
    LED perforated characters series LED punching characters are mainly used to integrate LED lamp beads into a medium to form a luminous character. Full color; have the characteristics of simple installation, convenient replacement, energy saving and environmental protection; LED punching words have been widely used in all walks of life
    LED light strips LED light strips are also known as LED light bands, English name is LED Strip, this is this, this The shape of the product is like a strap, and the main original of the product is LED, so this name comes out. As for the lamp bar, it is estimated that it is also taken by its shape, plus the original.
    LED high -power wall lamp LED high -power wall lamps, also known as LED wall lamps, line -type LED light lamps, etc. Because of its long strips, some people call it LED line lights. It is also used to make architecture decoration and lighting, as well as outlines for outlined large buildings. Its technical parameters are similar to LED light lamps. Compared to the circular structure of LED light lamps, LED high -power wall lamps strips The heat dissipation device of the shape structure looks better.
    The LED controller LED controller (LED) is the switch that controls the various positions in the LED lamp circuit through the chip processing. The controller controls the driver circuit according to the pre -set program to make the LED array glow regularly, so as to display text or graphics
    LED electronic display control principle The display signal from the computer drives the LED glow to generate the picture, and the power amplifier and speaker output sound are added.
    Video input port: Provide a video input port. The signal source can be a video recorder, a video drive, a camera, etc., supporting NTSC, PAL, S_video and other systems.
    The graphic information and three -dimensional animation playback software can play high -quality graphic information and three -dimensional animation. There are more than a dozen forms such as covering, closing, curtain opening, color alternation, and zooming in the software to display information.
    Id the special program editing and playing software. You can edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through different input methods such as keyboards, mouses, scanners. The arrangement is stored in the control host or server hard disk, the program playback order and time, realize integrated alternate playback, and can be superimposed with each other

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