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  1. From decoration team, small decoration company, large decoration company. Different levels, the quotation difference is far, and there is no standard. If you have any quotation, you can send a decoration baing to give you more decoration companies to give you a decoration quotation, which is precise to know your decoration quotation!
    Those who do not understand in terms of decoration can go to this decoration express to view [Decoration owner treasure]. Provide rich decoration knowledge. Let you make full preparations before the renovation. The mid -decoration can be well supervised and the decoration company can be used. After the decoration is completed, it can effectively inspect the house, so that you carelessly care after the decoration. In the early stage of the renovation, in the middle of the decoration, you can reassure yourself, rest assured, worry -free.
    The decoration [decade; dress up; embellish; trim; grace] refers to the makeup of makeup in the daily life of ordinary people. -"Yutai Xinyong · Ancient Poems for Jiao Zhongqing's Wife"
    The interpretation of decoration: A activity or industry to beautify a specific building or indoors in accordance with certain ideas and styles. Decoration can be simplified as "DEC" in English.
    The decoration, "Ci Yuan" is interpreted as "pretender, Tibetan, decorator, and the objects, which are both literary." Refers to the purpose of adding patterns and colors to the surface of the utensils to achieve beautification.

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