Can I continue to work in the same industry after leaving?

After leaving, the original unit proposed that it must not continue to work in the same industry within two years. Is it legal?

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  1. Employees leave, especially old employees who leave, are a double losing to the company and individuals.

    The employees before leaving the employees must be conflicted with rational thinking and fierce ideological conflict, such as tired of emotions, complaints, and grievances. They are not brain -fever, but to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and gains and losses.

    The employees who resigned for two weeks of employment indicate that the actual situation that employees have seen have a big gap between the actual situation and self -expectations.

    The employee departure for three months, generally nothing to do with work, and most of them are passively resigned. If the employee is actively resigned, it shows that the company has problems in terms of post settings, work responsibilities and interview standards.

    The employees who have left in 6 months are mostly related to the direct superiors. Direct superiors should first understand the various trends and tendencies of their subordinates. If there is a problem with the problem that the superior is not handled well, it will lead to a poor cycle of morale and the decline in combat effectiveness.

    . Therefore, a team with a lot of employees who resigned within one year may be a problem with the team's direct superiors.

    The employees and corporate culture left for about two years. When the company's culture conflicts with employee values ​​to a certain extent, it will cause the relationship to break and the employee leaves.

    3-5 years of employees who have left the job are mostly related to professional development exhibitions. For example, occupational entering the bottleneck period cannot break through; the position of position has not risen. At this time, the best way to get out of the predicament is to change jobs.

    For enterprises, such employees have lost great losses to the company.

    employees who have worked in the company for more than 5 years have strong patience. The reason for the departure may be caused by professional boredom and personal development and enterprise development.

    The enterprise development is too slow, the employee's rise cannot be opened, and employees cannot see the hope of their career rising, so they can only seek another high.

    So enterprises should pay attention to employee departure. If you ignore the problem and continue to recruit newcomers, it will only fall into an infinitely dead cycle. Such companies exist in large quantities, but it is difficult for such companies to go far.

  2. After leaving, you can continue to work in the same industry.
    But there is a special case that if you have signed a confidentiality agreement with the original company, you cannot continue to work in the same industry.
    Generally speaking, it can continue to work in the same industry.

  3. If a friend works in the original unit, it contains high technicality. Regarding commercial secrets, there are relevant regulations both at the national level and enterprises. Then, after the resignation is resigned, do not work in the same industry during the validity period.
    If there is no problem in this area, you can of course continue to work in the same industry. After all, I have done it for so long and I am familiar with the entire workflow. Some technical problems, I also have rich experience and operation practice, and I will do more with less at work.

  4. For the choice of work after departure, special circumstances can continue to work in the same industry.
    Afold the work of the same industry within two years of the original unit proposed after the departure. This should have its reason. It may be related to the secret of the industry.
    It you can consult a lawyer. If there are legal regulations in this area, you can find another job in the past two years. After two years, you can consider choosing the same industry.

  5. After leaving, you can continue to work in the same industry. There is no regulation. There is a contract agreement. The departure is not able to leak the relevant confidential documents of your company before, but if your own experience, there is no specific requirements. Can apply for the work of the original industry

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