1 thought on “Which year of the Xuantong 500 -ton tracking is offline?”

  1. The 500 -ton car crane developed by XCMG's independent type is offline on September 23. This is the largest tonnage car crane currently developed by my country.

    In XCMG heavy -type assembly workshops, 500 tons of cars look particularly eye -catching, huge body, huge boom, and more noticeable is its different "identity". The largest tonnage car crane developed by my country, its offline, will break the monopoly of foreign giants in high -end product technology, so that large tonnage cars to be domestically produced.

    2000 years ago, all car cranes of more than 100 tons in my country rely on imports. , 240 tons, 320, 400 -ton full -series products, the global market share exceeds 30 %, and the XCMG heavy type has also become the world's largest crane producer. At present, the XCMG heavy type is also responsible for the industry's responsibility for formulating the national standards related to the car crane.

    It is also understood that just a week ago, the 650 -ton tracking crane independent developed by XCMG has just been offline, pushing the technology of domestic crawlers to a new height, shortening the international level with international level gap. At the end of this year, the market share of XCMG Group's crawled crane products will impact the domestic "first challenge".

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