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    The intestinal flora is the sense of vision of "one person, one universe"
    n n n n n n n n n n R n since the birth of humans, microorganisms have settled in the human intestine. There are a large number of microorganisms we eat daily foods and sucking air. In addition, there are a large number of microorganisms in many parts such as skin, oral, and intestines. Like a complete ecosystem, the sense of vision of "one person and one universe". There are flora around the human body, which means that when you have not encountered someone else's body, your flora has met. When you touch the body of someone else, the flora has been fused.

    The scientists found that intestinal microorganisms are closely related to various diseases: E. coli-is the most common pathogenic bacteria for human bacterial dysentery; lactic acid bacteria, Swiss lactobacter "Positive Energy Meeting"; Methane Bacterium --- is the "initial figurine" produced by most methane in the human body; bisidobacterium --- is a "capable and powerful hand" to alleviate multiple intestinal diseases.

    The large studies have shown that digestive tract diseases such as colitis, colon cancer; metabolic diseases, such as obesity and II diabetes; immune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis; and some mental illness, some mental illness, and some mental illness, some mental illness, and some mental illness, some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness, and some mental illness. Such as depression, anxiety, etc. The occurrence of these chronic diseases is closely related to the intestinal flora.

    In October 2016, the top American medical institution Cleveland Clinic announced the list of "Top Ten Medical Science and Technology Innovation in 2017", which is based on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the human microbiome group. It appeared in the first place in the list.

    Why are the "microbiological group" first?

    hundreds of millions of bacteria communities are sent in the human body. Of course, even if it is bacteria, "house" is not in vain, it is also a "tenant". More than 90%of the microorganisms live in the intestine and are called "intestinal flora". They are complementary to health, and they are also closely related to the development of many diseases.

    "intestinal flora detection" how to play a role in precision medicine

    On January 20, 2015, former US President Barack Obama launched a precise medical plan in the lecture of the National Love Counseling. Essence In February of the same year, the relevant national leaders instructed the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Health and Family Planning Commission to demand the establishment of China's precision medical strategic expert group to open China's precision medical plan.

    . gene testing is the basis of precision medical treatment, mainly for the suspected genetic testing of diseases on the genome. In recent years, research on the human microbial group found that the human environment has also reflected the health status of the human body. Especially for some chronic diseases, a thorough innovation testing method can be adopted -feces testing.

    The intestinal flora is called the "second genome" of human beings. Material metabolism and absorption detection.

    The intestinal flora and weight loss

    In 2013, "Nature" had two research results about intestinal microorganisms and obesity. Studies have found that those with less intestinal flora and diversity are obese than others, and they show mild inflammation of the digestive tract and the entire body, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular events. Another study shows that increasing the intake of high -fiber foods (such as fruits and vegetables) can promote the increase in bacteria rich and improve some clinical symptoms related to obesity.

    Moric biologist at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zhao Liping, found that a kind of intestinal bacteria called "Yin Gulfulobacilla" are existed in the intestinal tract of morbid obesity and human volunteers, which may cause cause One of the culprits of obesity.

    In 2017, "Nature Medicine" released a study, which found that Polymorphin (a symbiotic bacteria that can ferment glutamate) in obese people, and this bacteria and fat metabolism are related to Essence In addition, a study in the "Cell" magazine pointed out that the intestinal probiotic family, which was ordered to be "", was higher than the obese people in the thinner intestinal tract. Mice who received such bacteria were not easy to gain weight.

    The intestinal flora and liver cirrhosis

    patients with cirrhosis: The level of plants in the microorganisms of the feces decreased, while the level of deformation bacteria and bacteria increase; For example, Blautia, Ceramid, and DOREA; microorganisms of sigmal colon mucosa are also significantly different from normal people, such as Ralai, while Enterococcus, Weirong bacteria, giant bacteria and Berk Holde increase.

    The intestinal flora and cancer

    Neological bacteria --- intestinal flora (GUT) in the development and treatment of tumors is the in recent years A hot spot. Studies have found that a healthy intestinal microbial group is not only carcinogenic factor, but anti -cancer factor. The intestinal flora is beneficial to tumor treatment and plays an important role in the treatment of tumor itself or its complications.

    The intestinal flora and disease monitoring

    in recent years, various studies have clearly stated that some disease monitoring through intestinal microorganisms, such as cirrhosis, type II diabetes (T2D T2D (T2D ), Colorectal adenoma and colorectal cancer, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), obesity, and ankylosing spondylitis (AS) are feasible.

    The intestinal flora and disease therapy

    In short, these studies are first diagnosed based on the flora, and then according to the flora, select personalized treatment solutions. And use probiotics, probiotic elements and drugs to adjust targeting flora.

    Morical treatment --- mainly applying drugs with the human microbiological group as the target; microbiological group testing-mainly to detect indexes such as genes, blood, saliva, and intestinal microbial groups for customers Suggestions such as schedules, recipes, and exercise; flora transplantation (feces therapy) --- mainly collects some healthy people's feces, and provided to hospitals such as hospitals and other relevant institutions after treatment.

    The intestinal flora also plays an important role in the body's immune system, playing an important role in tumor treatment. FECAL Therapy also came into being, which is to transplant the healthy liquefied feces from one person to the intestine of another person, so that the healthy flora is re -planted in the receptor intestine. Decades transplantation, which is currently used to treat severe infectious diseases, such as difficulty discerned Irobacteria infection, compared with the effective rate of standard antibiotic therapy, the efficacy of the decayer transplantation can reach 85%-90%. Decades transplantation shows absolute advantages.

    The in addition to other circumstances, such as obesity, diabetes, and intestinal syndrome. In view of the important role of intestinal flora in the development and treatment of tumors, we have reason to believe that in the near future, fecal bacteria transplantation will be used for tumor treatment, which will produce a brand new tumor treatment-tumor manure Bacterial therapy.

    So quietly tell you that donating sperm and dung are all good ways to make money.

    The cutting -edge genomics intestinal flora diversity detection has been used in the fields of disease diagnosis, health management and precision medicine. In the United States and Europe, many entrepreneurial companies have begun to start in full swing, with products, markets, financing, and listing.

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