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  1. The cable bridge is used to protect the cable.
    The straight -line segment, curve, three -way, four -way components of the slot, tray or stepped, and the arms (arm brackets), hanging frames, etc. The following is referred to as a bridge). During the installation, the Shangyong Bridge has been continuously recognized by the market and accepted the domesticization of the cable bridge industry. The products are selected from high -quality cold -rolled steel plates to obtain high -quality cold -rolled steel plates. Spray, fireproof coatings, paint, etc.
    1. The stepped cable bridge
    The CQ1-T-type-type cable bridge is improved according to relevant domestic and foreign information. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, and breathable. He is applicable to laying a large -diameter cable and is suitable for laying high and low -voltage power cables.
    2. The tray -type cable bridge
    The pallet cable bridge is the most widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, and telecommunications. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, and convenient installation. It is suitable for the installation of power cables, and it is also suitable for controlling cables.
    3. Tank cable bridge

    The groove cable bridge is a fully closed cable bridge. It is most suitable for computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other high -sensitive system control cables. It has a good effect on the protection of the shielding interference of the cable and the protection of the environmental cable during heavy corrosion.
    The advantages and disadvantages of step -type, tray, and slot cable bridges: The steps of the stepped exchange line have good ventilation performance, no dustproof, no interference. The groove -type and pallet exchange bridge frame has dust and anti -interference.
    4. Large span cable bridge
    The current large span cable bridge frame is generally assembled from the tensile glass fiber reinforcement profile, which is suitable for power cables, control cables, lighting cables and accessories. Compared with the iron bridge, there is a long service life (generally designed for 20 years), convenient installation and low cost (the proportion is only 1/4 of the carbon steel, no fire is required during construction, and the length of the single bridge can reach 8 8. 8 can reach 8 8 Mi, even longer), easy cutting, no need to maintain and other superiority.
    5. The combined cable bridge
    The combined cable bridge is a new type of bridge frame, which is the second -generation product in the cable bridge series. It applies to the laying of various projects, various units, and various cables. It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation, and novel forms.
    The choice of cable bridge type and varieties:
    1. When the cable network that needs to be shielded by the electrical appliances or the requirements of the influence of protective external (such as the environment with corrosive liquids, flammable dust) should be selected (FB) Sink -type composite anti -corrosion shielding cable bridge (with cover)
    2. The strong corrosive environment should be used (F) composite epoxy resin anticorrosive flame -retardant cable bridge. The same materials should also be selected to increase the service life of the bridge and attachment, and the cable bridge. It should be covered in an environment that is easy to accumulate ash and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.
    3. In addition to the above situations, you can choose a tray, grooves, stepped, glass anticorrosive flame -retardant cable bridge or steel ordinary bridge according to the on -site environment and technical requirements. It should be covered in an environment that is easy to accumulate ash and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.
    4. In the public channel or outdoor cross -road section, the bottom step of the bottom step should be added with a pad or a tray on this section. When crossing the public passage, you can increase the load capacity of the bridge according to the user's requirements or choose the rack.

  2. Large-scale bridge factories have these:
    1, Meit-Xuchang Mei Special Bridge Co., Ltd. (cable bridge manufacturer)

    One of the specialized production bases, a larger nuclear safety-level cable bridge supplier, Xuchang Mei Special Bridge Co., Ltd.

    2, Daquan Group Co., Ltd. (bus slot, cable bridge manufacturer)
    Drawing: Daquan Group Co., Ltd., the top ten electrical brands, began in 1965, high -tech enterprises, low -voltage complete set of electrical production world -renowned manufacturers, first -class high -speed railway system integration manufacturers, national large enterprise groups
    3, Wanqi-Jiangsu Wanqi Electric Group Co., Ltd. (bus slot, cable bridge manufacturer)

    description: one of the top ten brands of the bridge, famous trademark in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu famous brand, "Energy saving energy saving "Corrosion -resistant steel cable bridge" industry standard draft units, high -tech enterprises, professional manufacturing enterprises that integrate, develop, develop and produce bridges, and homelines.

  3. The large -scale bridge factory has the water and cement plants of the training factory, followed by the artificial and mixing plant.

  4. You need to pay attention to the following points when you choose galvanized bridge manufacturers:
    1. Be sure to indicate the actual thickness of the board to avoid problems during the inspection and acceptance of the supervision. At present, this industry is fiercely competitive. Under the situation of micro -profit
    , in order to avoid providing unqualified products for reputation manufacturers to rush well and earn benefits, we must pay attention to the thickness of the board. According to the actual thickness of the national
    The actual thickness of the home iron plate, the error range of the country allows between -0.1mm.
    2. The supply cycle. In order to receive the order, the supply cycle promised by the manufacturer in general. In order to rush the work period, the production of fire -proof paint needs to be sprayed. Sending it to the construction site, plus the human factors at the time of delivery will cause a large area to paint. At your applied
    At the end of the work, the bridge has a full face, so it must be guaranteed to ensure the construction period under the premise of ensuring quality.
    . The price of attachments is the easiest to be ignored. In the entire contract, the proportion of attachments is also very large, but these additional materials are generally produced by manufacturers. It is a professional manufacturer sent to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are added to customers with high profits.
    Therefore, the price of the attachment must be compared.
    The above -mentioned problems that are prone to occur in the sales session. I hope to help your purchases. In the era of almost micro -profit,
    manufacturers should rely on open source and throw Production costs, not carefully designed traps to earn benefits
    . The era of huge profits of cables has ended. Whoever understands this will be eliminated first in a new round of competition.

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