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  1. Public Relations Resources Network is honored to answer you:

    1, SEM bidding ranking.
    is very burning, the keyword bid, click to pay? Including Baidu bidding, 360 bidding and Sogou.
    2, online alliance advertisement.
    Website alliance, collectively known as SEM.
    3, portal advertisement.
    mainly refers to Tencent, Netease, Sina, and Sohu.
    4, WeChat, private domain flow.
    WeChat advertising has integrated multiple resources such as friends circle, public account, and applet. The number of users is huge. At present, there is a video number.
    5, information flow advertisement.
    For example, the news client, on the app, appears on the browsing list in the form of content links, and click to jump to the advertising landing page.
    6, video patch.
    It is mainly long video platforms such as Youku iQiyi Tencent. Advertising advertisements appearing before and when paused.
    7, soft text advertisement.
    In the form of graphic, published on central media, commercial media or portal media to publicize the business information of the enterprise and implant it soft.
    8, e -commerce advertisement.
    Im advertisements that customers have launched within e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. to obtain a large number of product exposure.
    9, Q

  2. Website optimization must lay the foundation when the website is built. First of all, it depends on whether your website is suitable for optimization. If the website is suitable for optimization, the basic current optimization method is the optimization of keywords and brand promotion. The optimization of keywords is divided into optimization of spending and not spending money. If the company does not do it for you, then go to SEO outsourcing company to do it. Finding outsourcing companies to find regular ones, about 40,000 to 100,000 a year, this is the basic price of Beijing. Or your company can do Baidu bid directly.

  3. In recent years, celebrity endorsements have become an important way for brand building and promotion of the building materials industry. More and more successful cooperation cases have stimulated the wave of building materials companies to invite celebrities to help development. This is not only active marketing for enterprises to enhance the added value of products And the market forced.
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