1 thought on “Are you tired of going to work at the car parts factory?”

  1. In general, the assembly line work is not easy to work, especially the automotive parts industry. Because it is produced in large quantities, a small matter may cause batch scrap or quality hidden dangers. Therefore, there are many rules. Tiring is relatively speaking. Some positions frequently move between several stations, and some positions may not need to move frequently, but the work content is complicated or the parts are heavy.
    The component processing department will generally be mandatory to wear labor shoes (anti -smashing of the toe), gloves, earplugs (if noise is more than 80 decibels), there are particulates or water spatter to wear protective glasses. Automobile accessories are a product that constitutes the overall unit of the car and a product to serve the car. There are many types of car accessories. With the improvement of people's living standards, people consume more and more car consumption, and the market of automotive accessories has become larger and larger. In recent years, automobile accessories manufacturers have also developed rapidly.
    Of course, the low -end and meager profits of commercial vehicle parts enterprises are also related to the characteristics of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are different from passenger cars. Commercial vehicles are an investment tool. Customers focus on their cost performance when buying. As long as it is strong and durable, the cost of purchasing can eventually be effectively offset by the value created in use.
    So commercial vehicles have less refined refinement of spare parts and less technical content. But another reality is that the refined requirements of commercial vehicles have gradually begun to appear. Some foreign commercial vehicle giants have begun refined requirements in terms of configuration. In a certain period of time, many large foreign commercial car companies have entered a large number of domestic markets, bringing major challenges to domestic commercial vehicle companies.

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