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  1. When we open the recruitment website and search for "new media" related positions: new media operations, content operations, Douyin operation, new media copywriting, new media editing operations, and even what new media are there any new media Public relations experts and so on are dazzling, completely unclear what positions are.
    The new media operations must master a lot of messy knowledge and skills. Small companies live three or five people to form an operating department. At this time, as operators Martial arts must be like.
    . If the operating department has a scale, detailed division of labor, and the corresponding positions of various tasks are completed, then the posts of new media are normal:
    This is a new media or online services on the Internet. For posts, of course, small companies will not set up special customer service posts. This part of the industry is narrow. The salary is not very high between 4K-5K.
    The writer is a new media person who writes scripts, that is, the work of writers, copywriting and other common work on the Internet.
    This work requires solid writing skills. After all It can grasp the trend hotspots and have rowing skills. Salary has a large range of fluctuations, ranging from 5K-10K.
    This positions are to control the content. Sometimes the writing articles written in the handwriting are sometimes different from actual needs. At this time, the new media editors must be edited, rejected or returned to modifying the article, and the salary is between 5k-10K.
    4. New media marketing/operation
    This post is the most common, including public account operation, short video operation, event planning, marketing, etc. The salary ranges from 5K-15K.
    Of course, the classification above is general. Under normal circumstances, the most common media people are the most common is new media operations. New media operations are to restore fans, write copywriting, edit the typesetting, and plan activities, promote promotion, promote Markets have to collect data in the future to optimize iteration.
    Well, the operation of the new media is so versatile, artistic life, life and powerful, not afraid of death, four deaths, come to life as a dog.

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