What kind of industry is the identification industry?

Is the signboard independent item in the business license?

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  1. The identity, as the name implies, is a sign of easy to recognize, which is artificially presenting by text, graphics and other symbols. The logo can be seen everywhere in our lives, communities, parking lots, subway stations, bathrooms, airports, tourist attractions, and so on. The logo enriches the new connotation of urban civilization!
    The function of the sign is two points:
    . The sign has the labeling effect. The sign is mainly to express its role through vision. For example: text transmission, marking is symbolic, direction, suggestion and other functions. Text style can show personality and background. Symposium and signs are symbolic and constructive.
    It, the sign is also an information conveying the media, which has the function of advertising.
    The Changsha Nature Identity Design and Production Co., Ltd. is a large -scale logo manufacturer that specializes in the research design, production, sales, installation and maintenance of logo. Adhering to the development concept of "professional production and service peers", the company adheres to the production standards of "every logo is artwork", strive to improve production technology, make the product better quality, shorter goods period, and better price.
    This is very powerful in Changsha Metro Station.

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