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  1. I. How does the charges of lawyers in Guangzhou Haizhu Real Estate Disputes? The charging standards charged by time charges: 200-3000 yuan/hour. 2. The charging standards charged according to the charging method: The basis of the basic fee of 1,000-8000 yuan is charged according to its controversial target quota. 50,000 to 10,000 (including 100,000 yuan): 8% 100,000-500,000 (including 500,000 yuan): 5% 500,000 -1 million (including 1 million yuan): 4% 1 million-5 million (including 500 500 (including 500) 10,000 yuan): 3% 5 million-10 million (including 10 million yuan): 2% 10 million-50 million (including 50 million yuan): 1% 50 million yuan or more: 0.5% charging instruction 20%. The above two and three charging standards and proportion are the charging standards for a trial or arbitration case of agency litigation cases. If the first instance of the first instance and the second instance, the first instance is charged according to the first instance; if the first instance of the first instance, the second trial may be the first or second trial, and then the agent will return the re -trial, the retrial application or determine the retrial case shall be halved according to the first audit standard; the arbitration involves arbitration For cases, if the arbitration has been represented, the first or second stage of the lawsuit is charged at half according to the arbitration standards. The case is charged by a trial. What are the types of real estate disputes 1. Pre -sale disputes in commercial housing. The pre -sale system of commercial housing is conducive to real estate development and operation enterprises to timely raise funds to invest in real estate development, accelerate the circulation of commercial housing, and promote the development of the real estate market. Therefore, in recent years, most of the trading of commercial housing has adopted pre -sale methods. However, when the buyer set up a pre -sale contract in accordance with the publicity advertisement, planning and design of the house, the house was officially delivered in the house, but it was found that the target was different from the original advertising; or the developer could not apply for the property right certificate after the pre -sale; Or developers cannot pay the house on schedule, or there are other default acts. 2. Disputes of the unit raising housing and public housing that have participated in the housing reform. For most people, when encountering legal problems, their own abilities cannot be solved. At this time, a lawyer needs to be entrusted to sign related documents or conduct lawsuits. In general, the agency cost of property cases involves several thousand yuan.

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