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  1. With the development of the catering industry in a higher level, how to build a good catering brand has become an important issue in front of the catering industry. This article is the essay of the restaurant market research report that I have compiled for everyone, for reference only.
    The essays of the Catering Market Report:
    I. Foreword
    20__ January 4 of our catering industry conducted market research and interviews. In recent years, my country's catering industry has developed very quickly. According to statistics from relevant parties, the growth rate of the catering industry is more than ten percentage points higher than other industries. It can be said that my country is ushered in a period of great development of the catering industry. The market potential is huge and the prospects are very broad. However, from another aspect, catering demand is complex and varied. Its consumption taste and consumer psychology may change with the changes in the social environment. Catering companies must see the development trend of the catering market according to their own conditions and environmental conditions, and choose appropriate marketing methods in order to succeed in fierce market competition. Therefore, we can understand this situation through market surveys, and formulate related countermeasures according to the survey. Continuously updating their management concepts Catering practitioners must clarify the goals and requirements of catering services and management. This is the basis for doing a good job of catering services and management.
    The strategic development of the catering industry is to require the development of catering companies to have a clear development direction and prospects. Catering companies should formulate a clear development goals and prospects based on the status quo reflected by the market and the changes in the objective environment. There are plans, organizations, and purposeful to develop their own enterprises, determine their development models, reduce the mistakes and faults of enterprises in the development process, maintain stable and sustainable development of catering enterprises, avoid blind development, excessive development and unplanned development into Enterprises have caused direct economic losses. There are already many companies in the market that blindly expand blindly in one night of corporate failure. Therefore, catering companies should earnestly do a good job of corporate strategic planning and business strategies, and combine long -term planning with short -term business strategies. Carefully plan the future development model of catering companies, make full use of the internal and external resources of the enterprise and the industrial policies of the country, and maintain the stable development and sustainable growth of catering companies.
    The survey of this project is conducive to our understanding of the development and changes of the catering industry. The development of the catering industry requires the support and favor of customers. Therefore, the consultation from customers is the direction of the development of the catering industry.
    . Investigation Overview
    1. The purpose of the survey
    The purpose of this survey is to help us understand the current development of the food and drinking industry, to know its main development direction, discover the problems and problems of its existence and discovery and discovery of its existence and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems and the problems of its existence. It is worth learning. This will help us learn more knowledge and understand the roughly through the market survey. It is mainly to complete retail academic homework.
    2. Summary of the investigation
    The project survey, mainly through interviews -actively understand their catering choices and demand consumption from college students in Wu High -vocational college, classify and analyze; questionnaire survey -in employment A questionnaire survey table for a street, school, and large supermarkets, and recycled it in time to analyze and demonstrate data; find relevant information on the Internet -will report the information about the information to the classmates related work
    3. The survey time
    January 4th to January 7th
    4. Investigation objects
    Cuctory consumer groups (students, elderly, restaurant owners, housewives, working class)
    (1) The classmates cooperate with the classmates. Some students are responsible for the adjustment of
    of the Anhui Vocational and Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical and Electrical and Electrical, and some are responsible for the investigation of employment streets, as well as a large supermarket (Ou Shang) for investigation. Summary.
    (2) In the recycling questionnaire, the conclusions and data of statistical income
    (3) Special interviews on the dining industry on the scene at the scene
    5. Investigation method
    (1 1 (1 1 (1 1 (1 (1 (1 ) Questionnaire survey method
    (2) Interview
    (3) Data statistics software (such as E_cel, PPT, Word) auxiliary methods.
    6. Investigation target
    (1) Understanding the current market status of the catering industry
    (2) Learn the knowledge of catering management from the survey
    (3) Learn that consumers have the catering industry What needs, help investors better improve their investment plan
    (4) Complete retail school operations
    7. Specific implementation steps
    (1) Group discussion OK
    (2) Preparation of questionnaires of the catering industry
    (3) The group players are divided into work and cooperate, allocate their respective tasks to complete
    (4) Go to Anhui Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College, Employment Street, and Auchan to conduct questionnaire surveys
    (5) The theme interview with the dining industry on the spot for the survey object (6) Find the relevant information and data online for summary
    (7) Questionnaire recycling The requirements of the data are summarized into forms
    (8) Drip the basic situation of the survey to the classmates and teachers
    (9) Analyze the questionnaire, and the results are obtained. 10) Write the investigation report, and put forward the correct countermeasures and suggestions 9. Responsible for investigators
    Chen Xianbo, Cao Tingting, Xiang Xiangyun, He Lihong, Qi Jinjin, Sun Linlin, Zhao Rongrong (none of them)
    three three Data analysis
    The distribution of 24 copies of this time, 24 copies of actual recovery, 20 qualified questionnaires, including 13 men and 11 women, the specific data are as follows:
    1. You generally choose fast food Types?
    It can be concluded that customers pay more attention to the quality of the product for fast food, and the requirements for this aspect are relatively balanced. Therefore, the development of fast food industry needs to pay more attention to these aspects of management
    . What attributes do you value when you choose a dining restaurant?
    It can be concluded: consumers pay more attention to this one when choosing a meal for meals. Whether the store is cheap and whether the environment is beautiful, it is also very popular for the brand's popularity.
    3. What is the preferential method you like in restaurants?
    It can be concluded: consumers are more popular in the preferential method of choosing in the restaurant, and the preferential methods they presented are not I really like
    4. What is the most attractive cinema advertising method?
    It can be concluded: In all restaurants to promote the advertising method, the most attracting consumers is network promotion. Today, the development of the information age requires the catering industry to keep up with the times and pay attention to online publicity.
    5. In what ways do you usually understand the choice of catering restaurants?
    It can be concluded that consumers usually choose or understand the restaurant through friends. Therefore, restaurants should focus on winning the trust of each consumer and integrity.
    6. Where is your favorite restaurant location?
    It can be concluded: consumers' favorite catering restaurants are mainly large in large shopping malls
    The or restaurant gathering areas. This indicates that restaurants should pay attention to site selection. Fourth, survey suggestions and countermeasures
    The consumer target of the catering industry is consumers, so the precious suggestions of each consumer are crucial to its rapid development. According to consumer suggestions and requirements, the following conclusions are obtained:
    The dare to break through the traditional model of catering operations. We may wish to break the convention, increase the awareness of innovation to combine dining with other activities, and generate a new service concept to make food Integrate a variety of cultural forms, combined with entertainment, knowledge, health, nutrition, information, sports and other means to improve the participation of catering, ornamental and entertainment. It can increase the special projects of the restaurant, create a unique catering atmosphere, improve the consumption level of catering, expand the social impact of the restaurant, and bring good benefits.
    (1) Win the heart of consumers at a preferential price and comfortable environment
    . It can be seen from Table II that consumers will pay more attention to whether the price is preferential and whether the environment is beautiful. In this regard, we can take related activities to make consumers feel cheap. For example, customers who dine in a dining restaurant issue discounts or membership system. For the environment of the dining restaurant, we need to pay attention to its decoration design and give people a comfortable feeling. The staff should have a unified clothing and have a good service attitude.
    (2) Ecological agriculture, green food, and health care environment will be more valued by people
    In from Table 1, we know that customers will focus on the sanitary status, and health status of the restaurant when choosing a dining restaurant to eat meals. how. With the increasing degree of concern for people's pollution, ecological balance, and own health issues, it has been welcomed by consumers without pollution and pollution -free green foods and health foods. Its health recipes for your own health care facilities to create a health care environment. Therefore, restaurants need to strengthen the management of raw material purchase channels and support the original ecological green products.
    (3) Take a certain Russian discount activity
    The Table 3 can be seen that consumers prefer to discount the restaurant when conducting preferential activities. Therefore, catering restaurants can conduct preferential activities through production related activities, such as membership system, discounts and other forms. Turn discounts for customers' consumption through relevant activities to attract consumers.
    (4) Cultural innovation strengthens publicity
    It in today's society where informatization develops, the operation of restaurants must continue to innovate, follow the development of the times, and keep pace with the times. From Table 4, Table 5 shows that the most attractive consumer attention is online advertising, but what really understands is TV channels or friends introduced. Therefore, our restaurant can improve the consumer channel of online catering as much as possible. Continuously develop and innovate, create well -known brands with high popularity and popular consumers.
    (5) Correct site selection, reasonable decoration design
    According to Table 5, consumers prefer restaurants in restaurants in large shopping malls or restaurants gathering areas. We can rely on competition to form a "intensive effect". Because of the gathering of many merchants, we can meet the needs of consumers, so that we can attract more consumers. And we must make different choices based on the types of restaurants. The restaurant's store decoration is also crucial. In diet, they do not pay much attention to the taste of food, but pay great attention to the environment and atmosphere of eating. Therefore, in the layout of the environment and creating the atmosphere, it is necessary to create a great effort to create a distinctive, attractive species.
    5. Investigation summary and conclusion
    The I feel that I have benefited a lot about this event. I unite and cooperate with the players in the event and feel the power and happiness of unity. Since then, I have a general understanding of the market survey, accumulating more experience and knowledge for my future development, and exercising myself to improve myself.
    The essays of the Catering Market Report:
    The catering industry, as an industry with a long history, has not changed from ancient times to the present, it has not changed the social functions of going out dining services. However, with the high development of social productivity, people's living standards have continued to improve, and people's requirements for the catering industry are getting higher and higher, making the modern catering industry in the direction of comfortable equipment, beautiful environment, outstanding product flavor, and high quality service quality. develop. As the catering industry matures and competition is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, hotels are also necessary to understand customers' satisfaction with the hotel. Customers have high satisfaction, and there will be many returning customers. To deal with guest relationships, the hotel's market customer source will be relatively stable, and the advantages in competition will be highlighted. Therefore, this group selects the investigation theme of the satisfaction of the catering service of Jinfeng Hotel. The purpose of this survey is to analyze the results of the survey through the principle of determining the investigation, in accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts, and understanding the satisfaction of customers' current catering services, dialysis, or operating issues that need to be improved and standardized. For the problems discovered, suggestions and solutions are proposed and resolved. The most fundamental purpose of this survey is to help the hotel better to serve the majority of customers through practice, and obtain the satisfaction of customers.
    . The basic overview of the survey
    1. The purpose and significance of the survey:
    From the perspective of the hotel:
    (1) Improve the overall service quality of the hotel catering industry r r r r r r r r
    (2) Shape the spiritual appearance of employees, enrich the hotel's corporate culture connotation
    (3) Understand what customers need, provide service basis for the hotel
    ) Let customers get satisfactory services
    (2) Enhance the customer's further understanding of the hotel
    (3) Messing the various needs of the customer to meet
    2. Survey objects:
    All customers of the Catering Department of Jinfeng Hotel
    3. Investigation location:
    Jinfeng Hotel, Qianxi Road, Nanchang City.
    4. Investigation time
    October 1st to 8th
    . The work content of the survey
    1. Investigation items
    (1), Jinfeng Hotel Cater The service attitude of the employee
    (2), the environmental comfort of the catering department of the Jinfeng Hotel
    (3), the sufficient amount of the drinking department of Jinfeng Hotel
    (4), Jinfeng The quality of the diet of the catering department of the big hotel
    (5), Jinfeng Hotel's catering department serving the speed
    (6), the sanitation of the food of the catering department of Jinfeng Hotel
    (7),,, 7),,, 7),,, 7),,, 7) The price of Jinfeng Hotel Catering Department
    (8) The reason why customers choose your hotel
    (9) Whether the customer will also visit your hotel
    . The survey method
    (1 ) Questionnaire survey method: Publish a questionnaire to customers who come to your hotel, asking customers to fill in them according to their wishes, and recover 90 copies of the 100 questionnaires issued. The customers really fill out the questionnaire.
    (2), field observation method: You can go to the restaurant department of Jinfeng Hotel to observe the environmental quality status and its hygiene
    . Investigation and analysis
    1 survey background analysis
    The current development of the catering industry
    The continuous development of the catering industry, and the turnover and the number of employment have increased; although catering companies have begun to attach importance to the shape of brand advantages, focus on the expansion of the size of the enterprise, focus on the use of chain operations and franchise methods Expansion, market demand reflects the fashion of scientific diet. Although the catering industry has developed rapidly, there are still some issues that restrict development, which are mainly manifested in the following five aspects:
    (1) The concentration of the catering industry is low, and the gap between the level of operation between enterprises is large.
    (2) The quality of catering practitioners is uneven, and the service quality and management level need to be further improved.
    (3) The structural contradictions of catering services are relatively prominent, so that popular catering services for the purpose of people and convenience are relatively lacking. Not only are the service outlets insufficient, but the market order is not standardized, and the quality of food and hygiene conditions cannot keep up.
    (4) The market competition in the catering industry has intensified, the corporate profit margin is low, the added value is small, and the domestic catering enterprise's independent innovation capabilities are generally weak.
    (5) The pace of "going global" development of catering companies is not fast.
    2. Data analysis and conclusions
    The first question analysis is the employee's service attitude
    From the analysis of the first question, we can see that customers are satisfied with the service attitude of the employees of Jinfeng Hotel It accounts for 60%and is not satisfied with only 40%. In general, the service attitude of employees is still very recognized.
    The second question analysis is the environmental comfort during meals
    From the second question, customers score the restaurant environment. Pressing the recovered data, customers are still very satisfied with the restaurant environment.
    The third question analysis is whether the type of diet is sufficient
    In the third question, the customer's sufficientness of the customer's diet is still very satisfied, and the taste and sanitation of the diet are well evaluated. Essence
    The four questions are analyzed whether the wine is sufficient
    From the analysis, customers are not satisfied with the types of drinks of the hotel. It is recommended that the hotel should add some types of juice and liquor. The title analysis is the quality of the diet
    In analysis, customers are very satisfied with the quality of the hotel's diet, especially the types of buffets in the Western food department of the hotel and the hotel's specialty gold award. Nice.
    The sixth question analysis is the speed of the restaurant. From the analysis, customers think that the speed of serving at the hotel is also an important factor affecting customer satisfaction.
    This seventh question analysis is the price of catering
    In analysis, the hotel's catering price is very reasonable, and at the same time, it is also within the acceptance of customers and customers. guest.
    The question of the eighth question is the hygiene of food
    In analysis, the customer is not very satisfied with the hygiene of the hotel. There will be a lot of small bugs on the sweets of the summer buffet. Increase the improvement of food hygiene and make foods that are delicious and more hygienic.
    This ninth and tenth question analysis is the reason for patronizing the hotel
    In analysis point of view of thoughtful service, the comfort of 60%is 60%. Friends recommend 40%of the travel agencies, indicating that the hotel's reputation of the hotel's reputation It is still very good in Nanchang.
    The eleventh question is analyzed whether it will also come to your hotel for dining
    In analysis, most customers will still visit your hotel, thinking that the hotel is in terms of price, service attitude and environmental comfort. Very satisfied.
    3. Existing problems
    In the previous data analysis, we can preliminary conclusions: At present, the customer satisfaction of hotel catering services in Longyan City is generally higher. Among the three samples of sample hotels, Tianya Hotel, Jin Suiche
    , Hengbao Hotel, the customer satisfaction of Hengbao Hotel is the highest, but after analyzing my summary table, we can also find existence Some prominent problems, especially at hotels with small scale, have many irregularities. The following questions are specifically raised:
    (1) Restaurant dining environment problems
    In 42%of customers in the first question chose the environment for the environment as the main reason for dining in the restaurant. However, in the third question, 42.9%of customers scored 70 ~ 80 points to the hotel's dining environment. This shows that with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the creation of the atmosphere, and they pay more and more attention to the dining conditions of the restaurant. The requirements for the dining environment are also getting higher and higher. However, at present, Jinfeng Hotel has done a good job in this regard, especially at the peak of the passenger flow. The noise in the restaurant is noisy, affecting the emotions of guests' meal, and the hotel can also handle the perfect improvement. The environmental layout of the restaurant is very coordinated, which greatly highlights the characteristics of the hotel and restaurant, and gives the hotel a refreshing feeling.
    (2) The hygiene of dishes
    It hygiene qualification is the most basic requirement for the dishes for the guests. If there is no sanitation guarantee, it loses the most basic safety guarantee for guests. When the restaurant is at the peak period, the task of the waiter is relatively urgent. There are some waiters who do not operate the operation standards in accordance with the regulations. When they are dish, they get the vegetable soup with their fingers, which will inevitably cause great dissatisfaction. In the middle of the hotel's customers, it was found that the customer complained such questions. This is a problem that causes great damage to the hotel image and needs to be resolved urgently.
    (3) The problem of the existence of the dishes
    From the summary table of the three groups, 46.9%of customers believe that the speed of serving is "general" and "very slow". The speed of serving is something that the guests care about. The fast and slow of the food is directly related to the guest's evaluation of the hotel and the economic interests of the hotel. If the restaurant is too slow and did not take remedial measures in time, causing customers to complain not to say, and they will lose their return customers. The hotel has to improve the speed of serving. (4) Question of the image of the restaurant's waiter
    The image of the waiter represents the image of the restaurant in the eyes of customers. Therefore, the restaurant's appearance of the waiter is high. However, from the statistics, 40%of customers expressing "deviations" for hotel waiters. It shows that the instrument in the Jinfeng Hotel is still perfect. In the service industry, the waiter's instrument, appearance, and manner are very important service elements. Each service staff in the restaurant should establish a good image consciousness, and cannot affect the image of the entire hotel because of the image of a waiter.
    . Countermeasures and suggestions for accelerating the development of the catering industry of Jinfeng Hotel
    1. Strengthen and improve the internal management structure, and enhance corporate competitiveness.
    It should be done well in modernization of human -oriented. Through training, education, and development of development, vigorously develop human resources, and cultivate and create modern service industry management that meets the requirements of high -quality adaptation to the era of knowledge economy
    Pymalism, especially for entrepreneurs and high quality Managers, high -level professional chefs and excellent service teams. The second is to do a good job of business management centered on catering products. Grasping varieties, quality, service, environmental, informatization, modernization and standardization of management, and use extensive in -depth and effective innovation activities to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve corporate grade, and strengthen market competitiveness.
    2. Strengthen the regulatory administrative management of the catering market.
    1 is that enterprises should formulate measures and strategies to adapt to modern consumption trends and implement integrity operations, and continuously improve and improve service quality. The second is to introduce corresponding management measures and policies and regulations of health, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments, severely crack down on false advertisements, bully the market, guide the policy, carry out effective industry planning The department's chaos for catering companies.
    3. Catering companies should reflect characteristic operations and brand strategies.
    The characteristics and brands have been tested for a long time, which can stand out in a fierce market competitive environment, and have been recognized by market and consumers. It has a specific performance of high innovation and profitability. The characteristics of catering companies focus on the variety and quality of the dishes, but the quality of service cannot be ignored. It must provide consumers with a comfortable dining environment and a good dining atmosphere. Whether it is the variety, quality, service level, or dining environment, it is necessary to fully reflect the food culture and corporate culture, so that customers can not only satisfy material enjoyment, but also satisfy spiritual enjoyment. Based on historical accumulation and cultural innovation, it is necessary to excavate, cultivate, develop and innovate the series of vegetables, encourage enterprises to develop famous catering products, and promote national local specialties through registered trademarks and packaging.
    4. We market -oriented
    Based on the actual situation, innovate and correctly select the business method that is suitable for the development of the enterprise to further improve the consumer environment. The catering industry of Jinfeng Hotel should vigorously promote chain operations, special fast food and fast food delivery according to the actual situation, change the traditional business method, and promote the industry's branding and large -scale process. Improved modern management systems, perfect economic management systems, new product research and development and innovation capabilities, perfect takeaway distribution systems, overall operation management and supervision systems, and advanced, scientific and standardized to manage modern catering industry.
    5. Develop chain operations
    The service management model with health, health, innovation, diversified development, and high -quality service as a modern business management model to obtain greater economic benefits.
    6. Increase publicity and create a good development atmosphere in the catering industry.
    It give full play to the advantages of publicity of governments and news media at all levels, vigorously publicize the development and necessity of the city's "gourmet paradise", and promote the development of the city's catering industry for the development of the city's "gourmet paradise". , Measures and preferential policies. The main person in charge of Nanchang Catering should further raise awareness, strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, and put the work of accelerating the development of the catering industry, creating the "Food Paradise" work in Chongqing at the important position of accelerating economic development, increasing employment and expanding domestic demand, and driving consumption. Formed a joint force, we can do it together. It is necessary to actively support the development of the catering industry, strengthen coordination and cooperation, enhance service awareness, improve the efficiency of service, establish a sound incentive mechanism, and jointly promote the rapid development of the city's catering industry.
    The essay of the Catering Market Survey Report:
    20__ annual catering revenue of 2539.2 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 9.0%, the growth rate continued to decline, the lowest value in the past 21 years, the number of single digits, and compared The same period last year fell 4.6 percentage points, and the decline was further expanded, as shown in Figure 1. High -end catering has been severely frustrated, and the revenue of catering revenue above the limit has been negatively increased for the first time in recent years, a year -on -year decrease of 1.8%.
    In month of perspective, under the impact of the external market environment and policy environment, the operation of the catering market in the year has fluctuated. In the first half of the year, the entire catering market fell in April to the lowest value of 7.9%throughout the year, and the growth rate rose to more than 9%. December continued to decline, the market gradually shrunk, and finally ended at 8.6%.
    Ifly affected by the national restrictions of the three -public consumption policy, catering revenue above the limit is 3.3%negative growth rate and the lowest point of the year, and then fluctuates up and down. In November and December The negative growth rate of 3.3%end the year.
    If in the quarter, the catering market is jagged, and the increase in catering income and restrictions on catering income at the lowest valley in the first quarter, reaching its peak in the third quarter, showing a downward trend after entering the fourth quarter, and there is continuing to continue The risk of downward.
    The massized catering market is actively exploring in differentiation and integration. As the extravagance of eating and drinking is effectively curbed, the catering market presents a good atmosphere of "healthy rational consumption, opposition to waste", and the mass catering gradually moves towards the table to the table In the past, it gradually became the mainstream. At the same time, fast food and snack companies focused on developing the community to facilitate catering. High -end catering companies transformed into popularization and regaining people's hearts, making popular catering the main force of the development of the catering industry, and maintained a steady growth throughout the year.
    The high -end catering market tends to be rational in the transformation and adjustment, and gradually finds its own direction in "high quality rather than high -priced". Enterprises have replaced menu to launch parental dishes, reduce per capita consumption, and launch cheap parental dishes. At the same time, high -end catering companies also actively change their operating strategies, diversify the market for family banquets, groups, breakfast and other aspects, aiming at special groups to provide customized services, implement multi -brand intensive replication, online marketing, and find new growth points.
    At the same time as popular dining, the objective pressure of catering companies is still the same, and companies that maintain and shut down and transfer are facing shuffling. 20__ The operating profit of the top 100 catering in the country was only 14.22%, a decrease of 48.14%over 20__ years. In order to increase the passenger flow transformation of the public, some high -end catering companies reducing the price of dishes and launched a discount of more than 50%. The package, under the objective conditions of the rising labor wages, rising raw materials, rising rents, and high taxes, although the large price reduction has won popularity, it has made the enterprise in the predicament of profitless or negative operations. High -end restaurant stores in many regions are closed in batches. The profits of listed companies such as Jude, Hunan and Hubei, Xiaonan, and rural foundation have fallen sharply. The industry pattern has shuffled in the cold winter.
    In the impact of external information technology and the innovation of the internal management concept of the enterprise, catering companies continue to explore new service methods, tap potential consumption needs, and move towards the mature modern catering industry. In 20__, instant messaging tools such as Weibo, reviewing websites, WeChat, Momo, etc. have become a new marketing platform for catering companies. Huang Taiji, Gagang Lord Board, Qiao Jiangnan and other companies are all successful examples of self -media marketing platforms. Borrowing O2O, from offline to online, positioning a series of intelligent service models such as searching, reservation, ordering, payment, and reviewing, bringing consumers a diversified dining experience.
    not only that, many catering companies will sell semi -finished products, quasi -finished products, finished products online, extend the industrial chain, promote takeaway delivery business, and broaden sales channels. In 20__, the annual sales of the finished product of Chinese food in Beijing have exceeded 30 million yuan, which is equivalent to a 2000 -square -meter store. Takeaway sales in Dongpo of Meizhou reached 7 million yuan per month, which is equivalent to a mature large -scale catering store sales.
    It -strengthening alliances, collaborative innovation has become an inevitable choice for catering companies to reduce costs and efficiency. Hehe Valley and Shougang diet strengthened cooperation through complementary advantages, which not only uses the surplus production capacity of the Shougang Stainer Machining and Delivery Center, but also meets the expansion needs of Hesu. Chongqing Tao Ranju and 19 different types of catering companies and industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises in Chongqing have taken the road of big union, large groups, big brands, and big development groups to integrate resources, complementary advantages, direct raw materials, farm food docking, etc. Method control cost expenditure. 36 female entrepreneurs in Chongqing set up the "Chongqing Hot Pot World Banquet Museum Industry Investment Group", which enabled Chongqing Hotpot to embark on the road of grouping, large -scale, industrialization, and conservation development. 11 brand catering companies in Shanxi Province held heating. In November 20__, the "Shanxi Catering Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd." was established in November 20__, mainly to invest, promote, and operate catering brands for the development of the catering industry.
    The construction of a mature central kitchen laid a solid foundation for industrialization. Catering companies realize intensive, standardized, professional, and industrialized production through the central kitchen, and implement semi -finished product distribution for chain stores. At present, more than 70%of chain catering companies in my country have built central kitchen. 85%of Jiahe Yipin's semi -finished products are distributed by the central kitchen, and the new central kitchen will also be opened. In the future, at least 500 chain store delivery needs can be met. Meizhou Dongpo Modern Central Kitchen and Logistics Center not only distribute products for catering stores, but also become an important support for its "527 Gourmet Express System".

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