Where is Xi'an Film and Television City?

What I asked is not Xi'an Cinema ~~ I refer to the place where the movie is filming ~~ There are a lot of ancient films on TV, and a large part of it should be made there ~~

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  1. From the news that the entire film and television circle shook the entire film and television circle, a cultural industry plan designed to build China's "Western Hollywood" is about to be implemented. At the end of this month, Xi'an Qujiang Film and Television Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qujiang Film and Television) will be sailing to build a real aircraft carrier in the Chinese film and television industry. And this aircraft carrier will be equipped with the integrated film and television Shaanxi army, and the anchor will be available. Its helm is Wu Tianming, a famous filmmaker who has created unlimited brilliance for Xiying.

    Qujiang was the most splendid and brilliant Chinese chapter in the Tang Dynasty. On December 31, 2003, the open geese Tower North Square and the successive Tang Furong Garden, Shaanxi Folk View Grand View Garden, Shaanxi Opera Grand View Garden, Shaanxi Literature and Art Grand View Garden together constitute a large -scale and new Tang cultural theme scenic spot. Essence In early April 2006, the "Xi'an Qujiang International Tang Dynasty Culture Week" was successfully held, causing the attention of all walks of life at home and abroad to the development of the Shengtang culture in Xi'an. Xi'an Qujiang New District was hailed by the Chinese business cards created by the Tang Dynasty culture by the media at home and abroad. And this business card will add the most heavy strokes again, which is Qujiang Film and Television.

    In reporters, there are more than 130 film and television production companies in Shaanxi, but now, there are many crises in the production mode of small workshops. Various film and television companies are fighting for solitary army and urgently need to be integrated. On the occasion of this situation, Qujiang Film and Television took the responsibility of revitalizing the Western Film and Television, which came into being. According to Liu Bing, the president of the investment company, the company will be based on the deep historical and culture of Xi'an, relying on the strong urban resources and capital strength of Qujiang, the guide with advanced mechanisms and preferential policies, and artists represented by Wu Tianming and others. In order to make a signboard, within 5 years, the Qujiang Film and Television Cultural Industry Cluster was created with 1 billion funds, forming a complete industrial chain, including the creation of theme creations, film and television shooting, post -production, film and television distribution, and talent training. "Silicon Valley". In the future, this giant ship full of the spirit of the Tang Dynasty and the prosperous culture will be sailed overseas, coming to the world with the world -class cultural industry giants.

    "Creating a place for China Film and Television to find dreams, singing the prosperous Chinese international audio and video." The upcoming Qujiang Film and Television will become the film and television industry operator occupied the Chinese film and television highland, because there are vast sea of ​​smoke, taking it, taking it. The inexhaustible historical and cultural theme is the treasure trove of world culture! The company's next plan is to create a large number of film and television boutiques including the Great Qin Empire, the Cold Kiln, and the Silk Road, and then create the glory of Western movies and even Chinese movies.

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