Is it worth testing in the 2020 price engineer exam?

In the case of cancellation of qualifications, is the cost engineer worth testing?

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  1. I. The reform and development of first -level cost engineers

    In 1996, in accordance with the "Notice of the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction on the Provisional Regulations on Printing the" Interim Regulations on the Qualification System of Cost Engineers "", the state began to implement the qualification system for the practice of cost engineers.

    In January 1998, the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Construction on the Implementation of the Examination of Cost -Quality Examinations for Cost engineers", and for the first time in the country, the qualifications for the practice of cost engineers were implemented in the country. take an exam.

    In August 2018, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the Ministry of Transport of the Ministry of Transportation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development on the "Regulations on Printing and Distributing the Professional Qualification System of Cost Engineers" and "Implementation Measures for the Professional Qualification Examination of Cost engineers", state settings set up Cost -in engineers enter the vocational qualifications and include the national vocational qualification catalog. This institutional reform has increased the gold content of the first -level cost.

    . The rapid development of the construction engineering industry, the cost engineer has been in the state of talent for a long time

    After the "Belt and Road" economic area is open, the construction industry has developed rapidly. On the engineering mouth, including the beginning of design budgets requires cost knowledge, and then bidding. Now the country has policies. The bidding agent must have a cost engineer. Content; until the final completion settlement, cost engineers need to be done. However, at present, the number of registered cost engineers issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development has only been obtained by the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development, and only more than 200,000 people have been obtained. Therefore, the market demand for cost engineers is very large.

    . The first -level cost engineer certificate is directly evaluated as "Engineer"

    Last year, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the area has released the "Professional and Technical Offer Professional Qualification and Professional Title Catalog " The notice clearly stipulates that if professional and technical personnel obtain the professional qualifications listed in the "Professional Qualifications of Professional and Technical Personnel and Professional Title of Professional and Technical Personnel in Jiangxi Province", they may determine that they can obtain the corresponding series and hierarchical titles. And professional and technical personnel can be used as a condition for applying for high -level titles. The corresponding title of the cost engineer is "Engineering Series". The first -level cost engineer corresponds to the "engineer" level; the secondary cost engineer corresponds to the "assistant engineer" level.

    5. Cancellation of cost consulting qualifications is not equal to the cancellation of cost engineers.

    In 2018 "Regulations on the Occupational Qualification System of Cost Engineers", Article 3 states that engineering cost consulting enterprises should be equipped with cost engineers, and relevant engineering cost management positions in engineering construction activities should be equipped with cost engineers as needed as needed. Essence Article 28, the cost engineer shall sign and bear the corresponding responsibilities on the engineering cost consultation results documents. The project cost consultation results documents shall be reviewed by the first -level cost engineer and stamped with a practice seal. Now the qualifications of the cost consulting enterprise are gone, and the compulsory regulations for the cost of the cost is gone, but the signing of the cost consulting results documents is still there. In other words, as long as the cost consulting industry is there, as long as there is a business to do this, the cost division is needed. The reform of the "separation of licenses" is to weaken the qualifications of enterprise and strengthen the management of personal practice qualifications. Therefore, in order to have more career opportunities in the future, Xiao Zaojun believes that taking a certificate is a manifestation of the core competitiveness in the workplace.

    The mentioned here, "Is the first -level cost engineer worth testing? Qualification cancellation of the impact on the cost division?" I believe everyone has the answer. And Xiao Zaojun also knew that the candidates who came to ask must actually have intended to apply for a first -level cost engineer, but just want to understand the value of this certificate more deeply. After the certificate I do not want to get, it is just a waste paper.

    The imagination: Two people have the same level, one with a cost engineer certificate, one without, if you are the boss, who will you use? The surrounding asked, many candidates who got the cost certificate have received a satisfactory return.

  2. The relevant units of the cost engineer do not have the notice of cancellation of qualifications. Don't spread rumors or rumors.
    With the development of the construction design industry in recent years, the demand for a series of architectural professionals such as cost engineers has increased year by year. The market provides broad employment prospects and good employment opportunities for cost engineers. Many candidates have chosen the cost of cost from the beginning, and after studying at school and later working hours, they are determined to become a cost engineer. Other candidates gradually realized the importance of cost engineer certificates to future work after engaging in cost -related work, so they chose the cost engineer exam. The cost engineer test is not a "net red" test with only a few years of popularity. It is indispensable for the construction industry.

  3. Examiners doubt: How to formulate a learning plan for first -level costs? After reading the first time in the first few months, after the second time of the month, do you do the real questions in the exam? How many months do you do?
    Carians: You should first clarify the goal before planning. If you must pass the first -level cost division this year, a qualified mentality should be "I just open my eyes in the morning and know what I should do today. Know what I did not do today. "
    1 Study on targets clearly
    . For example, some people's learning goals are to learn first -level cost masters this year, which is too vague. It should be changed to a subject of the test subjects within 30 days from today.
    S specific results, the score of the previous year's simulation test questions should be more than 80%.
    The clear goal of the last coming out is that every 30 days must be studied, and each simulation test score should be 80%.

    2 Study Learning Points
    The on the goal above, I believe that each person will have some weak memory weaknesses, and there is no impression of which chapter in the study. Or impressive impression, you should review it in time after school.

    3 The plan is implemented to each day
    The personally feel that this is the most important link in the learning plan. This is related to whether you can persist. The easiest way -use removal!
    First of all, you have to determine the following things.
    If statistics clearly that I can use the time of learning every day. For example, the time I can be used to learn is: 3 hours · Simple statistics, your learning efficiency is under simple statistics. Do you need to review and strengthen your memory.
    The general understanding of the total amount of content that needs to be learned. For example, the first -level cost division 84 diversity training camp for a total of 140 lessons, (the data is different in each class, don't be more true).
    Hak of the current distance target completion period, how many days are there. For example: there are 190 days.
    This, then learn two hours a day, and there are plenty of time reviewing and doing questions.
    is it easy to split. What you want next is to grit your teeth for a week, and then one month, and then the habit will naturally become diligent.
    4 Optimization adjustment
    The principle of difficulty adjustment and optimization is: control the difficulty in the middle range is too difficult, the blow enthusiasm, and it is easy to give up. The difficulty is too small, there is no challenge, and it is easy to loosen.
    So there is a problem to ask the teacher to answer in time in the group. Don't let the previous question become your frustration behind you.

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