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  1. Insurance he is a third industry in the world with a growth rate of 40/100 per year. The insurance industry in the world's top 500 companies accounts for 57 seats. When engaged in the insurance industry, his working hours are completely arranged by himself, without being bound by anyone, and your work intensity is also whatever he wants. The object of work can also start with the people you know first first. The income level is completely proportional to your efforts. If you want to earn more, then make more hard work! Want to earn less and worry!
    The insurance industry is often the easier and easier to do. He will deal with people, and it will never be out of date. His experience and skills will always be the same. it is good. The promotion in the insurance industry is completely based on your professional ability. As long as the more insurance you sell, the faster the promotion speed, there is not too much dark workplace struggle. After all, you sell this kind of thing to get a bonus.
    The industry is still easy to be promoted. And the best point for insurance is that we don't need to quit the original work. We can do the business of insurance while doing the original work. We can recommend insurance with colleagues around us and sell them to colleagues around us. You can also sell it to our own family, so that we can take insurance as a part -time job. When we one day we do a good job of promoting, and when we have a high level of salary, we can decisively jump jobs.
    This occupation is still very popular for many years, and the potential profits and growth space in him are very large. He not only allows you to broaden your horizons, but also allows you to have more money. The so -called fame and fortune double!

  2. After more than half a year in the insurance industry, I almost broke up with my boyfriend because of selling insurance. Fortunately, I got married later.
    Mepen everyone has a lot of prejudices in the insurance industry, but not to mention, in recent years, the insurance industry has developed rapidly. Many bank cadres start to do insurance and insurance. Therefore, it is also a good prospect for insurance salespersons for insurance salespersons. However, if you want to do well, you must not only work hard, but also have brains.
    The following simply list several industry rules:
    1. Development offline than selling insurance income is higher
    everyone knows that the salesperson is a front -line employee, and there are his developers above. It is the supervisor, and the insurance industry is called the director. Then why the director's salary is higher than that of the salesperson, because the commission of the salesperson is part of it to the director. Therefore People are helping him to make money.
    2. Life insurance is much more earned than car insurance. Auto insurance is easier to earn than life insurance
    The insurance salespersons at the beginning did life insurance, because life insurance is really profitable, but life insurance orders are difficult to get. Therefore, many salespersons are easy to abandon halfway. I feel that this line is too difficult to do, and it is easy to be looked down on, so they choose to resign. However, some salespersons know that life insurance is difficult to do, so starting from car insurance. Although there are few commission, they make a single order. Go to the parking lot to send a small advertisement, talk to parents who pick up the children at the school door, and wait for the car insurance, etc., they use actual actions to prove that the profitable more can still get rich.
    It car insurance has obtained customer trust, and then understand whether the customer's family needs life insurance and life insurance customers, and pay attention to it, visit a few more times, and the list will become.
    3. Don't lie
    This is very important. I used to have an aunt in the previous unit. There are a lot of orders every month, but there are always many disputes, that is, she always tells customers that these insurance money is deposited. many. It is also convenient to boast of Haikou with customers, and it is very convenient. Customers think that they are better than banks, they can save money and guarantee, who does not buy her insurance. But in fact, money is either deposited or buying insurance. The annual income in the later period is cash value, that is, how much is the value of this insurance policy value. In addition, some insurance is returned with dividends, but there are no life insurance, so once you want to get the money inside, it is equivalent to surrender. If you surrender the insurance, you can't get so much money at the beginning, and there are very few.
    Therefore, if you want to do well in this industry, you must not lie to deceive customers to insure, so that it will only destroy the future.
    The three points, I hope to help you who enter the insurance industry.

  3. It is very good to choose the insurance industry. In the past, if you were a teacher, you accumulated a lot of customer resources. You are a teacher as a teacher and you will also give parents a trust. Customers believe that your possibility is very high. If you are also a parent, you will be even more than your parents. Well, there are more possibilities for the exhibition industry, so it is very suitable for the insurance industry. Although the insurance industry is a traditional industry, the development is quite mature, and people's insurance awareness is getting stronger and stronger. The prospects of the insurance industry are still very optimistic. If you decide to do insurance, choose a large platform. Now the insurance company is not just insurance, insurance, financial management, car insurance, loans, credit cards, etc. a series of businesses. It is easy to work, so it should be the platform but not just the company.

  4. The initial insurance can be summarized with the aunt culture. At that time, people had no need, because at the beginning of the country still had a planned economy tail, people were sick when they were sick. Insurance products are also relatively single, just some dividend insurance. At that time, people who bought such insurance were huge benefits, and the insurance agent, huh, as long as they were diligent and thick. Then the insurance industry continued to develop. At this time, people also had demand. Various pollution made the large -scale increase significantly. A large number of workers reforming the state -owned enterprise reform were laid off, and national policies were strongly supported. The insurance industry entered a new period. So there are various words. At this time, as long as it is diligent and professional knowledge. Later, the insurance industry should have developed the development of water to be in line with international standards, but the asymmetric development of the cross -industry has not given time. The domestic Internet insurance has begun to emerge. But I don't know what to do. The purpose of the APP launched by major insurance companies is to reduce costs, reduce agents, and earn the world with Internet insurance.

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