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  1. What are the basic knowledge of property management and property management? I have organized it here and hope to provide you with a reference.
    Is what are the basic knowledge of property management and the basic knowledge of property management? I have organized it here and hope to provide you with a reference.
    The property management industry is an industry that is closely related to social stability, mass interests, and social and economic development. From the current point of view, there are more problems with the property management of the entire industry, especially residential communities.
    It to gradually change this situation, you need to start from several aspects: First, you need to further strengthen the supervision of the property management industry and strengthen market standards and management; second, when the market competition is becoming more and more intense, , Property service companies must fully recognize the cruelty of market competition, have a sense of crisis and mission, and strive to make service management work better; third, we must effectively play the role of the owner committee. The consciousness of the owner's service must be familiar with the operation standards of property management, understand the law, will support and cooperate with the work of the property service enterprise in accordance with the law, and safeguard the legitimate rights of all owners in accordance with the law; fourth, to improve the quality of property management practitioners, through strict Training and assessment gradually improve their service awareness and service level.
    Overview of the basic knowledge of property management
    S property management refers to the owner through the selection of property management enterprises, and the owner and the property management enterprise shall be repaired by the property management enterprise in accordance with the property service contract. Maintenance, management, and maintenance of environmental sanitation and order in related areas.
    The property management is the socialized and market -oriented management system that combines owners' autonomy and professional services. The objects of property management and services are owners and users of property and property. Property management is a paid labor that integrates management, operations and services, and implements a socialized, professional, and enterprise -oriented business management model, and finally realizes the unified management goals of social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.
    This from the basic concept of explaining the basic concept of property and property management, focusing on discussing the concept, content, and role of property management. The purpose is to enable readers to have an overall understanding of property management.
    The concept of property and property management
    Real estate is an important economic resource of modern society and an important part of social wealth. With the development of the real estate industry In front of developers and owners, effective management and operation of this part of economic resources are a realistic issue that cannot be avoided. Internationally connected property management has been running for more than a century, and China's property management services have only appeared after reform and opening up and implementing the socialist market economy. Property management is a emerging industry that flourish in China and is a new thing that is developing. Based on the successful experience of many property management companies, discussing and excavating the theory of property management is a very meaningful job for the formation of scientific and reasonable property management theories and methods with Chinese characteristics.
    The owner's autonomy organization: Owners and owners' conferences
    . The owner
    The in accordance with the "Property Management Regulations", the owner of the house is the owner. Generally, it refers to real estate development enterprises and buyers with property ownership and natural persons who have lived together with buyers for a long time.
    The owner is the owner of the houses and related facilities and equipment in the property management area, the owner of the property, and the main body of the property management right. The owner has the right to directly participate in property management activities in the property management area, that is, the owner's autonomous self -discipline management.
    . The owner's meeting
    The owner's meeting is an autonomous self -discipline organization that represents the legitimate rights and interests of all owners in the property management area in the property management area.
    The owners in the property management area formed the owners' meeting. The owner's meeting shall represent and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all owners in the property management area in the property management area.
    The establishment of a property management area. The division of the property management area shall consider factors such as common facilities and equipment, building scale, and community construction of the property. The owners in the same property management area shall set up an owners' meeting under the guidance of the real estate administrative department of the district and county people's government in the area where the property is located, and election to generate the owner committee. However, only one owner, or the number of owners is small and unanimously agreed by all owners to decide not to establish the owner's conference, the owner shall jointly perform the responsibilities of the owners' conference and the owner committee.
    The first steps established by property management enterprises
    The property management enterprises are institutional construction. This is the prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation, undertaking and completing various businesses of property management enterprises. It is also an important basic work. Property management enterprises shall be established in accordance with the law and must be reviewed by the relevant departments. In addition to considering the company's business volume and business complexity, it is more important to reflect the principle of hard work and efficient work, so as to make the enterprise full of vitality and competitiveness.
    The "Measures for Qualification Management of Property Management Enterprises" issued by the Ministry of Construction on May 1, 2004 stipulated that the qualification level of property management enterprises was divided into one, two, and three. The conditions for management enterprises of all qualifications are different.
    Plime work of property management
    The early intervention of property management refers to the relevant personnel of the developer invited to engage in the property management of the development of the project, and participate in the feasibility study, property planning, design, construction, etc. of the property Discuss and put forward suggestions at the stage of proposal, from the perspective of property management and operation, put forward the constructive opinions of planning, design, equipment selection, construction supervision, engineering completion, acceptance of acceptance, house sales, housing leasing, etc. Property management plans laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of future property management.
    . Property planning
    During the planning and design stage of the property, the architectural designer considers a lot of functional design and has less consideration for property management. Therefore, property management personnel want to play their due role in the early stage of the property management, and must have the basic knowledge of property planning.
    The property planning mainly refers to the planning of the residential area. The residential area is an organizational part of the city. The planning of the residential area is a comprehensive construction plan that meets the requirements of residents' living, work, rest, cultural education, living services, and transportation. The planning of the residential area is generally formulated by real estate developers. Its task is to reasonably create a comfortable, clean, peaceful and beautiful environment for residents' economy to meet the needs of common matter and cultural life.
    The stationary stage of property management
    The takeover acceptance is different from completion acceptance. The acceptance acceptance is a housing management department, property management enterprise, construction unit itself, and individuals' takeover acceptance of property.
    The reception and acceptance of property management enterprises refers to the re -inspection of the main content of the new house or the original house or the original house of the new house or the original house that takes over the property rights units, construction units or individuals. It is an indispensable link in the process of property management.
    The daily operation of property management services
    House maintenance and repair management
    House repair management refers to the property management enterprise in accordance with certain scientific management procedures and systems and certain maintenance technical management requirements. Managed real estate for daily maintenance, repair and technical management. In order to ensure the normal use of the house and extend its service life, maintenance must be performed frequently. The quality of property management depends largely depends on the results of house maintenance management, and it has a direct impact on the reputation of property management enterprises.
    The principles of house maintenance management
    . The principle of "reasonable, safe and practical"
    The house maintenance management must adhere to the principle of "reasonable, safe and practical". Economic reasonable is to strengthen the cost management, maintenance funds and maintenance quota management of maintenance engineering, reasonably use manpower, material and financial resources, and try to spend less money to repair more houses; Through house maintenance and management, residents should be safe; starting from the actual situation, renovation according to local conditions and reducing house conditions to meet the needs of users in the function and quality of the house, and give full play to the effectiveness of the house.
    . The principle of "distinguish"
    The can be roughly divided into two categories: new houses and old houses according to the years of house building. For new houses, maintenance management is mainly to do a good job of daily maintenance of houses. Keep the original appearance and use function. For comprehensive conditions such as the historical age, structure, residential use standards, environment, and characteristics of the region of the old houses, the old houses should be comprehensively planned for the overall urban overall planning, and different maintenance and transformation plans are adopted.
    3. The "service" principle
    The house maintenance management must safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the residents, and effectively serve the residents; establish a good and scientific housing maintenance management service system. House maintenance managers should truly establish the ideas of service for residents, improve service attitudes, improve service quality, and conscientiously solve the problem of house repair of residents. This is the basic principle of house maintenance management.
    The property rental operation
    With the emergence of professional property management enterprises, the competition in the property management market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the traditional property management model has gradually lost its competitiveness due to the single management service content. To this end, it is mainly based on professional property management services, implements diversified operations, organically combines property management services with property leasing, and realizes interaction in management as management, management promotion management, and the foundation of improving the level of property management services. In the end, increase operating income and add new highlights to the operation of property management enterprises.
    The property leasing is a form of business to transfer the property (house) to obtain economic income to obtain economic income, and the lessee pays the corresponding rent to the property owner to obtain the property rights of the property. In terms of characteristics, the leasing of the property is divided into two forms, namely general leasing (or traditional simple leasing) and lease of leases.
    The general lease of the property is the owner of the property based on the measured or determined rent standard and the area of ​​the lease. Lian lease home ownership is the evolution of general leasing. It is a type of property operations created by Hong Kong in the early 1990s. It has the dual properties of financing and home industry. The risks have shortened the construction cycle; the lessee can get great discounts and can carry out secondary development, transfer and operation. While renting. The lessee can have some investment nature. The basic approach is: when the developer encounters insufficient funds in the construction of a property, he invites the lessee and requires them to inject some funds in advance as a prepaid rent (usually 1/2 one L / 6 of the total investment). Several years after the project is completed (usually 15 to 20 years), the project is rented to or partially rented to the lessee at a rental level of 1/2, or partially rented to the lessee, or at a low price (the conventional price L / 2 ~ 1/4) Sell the project to or partially sold the project to the lease home owner, and then the lessee or lease buyers decorate, develop and transfer the project, the lessee or lease buyer will get more economic benefits Essence
    The case management
    The establishment of property management files is to meet the needs of the daily management service activities of property management enterprises. That is, the scientific methods are used in the process of property management, and the relevant information of the property owners and users will be organized and archived in order to better serve the owners and users. The daily management service activities of property management enterprises run through the entire process of preliminary management, acceptance and acceptance and daily management of property projects. From beginning to end, corresponding management files should be established to make archives management truly services.
    The property management files are property management enterprises as a whole unit. The original records and processes records in property management services form files and materials. In accordance with certain requirements, they collect, sort out, keep and use files in accordance with certain requirements. Archives are direct historical records. It has the characteristics of primitive and recorded, and has an important role and value that cannot be replaced by other materials.
    Te financial management
    If financial management is an important part of property management. The operation of modern enterprises. It is inseparable from various expenses. Only through various ways to make a reasonable, timely and in time to raise the required funds and operate benign. In order to ensure the company's career development. Through reasonable financial arrangements, to maximize the profit of profit is the requirements of the economic subject of property management enterprises. To this end, the cost control and economic accounting of property management enterprises should be strengthened, and the system and improvement methods should be improved. Organize the implementation of organizations and personnel, often analyze and check various indicators, achieve refined management, benefit from management, and comprehensively improve the profitability and development capabilities of property companies.
    Funding refers to the establishment of a property management enterprise and meeting the needs of the company's operations. Through various forms and channels, the use of internal funds and external borrowing funds are concentrated. Under the conditions of the market economy, the raising of external funds can only be carried out through a sound financial market, and the borrowing funds must be paid. These are directly offset the operating income of property management enterprises. The form, elements, and raising plans of funds raising funds to raise funds with sufficient number and low cost for property management enterprises' business development are the primary issues of financial management.
    The problem of research on funds, the first thing that must be solved is the purpose of raising funds. There are two main purpose of fundraising: one is to raise the required capital and long -term funds for the establishment of a property management enterprise or expand the size of the company; the other is to raise short -term funds for the insufficiency of funds in the management process. There are many ways to raise funds. Different fundraising methods mean different capital costs for property management companies. In addition, the restrictions and difficulty in operation of different fundraising methods are also different. Property management enterprises should make calculations and choose carefully.

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