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  1. At present, the replacement rate of endowment insurance is about 60%to 70%. If there is a professional annuity, it can also increase a among about 20%. So, if you want your own pension to reach the standard of about 7k yuan, I think the following points should be achieved:

    In young, strive to work in state -owned enterprises or central enterprises. Barison, the five insurances and one fund will be bought within three or five years. The annual payment situation is that the company pays half of the each with you, and the ultimate benefit is yourself. There are also some certificates, (such as fire engineers, first -level builders, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower) and so on. These certificates were admitted when they were young, all of which were summarized in personal files. When they were young, they contributed to the country in all aspects. If they were rated as "Expert Honor Certificate", these are more conducive to getting more money for the elderly. So when you are young, you have to fight well!

    has a 2 million, pays the interest per year at an annual interest rate of 7,000 yuan at an annual interest rate of 4.2%per year.

    In a joke. However, it actually shows that we have a pension of 7,000 yuan per month, which is equivalent to 2 million funds. I believe that in real life, there are very few people who can save enough 2 million.

    The few people can receive 7,000 yuan per month. In 2018, there were only 11.798 million retirees across the country, while the cumulative expenditure of endowment insurance funds was 446.45 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 3153 yuan for per capita pension insurance funds. If you deduct additional expenditures such as funeral expenses and pensions, almost per capita pension benefits are about 3,000 yuan. 7,000 yuan per month is equivalent to twice the per capita pension benefits, and 10%of people can reach this level. The average pension for retirees in Beijing companies is only 4157 yuan.

    The people who can reach such a pension -level treatment level are mainly some retirees with higher retirement levels and people with high -level and high bases and paid by some state -owned enterprises.

    In the pension of corporate retirees to get this level? Theoretically, it is possible.

    For example, if 35 years of working age, the calculation period of transitional pension can reach 10 years, and the actual payment period will be paid at a base of 300%at 25 years.

    If in the formula for the pension in Shandong Province, the basic pension can receive 70%of the retirement previous year's average social salary, and the transitional pension can receive a 26%retirement previous year's average social salary. Two additions are 96%of social wages, and with a personal account pension of about 2,000 yuan, it is possible to get 7,000 yuan.

    In fact, our pension benefits are limited by the payment base, and there are also the highest amount. Pension insurance is one of the basic social security. It will not allow too high pensions to exist, otherwise there will be operating risks.

    For the elderly, you still need to prepare your hands on the one hand to pay pension insurance, and on the other hand, you must prepare for the elderly savings or elderly investment. In this way, we can truly ensure that retirement is worry -free.

    In the relevant state data, as of 2017, the average monthly pension expenditure of our country is only 2874 yuan, which also includes some subsidies, such as price subsidies, pensions, etc. After retirement, the level of pension pensions cannot reach 3,000 yuan, let alone 7,000 yuan.

    of course, there are still a small number of people's pensions that can reach 7,000 yuan, and these people are mainly concentrated in large cities in my country. For example, Beijing and Shanghai, as the most developed cities in my country, the average pension level of these two places can exceed 4,000 yuan, mainly because their employees have a high average salary level and more pension payment. There are more gold collar.

    mades, that is, the level of pensions of institutions and enterprises and state -owned enterprises will be higher. In the past, agencies and institutions not only did not need to pay pension insurance, but also benefited from the different pension computing methods, so the level of pensions after retirement will be higher.

    . Even after the reform of the endowment insurance, because the institutions and institutions have occupational annuities, and many state -owned enterprises have corporate annuity, so even if the salary level is quite private enterprise personnel, the pension after retirement is not as good as them. of.

    of course, if you can enter Alibaba, Tencent or some Internet companies, hold hundreds of thousands or even millions of annual salary, and keep it until retirement, then as long as the company pays social security in a normal proportion, retirement retirement and retirement In the future, the pension is more than 7,000 yuan.

    In my opinion, the pension insurance deposit after retirement reaches more than 7,000 yuan, which is not a dream at all, it is easy to achieve. What about everyone? The situation is different. You don't need to check any files, and you don't need to calculate hard. There is a word of rest: "Fools look at the next door of the New Year." As long as we understand the situation around and grasp our own situation accurately. You can know, can retirement endowment insurance get 7,000 yuan? What can I do now to get 7,000 yuan?

    It according to the current social pension insurance system, there are several such articles, we can test itself.

    is your age? If you are only twenty or thirty years old and the retirement time is still early, then there is no problem at all. The rapid development of society is something we can't imagine. After 20 years, it is possible to make 100,000 yuan a month. Say an example. A college graduate, the salary was 56 yuan. He was envious of his chief, and he had 100 yuan per month. He said that I can get 100 yuan for retirement. Now he has retired, and the endowment insurance is 9,000 yuan.

    It is to look at the industry and the enterprises you are in. In our country, the difference between industry and enterprises is very large. The same age, the same retirement time, is that there are huge differences because of the different industries and different enterprises. The specific industries will not say. For example, a few people transferred to their jobs at the same time. Some of the factories with bad benefits, the pension is only three or four thousand yuan. Some have reached a better unit, and the pension reaches seven or eight thousand yuan. In fact, their positions and work skills are similar. It is because the unit is different.

    It is to depend on the position or position you hold. It is in the same unit, the position is different, and the post is different. The retired endowment insurance is also very different. Employers will give people who are leading positions, those in the core position, and more excellent treatment. Their salary is high, and the endowment insurance is naturally high. And those who are in ordinary positions and the edge position are much worse. Imagine. Can the leaders of a unit enjoy the same treatment as ordinary people? Obviously not.

    This is based on it. For a working class, the pension treatment when retirement is high. It is necessary to do this: First, there must be a good industry and enterprise. In this way, the salary income is high, and the pension insurance is also stable. The second is to strive for good positions and positions to become the core of the unit. The third is to have a good mentality. If your pension insurance is not high enough, you can also take a look. Is there a lower than you? So it was relieved. Ha ha! While you are still young. There is still a chance to take advantage of yourself. Work hard! study hard, improve every day.

    I said right? Please enlighten me.

    It about 7,000 pensions after retirement is not difficult.

    The cause of fruit must cause cause. Retirement of life is the last and most important stations of life. How does the nature of this station work? The key to the year is how to grasp your youth.

    . If a person has a high ambition during his youth, he is strong and self -motivated, strives to study hard, and is admitted to a brand -name university, and even reads the master. solid foundation.

    When you have a certain market competitiveness, you can apply for the national officials, units, teachers and other national public officials who must enter the country. There should be no problem with pensions.

    is also the school recruitment of large enterprises. From the current policy, relatively speaking, the pension of the enterprise is not very high, but the starting salary of professional and technical personnel in famous enterprises is high. , Lenciper than a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan. Over time, as long as there is true talent, the annual salary is hundreds of thousands or even millions, which is also very possible.

    has another way, that is, according to your own conditions, you start your own business. Of course, the risk is greater, but once you succeed, you do n’t have to consider your own pension.

    In this era full of professional competition, everything speaks with strength, and what kind of annual life a person has, is all on the way of life on the road of life.

    On how to do it to achieve about 7000 after retirement?

    On how to do it to achieve about 7000 after retirement? This problem is very interesting, because there are many assumptions in this, for example, you can analyze and judge from the perspective of the occupation. Civil servants, institutions and institutions have officially compiled staff, teachers, professors, doctors and other high -education and high vocational titles. It is not a difficult thing to reaching a pension after retirement of 7,000 yuan, even if it is more than 10,000 yuan, it is not unusual, because their formula for calculating the pension is completely different from the enterprise.

    . Although starting from October 1, 2014, civil servants, institutions and institutions, etc. have also begun to pay social insurance premiums, however, the huge differences in their pensions will last for 2030 , Or even longer. If you are a civil servant or an institutional unit, you will get a pension of 7,000 yuan after retirement.

    but a minority who can be a civil servant or a person who works in institutions and institutions. Most people are still working in the enterprise. If you are managed by state -owned enterprises or even the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, then you get a pension of 7,000 yuan after retirement. It is much higher than ordinary enterprises. Some companies and corporate annuity are high. Their elderly treatment is high.

    It if you are not working in state -owned enterprises and central enterprises, but in the most common private enterprise, then it is not easy to get a pension of 7,000 yuan after retirement. If you are a flexible employee, the difficulty will go, and this is the case now, and that's the case in the future.

    The factors that determine the height of pensions are mainly concentrated in the following aspects: First, the size of the salary base of social insurance, the larger the base, the more pensions obtained; The length of the insurance payment is paid, the longer the payment time, and the more pensions you get; the third is that the average social salary of your area, the higher the average social salary of the society, the higher the pension you get.

    The average pension for retirees in Beijing in 2019 is 4157 yuan per month. This level is not the highest in the country but also belongs to the top. At present, the pensions of the personnel at the government and institutions of Beijing can reach 7,000 yuan per month. You and even higher. The pension of corporate retirees is basically between 3800 yuan and 4,800 yuan, which is less than 5,500 yuan.

    The average pension standard for retirees in Beijing enterprises in 2010 was 2032 yuan per month. In 2019, the average pension standard for retirees in Beijing enterprises was 4157 yuan per month, up 104.6%, that is, Beijing The average pension standard for corporate retirees rose 104.6%in 10 years. The average amount of pensions raised by Beijing enterprises each year is about 220 yuan.

    The treatment of 7,000 yuan per month, and will not be behind in Beijing within at least 10 years. The retirees of Beijing enterprises are expected to reach 7,000 yuan per month after 11 years. (Zhou Fengchi)

    Thank you Yao Jing, and thank the landlord for his questions.

    The landlord, the treatment of the pension after retirement is actually based on the basic pension insurance we usually participate in, the average payment index and the average social salary of society are determined. Of course Most of the employees' initial pensions will not exceed 5,000 yuan, and even a large part of the groups will not exceed 4,000 yuan, so the level of pension treatment is relatively low.

    If the treatment of this retirement pension reaches 7,000 yuan, then basically individuals sold from the enterprise unit cannot reach such a level, unless you are an institution and institution Cadres who retire, then it can reach a level of more than 7,000 yuan. This is possible, but because most retirees retire from the enterprise unit, so the actual income level of most people is to reach No 7,000 yuan.

    . So it is not to say that it will never reach the flagship store. In fact, we still have some other ways, such as buying some commercial pension insurance, then if you buy commercial pension insurance You can add an additional part of income on the basis of your social maintenance prince, then you can also get two or three thousand yuan. In addition, your own social maintenance benefits can be said that the addition of the two should be close to The level of 7000 yuan, so this is a better way and method.

    Thank you for reading, please add my attention.

    It now the pension level of retired business personnel (note that it is not "salary after retirement". Salary is labor remuneration, and employers are paid by employers. Pensions are social insurance benefits. Payment), 7,000 yuan a month is a relatively high level. There are also higher employers such as airlines and other industries. Summarizing retirees with high pension benefits, work, insurance participation, etc. There are some characteristics:

    First, it is generally worked in monopoly industry enterprises. Such as civil aviation, finance, telecommunications, electricity, etc.

    The second. The employers where these retirees are located, participating in the pension insurance system reform in 1993 or before. I joined the work early and had a long depending on the payment time. After participating in endowment insurance, the payment is not interrupted, and the actual payment time is long. Total to pay the same payment time and actual payment time, basically about 40 years.

    third, the paid salary over the years is high. Such personnel participated in early working hours. After the reform of the endowment insurance system, they basically worked in the posts of middle -level cadres and leading cadres. Most of the time for paying wages were near or on the cap line or on the cap. Even if the working time in leadership positions is short, most of the wages of the industry and the work of the work are on the ceiling line, such as pilots.

    . Fourth, the social salary is high when retired. Such pensions are basically treated with high -treatment retirees for nearly three or four years.

    The people who have not participated in the insurance time or those who have just participated in work workers and freelances, if they want to retire more than most retirees' pensions, from the four characteristics summarized above, In the case where the national pension planning policy remains unchanged, we should strive to achieve the following aspects:

    First, enter the high -income industry and employers to work. High income, high payment salary.

    Secondly, enter the employer of employers who are managed in accordance with the law and compliance. Only such employers can participate in insurance payment according to law, including insurance participation periods, paying paid wages, and paying on time on time in accordance with personal wages.

    Third, work hard to learn and work, and to get the basis for obtaining high income wages. Study hard, graduate at a high -degree of high -degree universities, and choose to work to work in high -income employers. Efforts, improve management levels, achieve high -level skills, and be continuously promoted to high -income jobs.

    Fourth, continuous payment time. Try to jump as little as possible, or pay non -stop payment during job -jumping.

    Fourth, reaches retirement at the legal retirement age. Don't retire early, such as retirement and retirement in advance.

    For freelancers, you can only choose the maximum payment base to pay, and the payment is not interrupted.

    During the college entrance examination, you must have enough IQ to admit to a prestigious university. After graduating from a master's degree, you must have a strong knowledge reserves when you are studying. After graduation, the strength is accepted by high -paying positions. Payment of five insurances and one fund for more than 40 years, you can achieve more than 7,000 pensions. If you have enough IQ to be a successful boss and experts, it will be more than this number. If you have a low IQ and you can only do simple labor, don't think about it. Pension is not a benefit. It is a reserve for social contributions when on -the -job. It is essentially to save you for you when you work. You can accumulate less when you work. After retirement, it is still allocated according to labor, don't look forward to obtaining it.

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