E -commerce cancels the order violated the E -commerce Law. The 17 platforms are named and will it affect the industry?

5 thoughts on “E -commerce cancels the order violated the E -commerce Law. The 17 platforms are named and will it affect the industry?”

  1. With the continuous development of e -commerce platforms, in order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, relevant departments have specially formulated e -commerce laws. In addition, relevant departments will regularly investigate different e -commerce platforms to ensure that relevant policies and plans formulated by major e -commerce platforms are conducive to consumers' purchase.
    However, the official announcement has officially announced that it is prone to unilateral cancellation of orders because of unreasonable regulations. The 17 platforms have been named, which has a very serious impact on the entire industry. The first impact is that major platforms must not cancel orders for unreasonable reasons, and the second impact is that 17 platforms must do well in internal supervision.

    The first impact: Most major platforms must not cancel the order of orders for unreasonable reasons. The actual order is consistent with each other, and there is no phenomenon that orders are possessing. Except that some people do not pay on time during the live broadcast, which leads to the occupation of orders, some platforms still have similar installations to merchants. This not only harms consumer purchase rights, but also reduces part of the losses on the platform and merchants. Although platforms and businesses can reduce losses, consumers have not purchased products that are appropriate. This behavior has violated the e -commerce law. After the 17 platforms were named, the behavior of unreasonable reasons for unreasonable reasons will be greatly reduced.
    The second impact: In fact, a reasonable regulatory agency is established within the e -commerce platform. Order transaction volume. However, some platforms do not formulate very detailed punishment plans, and some unreasonable merchants can still sell goods outside. Major platforms should eat a long and one wisdom. Since consumers have chosen to download and use the platform's APP, the official staff of the platform should improve the platform's experience. A relatively effective regulatory agency should be established within the e -commerce platform to ensure that the e -commerce platform will not touch e -commerce law.
    In general, the e -commerce law can ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the platform and consumers, but the major platforms should not cancel consumers' orders for unreasonable and unreasonable reasons. What's more, when consumers are fully capable of buying a certain product, the platform suddenly cancels consumer orders, but it will increase consumers' ruthless consumption experience. Consumers will also safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through reasonable methods, thereby protecting the rapid development of the e -commerce industry.

  2. The discipline within the industry will be rectified, and some chaos will be curbed. The entire industry will be clear and develop in a benign direction, which will be more standardized.

  3. This method makes consumers feel that their rights and interests have not received their protection, and many times they will face legal things.

  4. These 17 e -commerce platforms are named, which can effectively standardize the operation of the e -commerce platform and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. So that e -commerce can run better.

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