I am managing a fitness club. I feel that the problem of membership retaining is tricky. Is there a great guidance?

4 thoughts on “I am managing a fitness club. I feel that the problem of membership retaining is tricky. Is there a great guidance?”

  1. Going to the gym is nothing more than to ignite fat and shaping. When conducting membership management, you must understand the physical fitness and body changes before and after membership fitness, and then formulate a exercise plan to help them achieve the fitness effect, otherwise the members will slowly lose. The management system of the three -body Yunyong Fitness Club is supported by big data technology, which can collect and store membership of the gym for fitness. You can remind members' fitness or carry out membership activities in time. The goodness of the gym.

  2. This full screen is voluntary. In addition, some cities in mainland China have long returned social security cards to linked funds every month to local gym (this is the policy issue of local government departments, and it has not been widespread so far). And the polarization of income is still very common, and the local price index is uncertain.

  3. ① Form a circle of communication to strengthen offline connection with members. Establish a WeChat group, QQ group, send benefits, daily online guidance.
    ② to recruit more women, women's sense of weight loss is the heaviest, and it is better to flicker.
    ③ Diversity development, try to carry out aerobic exercise, strength training, dance and other training through equipment and outdoor sports.
    ④ add a reward mechanism to encourage active fitness.

  4. Regarding the problem of retention of gym members, individuals give the following suggestions, I hope to get you:
    Step 1: What do you need to know what indicators of members are retained
    For specific measurement indicators, you will not be able to test its effectiveness.
    So before we formulate retained strategies, it is important to know exactly what is loss and retention.
    In short, the loss is that members leave from the gym. It is highly likely that from the beginning of the members entering the gym, 50 % of them will withdraw within 6 to 12 months in the first 6 to 12 months.
    All service industries will encounter membership loss, and reduction of loss is the ultimate goal of our formulation of membership strategies.
    Step 2: Knowing why members are lost
    Mou members may be lost for some reason, but usually these reasons can be controlled by you.
    The author has many gym friends. After talking to our friends, I found that there are three main reasons for the loss of members:
    The is not attractive: the gym has no attractiveness to members, gym hardware facilities and The services must be in place. If the gym cannot attract members to the gym, let's not have to talk about it.
    has no motivation: whether there is motivation is the decisive factor in doing one thing, especially for fitness. If members begin to lose their convictions of regular sweating, they will naturally re -consider whether to buy fitness cards.
    has no money: no money is also a key factor. If membership funds are limited and do not often come to the gym to fitness, this usually means that the fitness club annual card member will be passed first.
    3: Find the cause of the loss, solve the problem
    I have collected and organized a series of effective methods to solve the loss of membership, as follows:
    The prompt # 1 -New members entering the ceremony
    The admission ceremony for the newly entered member, you can bring members to the gym to turn around, do the introduction of the equipment use, or give a certain experience course.
    In short, you have to make members feel your attention to him, so that members will enter the gym for the first time to have a sense of ritual, so they will have a deep first impression on the gym.
    If you let the members enter the gym for the first time, they feel that they will feel more likely to stay in the gym for a long time.
    Tips # 2 -The circle of friends in the establishment of the gym
    creating a new friend relationship is one of the main purpose of many members to join the gym. You must know that many people are willing to be with friends and friends with friends. Their fitness motivation will also increase.
    don't think people are just exercising here. The environment of the gym contains strong social factors. You want your members to develop the habit of regular fitness and use the gym circle of friends.
    Tips # 3 -Task Challenge Incentive
    Moving challenges to gym members is a perfect way to promote communication and communication with your members.
    The task of challenges can be diverse, which can be 10 kilometers running this time, five pounds of fitness for this month, etc. As mentioned earlier, when members have difficulty funds, because the cost of fitness is too high, or the contract itself is not very long, the members of the gym are often the first to be passed.
    ... When the cost of Latin is five times that of existing customers, you may need to maintain your existing fitness members! To improve the retention rate of gym members, you need to continue to pay, but in the long run, it is worth it.
    It the above, I hope to help you, more questions about gym operation and management, please consult the official website of the "Jiankang Sports" fitness administrative website ~

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