3 thoughts on “I am from Xuedaoqiao. I want to transfer to the industry now! Intersection Intersection”

  1. You are the same as my major. At first, my choice was to give up his majors and went to Dongguan, Guangdong after graduation. He started to exercise yourself from his business. Try to be a white -collar worker. Although there are many unsatisfactory and bitterness, the life in the city is me. What I yearn for, so I don't feel tired.
    It, Daoqiao is still very developed. My previous internship was the 13th Bureau of China Railway in Tianjin. It was well -treated in all aspects. It was too wandering. Marriage is also after the age of 35, but the Daoqiao industry is very profitable. These two points are contradictory. It depends on whether you want love or money.
    I tried to tell me that choosing Daoqiao is a correct path, because there will be a happy family with an economic foundation, but things that everyone values ​​is different. You can consider it yourself.

  2. I am studying architecture, and now I feel difficult to get started. Essence Essence Essence
    Why do you want to get married when you graduate?
    The no students have everything as soon as they graduate. Graduation is the real beginning of life. Wealth and experience are accumulated. Do n’t be too anxious for your heart, but your desire is not fast. I think Luqiao is a good industry, with development potential. Of course, it depends on individuals and jobs. A good start to achieve a good future. After all, if it is a grass -roots construction, development is limited.
    We we can't choose for you, we can only help you analyze, and in the end you will make your own master.

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