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  1. Mavericks online is true. Mavericks online, like Moonlight Treasure Box, belong to the P2P platform. The main business is P2P wealth management and P2P borrowing. The main difference is that interest rates and risk control technology and so on.
    The advantages of network loans:
    The annual compound returns are high. The annual interest rate of ordinary bank deposits is only 3%. Wealth management products and trust investment are generally less than 10%. Compared with the annual interest rate of more than 20%of online loan products, it is impossible to compare.
    The operation is simple. All processes such as online loan certification, bookkeeping, liquidation, and delivery are completed through the network. Both the borrowing parties can achieve borrowing purposes without lending, and the general amount is not high and unsecured. It is very convenient for both borrowing.
    In pioneering thinking. Online loans have promoted the interaction between industry and finance, and also changed the observation of the loan company's observation, thinking context, credit culture and development strategy, and broke the original loan situation.
    The disadvantages of network loans:
    In unsecured, high interest rates, high risk. Compared with traditional loan methods, online loans are completely unsecured. In addition, the central bank has repeatedly clarified that the annual compound interest rate exceeds 4 times that of the bank interest rate is not protected by law. It also increases the high risk of online loans (usually 7 times or even higher of bank interest rates).
    Credit risk. The online loan platform has a small capital and cannot bear a large amount of guarantees. Once a large loan problem occurs, it is difficult to solve it. Moreover, some borrowers are also loan for the purpose of fraud, and some of the purpose of the loan platform founders are not simple, and the cases of escaping have occurred repeatedly.
    lack of effective regulatory means. As online loans are a new type of financing, the Central Bank and the CBRC have no clear legal and regulations to guide online loans. Regarding online loans, the regulatory level is mainly a neutral attitude. However, with the prevalence of online loans, it is believed that relevant measures will be formulated and implemented in time.

  2. Mavericks have finally filed the case online. This is the news that many investors have been looking forward to. Since the investor has already filed the case, there is no other choice to wait for the final refund of the investigation. Let's analyze the Mavericks Online.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAsk what kind of redemption of the Mavericks onlinenAnswer on July 28, Mavericks disclosed the latest progress of the current work online. At present, the bank card reporting and confirmation phase of the bank card is currently under redemption. At the same time, the connection of the central bank's credit reporting has also made new progress. In the progress of the redemption work, the Mavericks said online that the payment plan has been passed. According to the payment plan, the first phase of the payment work will start within 5 working days after passing the plan (before 24:00 on July 31). It is 50 million yuan. Mavericks mentioned online that during the redemption period, if the borrower failed to provide account information or does not provide accurate and complete account information before 18:00 on July 28, the platform will retain the right to pay, and the lender is reported to fill in or confirmed more correctly. After completion, the next time you pay the redemption. In other words, investors who do not have the right of rights do not participate in the redemption, so if you want to participate in the subsequent payment, you must first confirm the right. In the collection of collections, the platform has publicized a total of 10 batch of people who have been lost, involving 5,737 people who have dishonesty, and submitted all the lists of people who have dishonest personnel to the Shenzhen Internet Finance Association. At the same time, the Mavericks said online that they are also actively preparing for the promotion of the central bank's credit access work. Once the docking is completed, all the borrower information will be reported to the central bank's credit. currentnAt present, the latest progress of credit reporting has made the latest progress. Subsequent Mavericks will combine multiple methods such as telephone collection, judicial collection, dishonest reporting, and docking the central bank credit reporting to make greater efforts to collect overdue borrowers.nAsk questions?nThen there is no redemption now, right?n回nAsk questions to buy a rebate is deceiving, right?nAlmost believe itn回nThank you questionsnMore 8nBleak

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