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  1. Buying characteristics: Fragmentation of fragments. Customers living in the community are mostly convenient needs of multi -functional, all -weather, and fragmented. They are generally resolved in the community. If street stores can meet the upgrading of professional needs, the radius of community consumption will become shorter and shorter, and the possibility of spillover will gradually decrease. The segmentation of the purchase of the guest layer is obvious, which is manifested in the passage of the passenger group during the day. In the morning, the breakfast needs of the working crowd, and then the demand for home kitchen in the home for the elderly at home the leisure needs of children and children of left -behind elderly. It may be the leisure shopping needs of parents and children in the evening; on weekends and festivals The structure value demand for the whole customer base of the central commercial area: high cost performance, for all communities supermarkets, high -end is a relatively avoided positioning, even in high -end communities.
    The cost -effectiveness is the value understanding of the total of the whole customer group. The community customer group itself has a certain closure. The cost -effectiveness determines the biggest opportunity to lock consumption. High cost performance represents the high current and update of goods, unlimited prices close to factory prices, brand compliance with emotional demands, and cost advantages to consumers. Community culture refers to the concepts, customs, habits, entertainment, consumption, and consumption of concepts, customs, entertainment, and consumption in a certain area or regional community in a certain area. The main characteristics of community culture are: obvious regional boundaries. This is the most significant and basic feature of community culture. This regional boundary is generally divided according to the administrative division. There is no uniform quantity, only the relative size is divided. Multi -class participants. Participants of community culture, including living in this community, are not distinctive in the community, regardless of age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, cultural level, and living conditions, and have public characteristics. Wide social.

  2. The basic characteristics of the consumer market are as follows:
    1. Non -profitability. Consumers buy goods to obtain certain use value and solve their own consumption needs, rather than selling for profit.
    2. Non -professional. Consumers often lack professional commodity knowledge and market knowledge. Consumers are vulnerable to merchants, manufacturers, service attitudes and product quality when buying goods.
    3. Due to the different levels of consumer income and different social classes, consumer demand will show a certain level.
    4. Wide. The consumer market not only has a large number of buyers, but also has a wide distribution area. From domestic to foreign, from cities to rural areas. Consumers are everywhere.
    5. Replacement. Except for a small number of products that are not available in the consumer market, most products can find products and alternatives used for swap. Therefore, the consumer market has strong substitution.
    6. Popularity. Consumption demand is not only affected by the internal factors of consumers, but also affected by external factors such as fashion, environment, values. Therefore, the goods in the consumer market are popular.

  3. Within the community, most people consume various living materials for families to solve the needs of daily life such as eating, wearing, living, and use. Within the community, people have established a variety of interpersonal relationships through long -term joint life, and use these interpersonal relationships to interoperate with the same relationship, communicate feelings, and solve their difficulties and ideological problems together. In addition, the vast majority of residents, as a formal member of a community, enjoy the right to participate in community management, election people's representatives, and election community cadres within the community. In this sense, the community is also the basic place for people to participate in political life. The community as a basic place for people's lives determines that it must have the corresponding activity facilities. The community uses settlements as its own support or material carrier. Settlement; as an important concept of human geography and community research, the meaning of the meaning of the earliest German "SIEDELUNG" is the place of residence. Human beings seeking the ideal place of residence and various activities are the needs of their own survival and development.

  4. The cultural activities of all streets, factories, enterprises, stores, schools, troops, organs, etc., which are located in this community, have spanned their respective systems and constituted part of the community culture. At the same time, these units are interconnected, cooperated, and influenced each other, and they are widely social. Strong penetration and large coverage. Carrying out community cultural activities can give full play to the advantages of talent, facilities, funds, etc. in the community, and absorb people of different ages, different interests, and different occupations to participate. The penetration power and large coverage. As an important part of community culture, the increasingly important role of socialist psychiatry and material civilization construction is a very important role in the construction of socialist psychiatry and material civilization.

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