How is Hengyi Petrochemical recently? Hengyi Petrochemical Stock Bar Mobile Phone is the same? How many months of the 2021 months of Hengyi Petrochemical?

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  1. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment have released the "Fourteen Five -Year Plastic pollution control action plan, which can degrade the concept of plastic. Hengyi Petrochemical is also one of the concept stocks. What about this stock? Is there any stock? The value of investment, my sister immediately tells you the answer. Before the official talk about Hengyi Petrochemical, let's take a look at the list of leading stocks in the chemical synthetic material industry together. Chemical synthesis material industry leading stock column

    . From the perspective of the company

    The world's leading essence of pupa (PTA) and polyester fiber manufacturers. Hengyi Petrochemical's main business is the research and development, production and sales of various chemicals, oils and chemical fiber products. The company's main products include gasoline, refined pairing pta (PTA), polyester pre -trimed pelid (POY), polyester plus bouncing wires, etc. The company's products are widely used to meet the rigid demand of national people's livelihood.

    In understanding the basic situation of Hengyi Petrochemical, let's analyze the flash point of Hengyi Petrochemical.

    In highlights: The first phase of the Brunei project is refined and put into production. Opening the refining-chemical-chemical fiber industry chain, the company is currently promoting the construction of the second phase of Brunei Refining and Chemical. After the completion of the Brunei Phase II project, it will help the company to further reduce production costs, stabilize raw materials supply, optimize product structure and product structure and When strengthening the upstream production capacity basis, and exerting the role of integrated cooperative operations, the business structure is more complete. In addition to the basic geographical advantages in the center of ginseng oil demand market in Southeast Asia, the company is expected to increase profitability.

    In highlights: the global chemical fiber industry leader, refining-chemical-chemical fiber upstream and downstream balanced development.

    In Hengyi Petrochemical has always played a leading role in the global chemical fiber industry. With the production of Hainan Yisheng PTA project in 2015, Hengyi Petrochemical is now the largest PTA production enterprise in China; in 2017-2018 During the year, the company acquired manufacturers such as Longteng, Minghui and other manufacturers for polyester production, so that the company was on the list on the list of polyester scale giants. The first phase of Brunei Refining Project achieved the goal of fully completed and put into production in November 2019. At this moment The layout of Hengyi Petrochemical's entire industrial chain has been realized, and the plan for upstream and downstream balanced development has been completed. Due to the limited space, I want to learn more about the in -depth report and the knowledge of Hengyi Petrochemical, I put it in the research report below. , Suggestion collection!

    . From the perspective of the industry,

    In aspects of demand, the production of my country's and global textile industry will continue to rest and restore the rise Essence my country's textiles and clothing exports will continue to show a growth trend, and the domestic consumer market will continue to rise, and the chemical fiber industry is expected to develop rapidly in this context.

    Observing the new production capacity of the industry, we can know that this stage in 2021 is still the centralized investment period of polyester polyester production capacity chemical fiber industry. Whether the growth of effective digestive capacity needs to be inspected for a period of time. Among the leading enterprises of chemical fiber, many new capacity is gathered, which has further expanded the advantages of large -scale costs of leading enterprises.

    In the long run, "innovation, security, and environmental protection" will be the focus of the industry. In the field of environmental protection, my country specifically proposed that "carbon emissions reached the peak of 2030 before 2030. By 2060, striving to achieve carbon neutrality will accelerate the green transformation and upgrade of the chemical fiber industry.

    {{ In general, the competitive advantage of Hengyi Petrochemical -17} is obvious, and it can continue to develop and develop in the future. However, the article has a certain lag. If you want to know more accurately The commissioner gives you a diagnosis of the stock to see if there is a bias for the valuation of Hengyi Petrochemical: [Free] Is the measurement of Hengyi Petrochemical now undervalued or underestimated?

    The answer time: 2021-10-30, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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