1 thought on “What are the use of the test of safety management personnel in Hubei Province?”

  1. The role of the examination of security management personnel in Hubei Province is to obtain a certificate.
    2021 Hubei construction and security management personnel pointed out:
    The "safety management personnel" of construction enterprises engaged in housing construction and municipal infrastructure engineering construction activities in China, participated in the assessment of production safety, fulfilled production safety responsibilities And personnel who perform safety supervision and management.
    2021 Hubei building security management personnel category:
    The main person in charge of the enterprise refers to leaders who have decision -making rights for the production and operation activities of the enterprise and work safety.
    The person in charge of the project refers to the person who obtains the corresponding registration qualification, authorized by the legal representative of the enterprise, and is responsible for specific engineering project management.
    F full -time production safety management personnel refers to personnel who are engaged in safety production management in enterprises, including personnel of enterprise safety production management institutions and engineering projects who are engaged in safety production management.

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