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  1. "Integrity" is an efficient, reliable, and low -cost online trade service launched by Alibaba China website to engage in business activities or individuals. "Integrity" is currently divided into two service packages: "Integrity Enterprise Member" and "Integrity Personal Member". It is a good helper for SMEs to expand business. All members who join the "Integrity" need to be verified by third -party certification agencies to verify their authenticity. Alibaba advocates integrity to do business, and recommends the use of "Integrity" to carry out online trade. The "Integrity" service positioning "Integrity" proposes targeted solutions for the reality of business opportunities, funds, credit, and security, etc., which has always troubled the development of small and medium -sized enterprises. It is an online trade service tailored for SMEs for SMEs. So far, the most complete and perfect SME e -commerce solution in the field of e -commerce. "Integrity" won the Enterprise Award of E -Commerce Product Award "Internet Weekly" 2007 Best Enterprise Network Marketing Product Award "Sales and Market" "Integrity" 2007, "Internet Weekly", 85%of the customer satisfaction of "Integrity" of "Integrity" and 92%of sellers of 92%. Priority choice to do business with Members; 79 % of integrity members are willing to recommend colleagues and friends around them to use integrity; "Integrity" service introduction: find business and promote Your business is better-more orders: massive information provides: "Integrity" is based on the Alibaba website and has more than 37 industry categories of nearly 10 million kinds of products, with an average of more than 1 million pieces per day Release of the latest sale information; negotiate at any time: "Integrity Member" can check all online sales information and customer detailed contact information (free members have no right to check the buyer's information) at any time, and can negotiate business with customers at any time. "Integrity" allows you to do the two better business-when the "Integrity Tong" members publish the supply and demand information such as buying and selling, investment promotion on the Alibaba website , Get priority to obtain customer attention and give priority to transactions (the information released by the free membership is backward, it is difficult to be found by the buyer); when the "Integrity" member releases the sale information, the small hand with integrity certification (graphic) behind the information (graphic) Sign (free membership), so that customers trust and choose priority. "Integrity" allows your business to do better three --- to establish reputation: "Integrity" solves the problem of integrity of SME transactions that the most difficult to solve in the world, providing SMEs with a healthier and safe, safe, safe, safe, safe. Integrity e -commerce platform. "Integrity" members are unique to integrity certification: All "Integrity Members" have been verified by third -party certification agencies and displayed unique integrity certification signs on the Internet (handshake logo), which has a more credible corporate image. "Integrity" members' unique trading credit accumulation: the certification qualifications of "Integrity Member" and the accumulation of accounting index for accounting in each online transaction. Make customers more assured to choose and achieve transactions. "Integrity" allows you to do better business --- Private Wangpu: "Integrity" members enjoy their own online prosperous shops, and can display enterprises and product pictures unlimitedly. It is the best online platform for SMEs to show themselves. "Wangpu" is rooted in Alibaba's big market, and it is a huge passenger traffic in Alibaba. The main functions of Wangpu are: 365 days of luxury online exhibition independent top -level domain names; unlimited product uploading and storage space; various styles displayed at will. There are 20 1G corporate mailboxes online business assistants who do not get off work in 365 days; realize multi -person trade online; 365 days of uninterrupted senior business staff online Wangpu "has an analysis function, and can be used for people who entered the prosperous people. The ranking analysis provides the best business staff for the accurate selection of the target market and target customers.

  2. Integrity 2019 edition of Alibaba's e -commerce membership service since 2002, specially tailor -made Chinese domestic trade enterprises to build a leading global enterprise and build a platform for minor and medium -sized enterprises. What are the help after the service is opened and the successful case of Alibaba customers.

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