1 thought on “How to use WeChat to make money, how to use WeChat to make money”

  1. 1. Social commercialization and realization of socialization and commercialization should be one of the more popular ways to make money, including social e -commerce, commodity promotion, social game sharing and making money.

    . Knowledge sharing and monetization. Everyone is more common for example, such as writing through the WeChat public account. Now the public account is much lower than the previous threshold. If there are a lot of fans, they can also pick up some commercial advertising categories. Of course, this method requires a certain writing skills.

    3. Curriculum distribution monetization. If you have enough friends in your WeChat and the crowd quality is relatively high, you can also use the courses of some platforms to the circle of friends. I have a one. Friends once sent a circle of friends and made more than 3,000 distribution courses in a single distribution.

    . This monetization method is difficult to sustain for a long time. After all, everyone is basically disposable for curriculum consumption.

    4. Community operation monetization. Establishing a community is one of the best ways to explore and activate personal private domain traffic. The community is not the same as the WeChat group, and the establishment of WeChat group is very simple, and the building community is relatively needed to have some professional knowledge. The difficulty is not very large. The key is that it is necessary The operating community is actually a company that establishes an online blockchain. The members in the community and you have no legal relationship in principle, but you can also conduct related business cooperation between you. Members are connected based on common values ​​and goals, so you can cooperate to do a lot of things.

    5. Video live broadcast is realized. Recently, WeChat has been in the function of the video number in the internal test, including the Tencent live broadcast that has begun to be released a previous period. It will accelerate into the fast lane. With the rapid popularization of 5G, it is recommended that you can try the field of videos to make money as soon as possible.

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