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  1. Explanation is as follows
    What roads in Shenzhen can ride motorcycles?
    The "Notice of the Traffic Police of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau on the prohibition of motorcycles from driving on some roads" clarifies the prohibited area of ​​motorcycles, basically banned:
    1, Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Yantian , All roads in Longgang, Longhua, and Guangming District.
    2, Xin'an Street, Xixiang Street, Fuyong Street, Shajing Street, Shiyan Street, Songgang Street, Hangang Street, Yanluo Street, Fuhai Street, Xinqiao Street 107 At the junction, all roads outside the area outside the Xinqiao Interchange are prohibited.
    3, Pingshan Street, Malun Street, Biling Street, Shijing Street, Longtian Street, Hangzi Street, Pingshan Avenue (formerly Shenzhen -Shanshan Highway, from the east, the junction of Baishi Road, the junction of Baishi Road in the east Pass section) Driving in all roads outside the area.
    4, Dapeng Street in Dapeng New District (except Pingxi Road, Pengfei Road, Kwai Peng Road), Nan'ao Street (except Nanxi Road, Pingxi Road, Haibin Road, Tongfu Road), Kwai Chung Street (Except Pingkui Road, Pingxi Road, Kwai Peng Road, Yankui Road) All regional roads are prohibited from driving.

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