The third -generation semiconductor chip leader ranking

The third -generation semiconductor chip leader ranking

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  1. 1. San'an Optoelectronics: LED Optoelectronics Farm, which is also an integrated circuit. The main business covers the research and development, production and sales of super high brightness LED extension, chips, III-ⅴ ethnic compound semiconductor materials and other products. Its MinileD has achieved mass production and entered the Samsung supply chain. In terms of third -generation semiconductors, it has 300,000 tablets/annual arsenidiated and 60,000 tablets/annual nitride extension production line and the first six -inch compound in China Semiconductor wafer factories.
    2, Wen Tai Technology: The company will increase investment in the third -generation semiconductor field and vigorously develop nitride and silicon carbide technology.
    3, Yangjie Technology: Jiejie Microelectronics 300623.SZ: Company and the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Electronics University of Science and Technology developed semiconductor devices with SIC and GAN as the third -generation semiconductor material. It has high pressure resistance to high pressure resistance The advantages of high temperature resistance, high speed and efficiency can greatly reduce energy loss in the power transformation, greatly reduce and reduce the electronic electronic transformation device.
    4, Saiwei Electronics: The company is engaged in the third -generation semiconductor business, mainly refers to the growth and devices of GAN (nitride) materials. Continuously developing nitride device.
    5, Jutan Optoelectronics: The concept of the third -generation semiconductor is: Huatian Technology, Huadi Electronics, Dinglong Co., Ltd., Huafeng measurement and control, Walter gas, etc.
    The expansion information:
    1. The leading stock index is a stock that has an influence and appeal to other stock markets in the stock market in the stock market. The rising and downward guidance and demonstration role of stocks. Leading stocks are not static, and its status can only be maintained for a period of time. The basis for becoming a leading stock is that any information related to a stock will immediately be reflected in the stock price.
    2, the leading stocks must start from the daily limit board. The daily limit board is the most accurate attack signal of both and empty parties. It is impossible to make a leading stock. The leading stock must have a monopoly position in a fundamental aspect. Leading stocks should be moderate, and large market value stocks and small -cap stocks cannot act as leaders. Most of the market value of stocks in November is about 500 million. The leading stocks must meet the daily KDJ, Zhou KDJ, and Monthly KDJ at the same time.
    3, leading stocks usually fall at the end of the market. When the market is panicked, the market rises against the daily limit, see the bottom in advance, or start at the broader market, and undergo a round of decline in the market. Another example is Taiyuan Gangyu, a new leader that appeared on December 2, which is in line with the leading warfare method just said. One is from the daily limit, and the chips are stable. The second is the low price, which is 3.91 yuan. It is only 640 million, rising from the bottom, and it is only 1 billion to double the speculation, which means that less than 20 to 300 million private equity funds or money can be speculated. Fourth, the stock, weekly KDJ, and golden fork at the same time, indicating that the main force of the stock is prepared. Fifth, the stock was at the end of the market and the daily limit of the market. At this time, the market was still falling, but it did not affect the daily limit of the stock. Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the rising process of the faucet also shows that the decline is not terrible. The terrible thing is that the market has fallen and no faucet appears.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the top 10 domestic chip leading stocks. 1. Northern Huachuang: World -class semiconductor equipment after the main business of the army: electronic process equipment and electronic components 2. Sino -micro company: world -class semiconductor equipment rear reserve business business: Focus on integrated circuits , LED chip and other micro -device fields in the field of plasma carvings, deep silicon etching equipment, and MOCVD devices such as key equipment in the field of key devices such as key equipment such as deep silicon etching equipment and MOCVD equipment. 3. Great Laser: World Laser Equipment Leadership Business Business: R

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