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  1. The transaction refers to the share of the practice of the order of order
    4:00 pm, but the acceptance price has been determined at 4:00 pm. NAV.8 "Si must be selected"
    . It rushes over the end line than "after gambling." The late
    has a significant advantage because they decided to buy/sell
    . From the market information, after the deadline for obtaining, except
    The price effect on those aged aged. For example, in an unexpected positive or negative
    The announcement received by the company after the company's profitability
    The deadline for the transaction Can reflect information
    This will undoubtedly affect the assets the next day. The transaction is obviously
    22C-1 that violates the rules, which can only be by evil. Technically, it requires collusion
    The execution with a common fund company or its brokerage agency. But this
    is obviously difficult to get some hedge funds. The market timing involves short -term
    The fluctuations in their net asset value. As mentioned earlier, it is not illegal. However, if the fund
    is in his country and other written materials, and it hinders the timing of the market, then it must adhere to this policy to all investors, large and small. Let the market timer operation
    The same claims that they fight in a fund manual can be regarded as a responsibility of violating trust, its shareholders' funds. The main questions
    The complaints of Sipzztz are allowed investors and big
    In some cases, employees, when they are engaged in the fund market, they refuse to invest in other
    investment By.
    Unfortunately, the pale yellow activity (box) is just the corner of the 1750 iceberg, and the range
    This scandal and earthquake level becomes deeper than the original thinking
    (see Table 172). The investigation of the prosecutor found what described as "Si Bi Cho"
    The common fund industry damage with "unusual" behavior "very advanced fund industry
    long -term investors. In criminal investigations, several civil lawsuits, more
    are high -end firing criminal and civil charges and government forced shutdown for a few
    intermediaries of common funds.

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