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  1. The sales skills of newcomers selling wooden doors
    The sales skills for newcomers to sell wooden doors. As a newcomer enters a new field of wooden door sales, it is very important to adapt to work positions and transactions as soon as possible. However, it is useless to do things like wooden door sales, and it is necessary to master certain skills to do it. Let's take a look at the sales skills and related information of newcomers selling wooden doors.
    Sales skills for newcomers to sell wooden doors 1. Familiar with the content of the product is to achieve the basis of the transaction
    On excellent sales skills is not the "trick" of Huarihu whistle, but a happy expression based on the content of cooked product content Essence Obviously, if a salesperson knows nothing about his products or knows little, and he simply faces customers with the so -called "sales skills". As a result, the content of the product is difficult to answer or it is difficult to meet the needs of customers. Then, purely formal "sales skills" are like a waste paper, which is very useful.
    Obviously, excellent sales skills are first of all to product content, especially product characteristics, product selling points, product functions, product differences, etc., and form a concise and clear sales rhetoric to guide well to guide well. Customers buy, or "see the tricks" of the customer's questions to meet the real needs of the customer. Obviously, the sales personnel mature the content of the product to the heart, which is the basis for achieving sales transactions.
    2. The perfect release of the brand's essence allows consumers to satisfy
    Obviously, in addition to product quality, characteristics and selling points, customers are also very sophisticated. Unfortunately, its brand is currently not high in products sold by the products sold by a large number of wooden door dealers. In view of this reality, experts believe that the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons should not be afraid, because most customers are not non -luxury brands or brands that advertise on TV every day. The brand will buy it.
    Therefore, the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons should express their brand image, brand positioning, brand characteristics, and brand advantages even if they are a small detail, which is well manifested, that is, the essence of the brand is perfectly released, so that customers will feel that this will feel this The brand is trustworthy and selected. Well, sales transactions are not difficult.
    3. Reasonably "meet" the real needs of consumers
    The product sales process is a process of psychological and psychological mutual contest. Obviously, the majority of wooden door dealers and salesperson wants to achieve excellent sales performance, they must fully grasp the customer's psychology-through the observation of words, understand the customer's ideas, needs, hobbies, preferences, and purpose Knowing and paying attention to the product, and reasonably "meet" the real needs of customers. In this way, sales transactions have become water. Obviously, this requires the majority of dealers and salespersons to use long -term actual combat to use the state of freeness or reaching the pure fire.
    4. He is willing to communicate with consumers, just to say hello
    through the above three aspects of efforts, the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons will face customers for actual sales operations. Obviously, when customers enter the store and say hello, they are the first job to do. Then, how dealers and salesperson just greet them, so that customers are satisfied and communicate.
    instead of resentment? For this, wooden door dealers and salespersons can be when customers watch specific products, when customers touch the product, customers show the state of finding goods, when they meet the customer's sight, and talk to their companions, etc. Face -to -face greeting with customers and exchanges with pleasant exchanges will be welcomed by customers. At this point, the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons must keep in mind.

    5. Find the real needs of customers to achieve happy transactions
    Sales are an art that requires fine painting and carving of customers' consumer needs. Therefore, the majority of wooden door dealers should be able to practice with golden eyes, know how to observe words, and accurately find the real needs of customers. Obviously, only by accurately grasping the consumer needs of customers can we meet the real needs of customers and finally achieve happy transactions. So, how can the majority of dealers and salesperson find and grasp the real needs of customers?
    The main methods are three: first, carefully listening to the customer's needs or opinions, so as to know the real shopping needs; the other is to inquire about the needs of customers in a timely manner. The effect will also be very good; the third is to analyze customers' shopping motivation.
    For example, it is purchased because of factors such as price economy, economy, superiority, superior function, increased personal attractiveness, attractive attraction, convenient use, and economic practical factors. This requires the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons in the process of actual combat sales to continuously test, research and summarize in order to grasp the place and get better and better.
    6. Avoid inappropriate, wrong ways to avoid in communication
    Marthermore dealers and salespersons to introduce customers when introducing products to customers. In particular, avoid some inappropriate and wrong ways of speaking. Using affirmative answers and guiding and praise, the chance of product sales is very high. It can be seen that the use of affirmative, praise, guided, and loud product introduction will make customers buy happier and achieve sales transactions.
    7. Encourage experience products in a timely manner and increase customer buying desire
    . When the sales staff basically determines the customer's interest points and target products, it is necessary to encourage customers in a timely manner according to the actual situation of the product. Touch, experience products, increase customer. Buy desire. Obviously, let customers experience more, it is easier to satisfy customers, thereby greatly increasing the chance of sales. Therefore, the majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons should encourage customers to touch or experience products.
    8. You need to introduce some products that are matched in time
    It this is easy to do, because when the customer determines to buy a certain product, the sales staff can introduce some of the parts in time to introduce some allocations to some allocations in time Most customers will be happy to buy products. If you buy pants in a clothing store, you can introduce the shirt and leather to the customer for reference and purchase.
    9. The timing of the transaction in time, decisively realize the transaction
    When the customer has deeply understood, studied or tried on a certain product, the dealers and sales staff must seize the opportunity in time and realize it decisively to achieve decisively. make a deal. There are many methods, such as the second choice and one method: Do you think you choose XX or XX? Another example is the Fa: Our promotional activity is the last day today. Another example is to bravely propose the method: Do you need to wrap you up? Wait. The majority of wooden door dealers and salespersons must understand how to observe words, correctly grasp the needs of customers, and timely and decisively to achieve sales transactions.
    10. The transaction is completed. Small with a smile on the customer
    The major wooden door dealers and salespersons should understand: Farewell customers are both the end of sales and the beginning of the next successful sales. Therefore, regardless of whether the customer has or not, dealers and salesperson should say goodbye to the customer with a smile. At the same time, you can tell customers about the new trends of the company or goods. For example, when the store will have new goods, it is prompted to buy it again.
    Sales skills for newcomers to sell wooden doors 2 First, what needs to be done is to be familiar with the relevant knowledge of wooden doors, so as to better introduce products to customers. Although there are many types of wooden doors, there are countless related knowledge, but the problem that customers care about are nothing more than a few: the material of the door core, the material of the door cover, the customized cycle, the method of valuation,
    The cycle of payment payment These aspects. Common door cores include solid wood keel, bridge cave mechanical board, solid wood plate, and European pine plate. Some low -end wooden doors also use honeycomb door core and empty core particle core core. Common door covers are mainly solid wood lines,
    density board paste, multi -layer board paste, fir wood sticker, and the density board door cover is low. The customized cycle depends on different manufacturers and different seasons. The method of depending on the payment of the payment depends on the sales model of different stores.
    Secondly, the help of following old sales or seeking old sales is also an effective means to quickly improve sales capabilities and acquire sales skills. This is also a skill in itself. The sales knowledge of many wooden doors, the efficiency of itself is far less efficient than others, and can master sales skills faster and deeper. At the same time, it is better to achieve better collaborative relationships in the process of consulting, which is very helpful to solve the problems encountered in the work.

    Third, people can do things, and things can teach people. Listen to the needs and doubts of customers, think about problems from the perspective of customers, and sincerely change the trust of customers. This is an eternal sales technique. Wooden door sales do not have to learn to spend their words. It will definitely have very good sales performance to solve problems for customers.
    Finally, the sword has no front, and the real sales skills are no skills. Real sales masters don't care about selling anything, they can sell it. Without skills to sell, it can make customers eliminate alert psychology. When you make friends with customers, you can naturally sell the wooden doors.
    Senging, there are several main aspects of the sales skills of novice selling wooden doors: to obtain wooden doors related knowledge, especially the issues that customers care about; learn and ask for old sales and ask for help. Get help is to quickly master sales skills A good way;
    This learning to think in other places, thinking about problems from the perspective of customers, can also obtain the trust of customers, thereby helping the transaction; when the common sales skills are mastered, the so -called techniques are actually not so important. It's right.
    Sales skills for newcomers to sell wooden doors 3 First, must be familiar with wooden door -related knowledge. Only when you are familiar with your own knowledge, you will have self -confidence to introduce the customer. In order to consolidate the foundation of transactions. It is conceivable that a salesperson knows very little about the professional knowledge of the industry, and you cannot answer the questions that customers ask.
    Os how can it be sold? It is useless to rely on the so -called technique. Sales skills can play a role, and must be established on the basis of the proficiency of their knowledge. In particular, what are the characteristics of the product, what are the selling points,
    what are the product functions, the differences of various products, etc., and other aspects are in their hearts, and this knowledge is made of simple sales. Very good transaction customers.
    The professional knowledge in the wooden door industry mainly has the following aspects. These aspects are also issues that customers are more concerned about. We must first understand.
    1. Material problem: What is the door of the door fan? What material does the door cover use? What material is the line?
    The relatively common low -end wooden doors. Generally, the door fan uses inner honeycomb paper, surrounded by solid wood and density plate skeleton, and the surface is made of density plate panels. The door sleeve plate or window cover, dumb mouth cover, is usually a solid sleeve composed of solid wood and density board composite materials. Of course, the low -end door sleeve also has a hollow structure.
    The composite material doors such as stickers, panel doors and other composite materials. The surface layer of the surface is density plate as a bottom, and the surface is packed on the surface, or the plate is composed of the plate. Full wooden doors, solid wood inside and outside, there are also solid wood outside the cost of control, which contains miscellaneous materials. Of course, there are higher -end pure wooden doors. In short, there are more knowledge in the wooden door industry.
    2. Production cycle: How long is the production cycle of the set door? How long is the production cycle of a single set and a single line, whether it can be urgent in special circumstances, how long is the production cycle, and different manufacturers have different production cycles.

    This problem is also a problem that customers often ask. Usually, the paint door is 15-20 days, the paint door is 7-10 days, and the door of the leather door is pasted. The production cycle of raw wooden doors is more than 1 month. This is only the usual production cycle. It is also different according to the complexity of the product and the production cycle. Different manufacturers, the off -peak season, the production cycle will also change.
    3. Payment method: The door to sell the door 281858272 Qingfeng knows that the payment method of the wooden door industry is generally paid the deposit first. The wooden door industry is a customized product, and usually pays about 30%of the deposit first. After the product is done, pay the remaining models. If you face the customer's dealers directly, there are some symbolic collection of some deposits, and the payment is completed after completing the acceptance.
    It, learn more from old salesperson, and make more designers in the home improvement industry to learn from designers.
    The old sales personnel in the wooden door industry have a long period of time, and the knowledge and sales skills of wooden doors are more familiar. In the case of mastering a certain basic knowledge, learning from them can improve their growth rate faster. From the designer, it can improve his understanding of the development trend of the industry, as well as the improvement of aesthetic such as wooden doors and decoration. Improving its professional quality and aesthetic literacy is very good in the face of customer conversations.
    Third, more practice. Communicate more with customers, consider the issues on the position of customers, find ways to relieve customers' concerns, and win the trust of customers. This is a never -changing sales technique. Many people can sell well, in fact, they can only gain trust for a while, if you do not treat customers sincerely.
    In the end of your sales performance, you can't improve. Only by really can solve problems for customers and provide customers with solutions can solution continue to improve their performance. During communication, some salesperson understands self -confidence, and the way of speaking adopts too strong languages, maybe sometimes it may work, but in most cases, it is not good for themselves.
    The soft way to make your mentality more correct, and it is more conducive to listening to the true thoughts of customers. In addition, don't think that customers with too many problems are not easy to deal. Often, more customers are the customers who are most concerned about your products and have patience. Even if there is no transaction, you can summarize various problems from it. Usually you can prepare a few more sets of things to deal with these problems.
    In short, the sales skills of selling wooden doors are more learning, more practice, thinking more, learning to learn from the old, and at the same time learn from the Internet. The circle of "selling the door" seller, learning how to sell the door better.

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