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  1. HR stays actual combat
    HR stays in actual combat. In the battle of talents, it is not easy to recruit people, but it is not easy to retain them! In order to retain talents, many companies have tried all kinds of methods, but the effect is not obvious. So how to keep people? Look at the actual combat of HR.
    The actual combat of HR staying 1 on December 12, 2015, hosted by the Human Resources Professional Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Beauty Cosmetics Industry Chamber of Commerce, and exclusively undertaken by 138 Beauty Talent Network, "HR Study Practice -Employee Happiness Points Plan "The theme of the HR Salon event was held as scheduled at the Hongde International Hotel, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.
    The HR salon is actually more inclined to a practical course, and nearly 50 human resources practitioners from major beauty companies to learn how to retain talents and how to manage "willful" employees with different means Essence
    The at the beginning of the event, Mr. Zheng Weidan, the general manager of the 138 Beauty Talent Network, the general manager of the 138 Beauty Talent Network Recruitment, and the Deputy Director of the Human Resources Professional Committee, came to the stage.
    He proposed that human resources are not just to find resources, but to make resources into capital and leave people to do more valuable things. Therefore, HR should create value instead of recruitment. At the same time, he also emphasized that it is necessary to promote the development of the human resource system with practical actions, and believe that although HR enthusiastically invests in the human resources industry, there is less learning opportunities and time. Therefore Hold more HR salon activities, and HR practitioners are also welcome to join the current investigation team of human resources in the Chinese beauty industry to make suggestions for the current status of the human resources of the American industry.
    The general manager of Guangzhou Juqi Human Resources Co., Ltd. also invited the general manager of Guangzhou Jiqi Human Resources Co., Ltd., and is also the deputy director of the Human Resources Professional Committee.
    It's throwing two questions as soon as she came to power: "Is HR? Is it good to do it?" Employees? "Quickly poked the pain points of HR. Speaking of team management, Teacher Ann believes that the management team is walking between institutional and human nature.
    The resonance can be resonated with the same frequency. Why is the post -90s unhappy? Teacher ANNY pointed out that you must first understand what kind of groups they are. The post -90s goes to the spiritual level, and the pursuit of freedom and creativity. them.
    ANNY Teacher teased himself "to attract the jade", and next is the lecturer of the heavyweight experts of this event -Mr. Zhu Xianchun appeared.
    before explaining the course of "Employee Happiness Points Program -Dynamic Performance Development Method", he will divide the HRs present into five groups for "points competition", so the "Happy Team", "Happy Team", "Excellent Team" "Perfect Team" and "Give Li Team" five groups were born.
    This exercises: "People" in the enterprise n, Mr. Zhu gave everyone a exercise question, about the "big" association, and "organized" organizational power "," cultural power "," marketing power " The "product force" and "strategic planning" are placed in the "big" and explained the reasons, respectively.
    In order to help the team win points, members of the group spoke enthusiastically. In the end, Teacher Zhu pointed out that this is an analysis model of the "five forces" of the company's growth. Product power and marketing power should be the most important and two most important force in each company.
    and the two must be a general balance, otherwise it is a waste of resources. The "strategic planning" is placed in the head position, because the boss is guided well, and the actual effect of connecting the strategy will have the actual effect. Organizational power and cultural power are also invisible and tangible.
    Course 1. From "manpower management" to "human -based management"
    , will the company be big if there is no "person"? After this problem, he believes that there is no strategic drive, and the company is not far away. The final point of the enterprise -driven is the human -based driver, that is, to meet the needs of people.
    The ability of new talents = ability of competent work x to work X work in the work of work X work, so it is the most critical to bring a sense of happiness to the organization.
    In the second interactive link, Mr. Zhu asked three questions about a "Three Story of the Three Stone Artists", allowing each group to talk freely to talk about their views. Among them, the members of the Perfect Team said that if one of the three people want to choose one person to enter the company, she will choose the second type, because such people have clear goals, practice landing, and easy to control.
    The teacher Zhu also expressed his point of view: the first person is a contradiction and the most person in the enterprise; the second is a technical person. If you agree with the company Over the bottom line, then he will have no reason to pat the buttocks, and this kind of person is very small; the three kinds of people are unable to find it.

    Is about how to "grasp the demand of people", Mr. Zhu talked about the theory of Maslow's demand level. Self -demand, respect, social needs, safety needs, and physiological needs must be met.
    The employee demand is satisfied with the characteristics of behavior performance: the sense of fairness and justice of employees comes from stability; employee's sense of belonging mainly comes from initiative; employee's sense of accomplishment comes from aggressive.
    Course 2. What is the "Happiness Points Plan"?
    The teacher Zhu shared Shenzhen Mobile -Fu Division Publicity Video, which briefly introduces the background and related cases of the "Happiness Points Plan". What is the happiness integration plan,
    It also explained the chart: "Happiness Points Plan" value analysis, "Happiness Points Plan" running map, and the "Happiness Points Plan" operation mechanism. Teacher Zhu emphasized that the process of employees' scores is the process of creating value for the company.
    Course III. How to implement the "Happiness Points Plan"?
    How to achieve the organic combination of operating management activities? How to reflect the management orientation of the company and the department? Employees dynamically "behavior" files, and then realize the in -depth development of human resources?
    On how to run the "Happiness Points" through the IT support platform to run low cost and efficiently? In a series of main issues, Mr. Zhu prepared some dry goods for everyone: resource allocation and reward alternative plan, IT support platform plan, and in -depth application of happiness points plan.
    In the question session, each HR published its own confusion about the "Happiness Points Plan". Some HR asked whether the integral plan is only suitable for large enterprises, can small enterprises use? Do not complicate the embodiment of small companies.
    The HR mentioned that the integral plan is suitable for the post -90s employees who are suitable for insiders and are not suitable for liquidity, especially the more often "willful" post -90s employees.
    The teacher Zhu answered, you can say from the opposite direction, because the plan is not set up before you go. If you set it well, it will be effective.
    I also has HR bold questions. If the boss does not want to give employees benefits and wants employees to do well, the points plan seems to be unavailable, what should I do? Suppose he is willing to produce what you put in, how to measure the output? Different companies and bosses are determined, and the performance is good, forming a virtuous circle, and you will definitely feel the changes in employees' spiritual appearance.
    In several rounds of interaction, the results of the site points competitions came out, and eventually won the happiness team. Each member won the mysterious award of Teacher Zhu.
    HR Study on actual combat 2 1. Leave person
    (1) Give enough security
    Why do you let core employees loyal to you? You have to give them a sense of security -as long as you are willing to do it seriously, the company will not kill the donkey to treat you in the future.
    This cannot be just a word. You must make it to see it.
    Segis with old employees who are very good at working age, establish an internal security mechanism of "one party have difficulty in supporting" and "old -fashioned" and "old -fashioned".
    . For example:
    Basic benefits: Five insurances and one gold;
    Old employee benefits: Foreign company employees have enough to enjoy a lifetime employee welfare system for 20 years (except for normal social security, the company will send an additional one to one more, Pinfeng, working age, salary, and old employees who have more than 5 years of working age to buy additional commercial insurance;
    employee subsidies: The company can take out part of the profit every month and set up a subsidy fund to help the company have in the company. Difficulty employees.

    (2) Create corporate culture
    A good corporate culture, it can be established in a day or two.
    . It needs to gather the director of the family, which has accumulated over time, and then refined from it. It is unique. The corporate culture built in this way can stand the test and valuable.
    , but it is difficult for our employees to see these, and they will not care how you create a corporate culture.
    . They only asked to work in a team of harmony, relaxation, justice, fairness, aggressive, and united, and he was happy and relieved.
    So our managers should try to create such a cultural atmosphere. With such an atmosphere, the team will have cohesion, and a team with cohesion. If employees leave Make sure your liquidity is not too low.
    (3) Give the development platform
    The platform for employees to develop space and upgrade platforms, give employees hope, and give employees motivation.
    has no hope, and companies that cannot see the prospects are not enthusiastic about their employees' work anyway. Such companies cannot let employees stay at the company with peace of mind.
    (4) willing to take the initiative to take the initiative
    Is, there is no doubt that the level of management level of leaders is largely controlled by the company's development.
    . Similarly, the personality charm and management style of leaders also largely affects the enthusiasm of employees and the stability of the team.
    The many leaders, in order to establish their prestige in the minds of higher levels or employees, or keep their faces, often push their mistakes to employees, let alone assume responsibility for employees. It's right.
    The consequences are that your temporary prestige or face may be kept.
    But the day is long. What may be lost in the minds of the employees may not be as simple as prestige or face. The loss will be the long -term respect and trust of the employees.
    (5) Communication of superiors and lower relationships
    Peter employees may leave because they are unhappy with their superiors.
    HR needs to communicate with talents and its direct leaders, find out the root cause of the problem, and solve it targeted.
    If the contradiction cannot be reconciled, according to the ability, provide the opportunity to replace the department appropriately according to the ability.
    (6) Based on comprehensive assessment of salary
    It employees' departure is not because of less money, but lack of fairness to make themselves uncomfortable. Causes employees to leave.
    HR needs to pay the basic salary in accordance with the comprehensive factors of employees' ability and funding. Based on the value created by employees or projects, funds are allocated.
    (7) Talk more about the heart, touch the bottom
    can use the "questionnaire interview" method. The interview can be summarized in a gentle and soft way. The performance of each person finds the advantages of each person and amplifies and praise.
    Then tell her to give her a small surprise next year as a friend. This surprise is to be cash.
    The kind of conversation should not be done as a work conversation, it should be a kind of talk. In this way, understanding whether employees are thinking about whether there is a plan to leave next year.
    Pimmissions are actually investigating. After the employees can come back after the holiday, there are countless and statistical reports, and the "dangerous figures" will focus on tackling.
    2. Leave people
    do you know that you can retain people?
    You also knows some of the words to stay in order to resonate with employees and retain them!
    (1) "I can understand you"
    Jack Ma said: Employees leave, either he is aggrieved or money is wronged.
    However, the problem that can be solved with money is not a problem, so we will discuss the problem of "grievances" for the time being.
    HR more or less to study a little psychology. Human needs always want to get attention, so the more you know about him, the more you can get closer to the distance between you.
    M wish to express "I can understand you" when communicating, cause resonance, and cause the cause of true grievances.
    (2) "We all see your value"
    is still the problem of human needs, and human needs always want to be recognized.
    So you may wish to collect some employees to make a small contribution to the company before the interview. At this time, the contribution is not as effective as the small contribution.
    In the interview, take out the contribution collected, and sincerely say "We all see your value".
    (3) "We can give you a better future" "
    HR should be no stranger to the promotion channel of employees. What positions should develop? You should have a spectrum. Use cautiously, to ensure that the way you paint for your employees are easy to go, it is best to discuss with the department supervisor in advance.
    It if the employee's ability to work is prominent, the department supervisor said that there may be opportunities for promotion, then put it directly directly This sentence is smashed out and hook the employees back.
    Through this trick, the employees will feel that you not only understand me, recognize me, but also set your body to think about my future. At this moment, you should be moved. If you want to really retain employees, you still have to let the corporate culture move people's hearts and let them work in a company with a common three views. Not only can ensure the enthusiasm of employees, the most important thing is to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

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