2 thoughts on “How to achieve information group issuance during QQ chat?”

  1. Use [multi -person conversation] to select [invite multiple people to give a session] in the chat dialog box.
    QQ is an instant messaging software launched by Tencent in 1999. It can not only chat and make friends on various communication terminals, but also conduct free videos, voice calls, or to receive important documents anytime, anywhere.
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    It can be connected with a variety of communication methods such as mobile communication terminals, IP telephone networks, and wireless paging. Function, which makes QQ not just a simple network virtual call machine, but a convenient and efficient instant messaging tool.
    By 2000, Tencent's OICQ basically occupied nearly 100% of China's online instant messaging nearly 100% The market has basically become an overlord in the real -time communication industry in the country. At this time, the trouble came. AOL sent a lawyer's letter to Tencent. ICQ is the registered trademark of AOL. Therefore Edem the right to use its trademark.
    aol requires Tencent to rename OICQ, otherwise it will be resorted to court. So in the version, OICQ has made another change of self -protection in advance. QQ2000 "to avoid legal conflict with ICQ.
    In the name of the name of the name QQ. QQ was originally a nickname of netizens on OICQ. n

  2. Sometimes the same news is sent to QQ group friends. One by one opens the chat window, and it is very troublesome to copy and send them one by one. Although it can be implemented through the QQ group and even special QQ message groups, it is also troublesome to use. If you install QQ live broadcast, you can easily complete the message group.
    In the community mode login to QQ live, just enter a live theater, and then click the "Invite QQ Friends" button on the open live theater window to open the notification dialog box (pictured). Check the friends who send the QQ message group (of course, you can also check other friends one by one), enter the message in the "Recommended" text box, and click the "Recommended" button to achieve the message group sending. It should be noted that the message received by a friend will automatically attach the invitation to the current QQ live program

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