LED line lights are now widely used behind the reasons

With the lighting project more and more role regulations, the development of intelligent lighting system is more prominent. The intelligent system is based on intelligent lighting automatic control system. Intelligent lighting system software combines communication technology, intelligent control system, field sensor nondestructive testing technology, all intelligent semiconductor technology, system software with wireless remote control, monitoring and remote sensing functions, intelligent and intelligent system use, data acquisition modular terminal equipment, network connection managers can be on the phone based on the map page management method, Centralized all urban landscape lighting and lighting automatic control system, can also be manually operated on site, highly specialized, highly scalable, all-weather coverage of a wide range.

The bright engineering project of the city building requires the participation of experts and led strip lights manufacturer, and requires a holistic overall planning and design scheme. For the brightness of the bustling city, we must study the overall plan scientifically and strictly abide by the relevant regulations. Urban lighting must be dominated by environmental protection and energy saving. Lighting must be considered from a functional point of view.china led strip rgb cct. The lighting effect of art deco should conform to, from the development trend of function lighting, the perfection of lighting way, the increase of lighting time and the development trend of intelligent system will become the three development trends of multifunctional lighting in our country.

LED line lights are now widely used in roads and bridges, outdoor billboards, doors and walls and other fields. Because LED light sources are green, durable and reliable, they have slowly replaced traditional row lights. LED line lights with large power are likely to be used in large quantities. Before using LED line lights for bright design, it is necessary to master the projection height of LED line lights.

Production line lighting manufacturers use careful and detailed industrial product design, shape is different from others, compact and firm structure, with reliable characteristics, easy to operate, with excellent close-range mixing color, and different practical effects from others, with extremely high liquidity output. This projection light is a row light that can be pointed symmetrically in all directions. Mainly used in buildings, corridors, viaducts, martyrs' cemetery, columns, flower beds and other places of decoration and design lighting. Waterproof effect: the unusual structure is conducive to the discharge of water on the shell. The new waterproof silicone rubber can ensure the tightness of the lighting fixtures and prevent water seepage and dust.

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