What are the traditional activities of Christmas

Santa Claus

The main figure of Christmas is SantaClaus (SantaClaus), which is based on Saint Nicholas, a bishop who lived in the 4th century AD in Myra (modern Turkey). He did a lot of charity work during his life, and his favorite work was secretly helping the poor. Santa Claus is his later nickname, this name is from his secret send money to help three girls. Nicholas was posthumously canonized. The image of Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard and a red hat. Every Christmas he came from the north on a sleigh pulled by a deer, entered the house by the chimney, and hung the Christmas presents in stockings on the children's beds or in front of the fire.

Christmas dinner

Christmas cake, pudding, and minced meat are all popular Christmas food. Of course, roast chicken is the highlight of the meal. Besides eating, there is also an important activity in this meal, that is, everyone gets together and makes up with bad things. Celebrate the coming of Christmas together.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Christmas tree is a classic symbol of Christmas. In ancient times, Western countries had the tradition of offering sacrifices to evergreen trees, so the earliest Christmas trees were evergreen trees like pine. Now it is a popular thing for children to decorate the Christmas tree every year around Christmas time. It is decorated with Olympic lights, tinsel and little wreaths and round snowglobe lantern ornaments.

Light the Christmas candle

During the Christmas season, devout Christians will light a candle outside the house, which means that Jesus can bring light and hope to people. At the beginning, Christianity was an illegal religion. Christians were persecuted many times and people were forbidden to pray. Therefore, people used candles to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas, is one of the main festivals of the Western Chinese New Year, every year on this day, cheerful Christmas songs fluttering in the streets, shopping malls flowery color, full of beautiful things, filled with a warm and happy atmosphere. The children in sweet dreams, looking forward to Santa Claus from the sky, bring the coveted gift. The image of Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard and a red hat. Every Christmas, he drove a sleigh pulled by deer from the north, entered the house through the chimney, put Christmas gifts in socks and hung them on the children's bed or in front of the fire, he did a lot of charity work in his life, the most like to secretly help the poor.

Christmas cards are very popular as Christmas gifts in Western countries. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with the cards. The news usually includes the advantages of family members in the past year and so on. Sending Christmas cards on Christmas Day, in addition to the joy of celebrating Christmas, is to bless relatives and friends, in order to form the feeling of missing. Especially in the loneliness of relatives and friends, but also kind care and comfort.

Christmas is also one of the children's favorite festivals, they like to put Christmas stockings on the bed, waiting for the next morning to receive gifts, distribution of candy, is also the children very favorite, is also one of the most interesting traditions. Christmas candy is distributed to the neighbors during the Christmas season. On Christmas Day, all misunderstandings and animosities are resolved and the community comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. These traditions, which have been carried out for decades, are becoming more and more lively every year. I believe that with the passage of time, people's enthusiasm for traditional customs will only grow.

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