Football Today: Wigan Athletic v Luton Swansea v Bristol

Fa Cup: Swansea City v Bristol

Match time: 23-01-18 03:45 Wednesday

Team status analysis:

​Swansea's new season condition is relatively stable, the current ten wins, eight draws and nine defeats of the record, in the league 11th. Last season, Swansea's final league position was only 15th in the league, due to the team's limited investment in recruiting, so the team has not been able to show too strong competition in recent seasons. I believe that this season Swansea is likely to maintain a mid-table ranking. Perhaps the only way to win promotion in the Premier League is to look forward to the growth of young players. The average age of Swansea's current squad is only 26 years old, so there is a certain degree of plasticity in the squad.

Swansea have won two, drawn one and lost two of their last five games. ​In the last game, the team won 3-1 away to Sunderland for two unbeaten records. From the process of the game, Sunderland was hit in the opening 19 minutes. All Leagues Predictions.The midfielder team O 'Nien was too much in the defense of the referee sent off the field. The premature reduction of personnel also made Sunderland can only shrink the defensive line to passive defense, while Swansea saw the opponent's offensive was not bold pressure to continue to create defensive pressure on Sunderland's defensive line. In the end, the team was rewarded for the onslaught, and Swansea won the game in a row in the second half.

Bristol's recent form has picked up, with eight wins, eight draws and 11 defeats, and they are 17th in the league. Since Bristol fell into a long period of low tide before, the points advantage accumulated at the beginning of the new season suddenly disappeared. Now Bristol has returned to the middle and lower reaches of the league again. It is believed that it is difficult for this team to get a high ranking in the league. So this team still has a certain pressure to avoid relegation.

Bristol extended their unbeaten run to a fourth game with a 4-2 home win over Birmingham City. From the perspective of the game process, when facing Birmingham with similar overall strength, Bristol's players also showed a strong desire to win at home. In the early stage of the game, Bristol's players actively fought for the possession of the ball in midfield and gained a certain advantage. However, Birmingham, on the road, obviously did not have a high intention in the game, so when facing the fierce pressure of Bristol's players, Birmingham were at the back of their own half for a while. Bristol had opened up a two-goal lead after just 21 minutes and, although Birmingham might have stressed the importance of counter-attacking at the break, they were unable to draw level in the second half. In the end, Bristol scored two more goals to settle the score at 4-2.

Analysis of the competition:

The two teams have drawn in the FA Cup, so both sides are familiar with each other's tactics. Although Swansea's overall strength and league position are still better than Bristol's, Bristol's recent consistency is still better than Swansea's. But Bristol after all, most of the successive games can only draw with opponents, it can be seen that the team's offensive firepower is still not a small problem, plus the two teams are still in use of relatively mediocre 442 formation, this game is likely to be a repeat of the two sides of the first meeting, in both sides of the backline personnel are relatively dense, The pace of the game should not be too fast, but if Bristol can continue to attack the last game, then Swansea will not be able to hold off Bristol attacking fire, believe this away Bristol will be a regular 90 minutes to settle the battle to win promotion.

Fa Cup: Wigan Athletic v Luton Town

Match time: 2023-01-18 03:45 Wednesday

Team status analysis:

Wigan Athletic were promoted this season but have failed to find form since their return to the Championship, with six wins, seven draws and 14 defeats so far, leaving them bottom of the league. For Wigan Athletic, the position should not be too high this season, but it is true that the team is not competitive in the Championship and is still struggling more than halfway through the campaign. Unless Wigan Athletic get a lot of club support during the winter window, otherwise the team will probably be back in League One next season.

Wigan Athletic have drawn two and lost three of their last five games, with a poor record. ​last game, the team went away to Cardiff City 1-1 draw for the second straight draw. From the process of the game, this game Wigan Athletic in the away is also a long time in the state of pressure, and Cardiff City although possession of the ball has been unable to score, in the first half of the siege fruitless, the second half of Cardiff City changed their attack direction, the team no longer to the middle penetration to play bilateral bottom cross, It was a tactical change that caught Wigan's defence off guard, and a sustained attack from Cardiff in the 82nd minute was rewarded with a one-goal lead, only for Wigan to make a late comeback through a succession of changes, culminating in the final minute of stoppage time for their leading striker, Keane. A superb finish helped his team salvage a hard-fought point against Cardiff City.

From a personal point of view, although Wigan Athletic's promotion to the Championship this season has not achieved too good league results, but the team's main goalscorer Keane performance is commendable, the current player is also attracting the attention of a number of Premier League teams, if Keane continues to score for the team in recent games, then the player Wigan Athletic probability is difficult to stay, But Keane left after the attack firepower of Wigan Athletic and who should be top, once can not find a suitable replacement, then Wigan Athletic not only face the pressure of relegation, perhaps relegation after the return of League One is difficult to have too strong competition.

Luton, who failed to win promotion to the Premier League through the play-offs last season, are now ninth in the league with 10 wins, nine draws and seven defeats. Luton, however, are only two points adrift of West Brom in sixth place, and if they can maintain a more consistent form, they could overtake West Brom at any time in the second half of the campaign.

In their last game, Luton lost 2-3 at home to West Brom and dropped three crucial points in direct talks. In terms of the course of the game, it was a crucial six-point game for both sides, so the two teams fought it out from the start, with Luton taking a two-goal lead from West Brom in the first ten minutes, but West Brom were the better team overall. Two goals down, Luton came back from behind and, with Luton two goals up, West Brom came from behind to make it two goals to three. Luton also tried to come back in the closing stages, but with the West Brom players in good spirits, Luton's counter-attack did not work out well.

Analysis of the competition:

The FA Cup tie was a rematch and the two sides had drawn 1-1 in their first meeting. Wigan Athletic had only met Luton on four previous occasions as they had only just returned to the Championship, winning, drawing and losing. It can be said that the advantages of Luton's squad can not be reflected in Wigan Athletic, plus the two teams in use of a more moderate 442 formation, the center and back of the personnel is too dense and also makes the two sides of the attack difficult to develop smoothly. I believe that the game is still difficult to distinguish between the two sides within 90 minutes. After a half-time tussle, the two teams may have to decide the winner through a brutal penalty shootout.

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