yellow costume jewelry wholesale What do you think about the concept and viewpoint of economist Wang Fuzhong's "different" concepts and views?

yellow costume jewelry wholesale

1 thought on “yellow costume jewelry wholesale What do you think about the concept and viewpoint of economist Wang Fuzhong's "different" concepts and views?”

  1. jewelry parts wholesale dallas If it wasn't for eating dung, wouldn't it be forgotten if you were not educating your duty? Without farmers, there are no worlds, no farmers and social development and progress? There is no two choices such as throwing into the corpse furnace, which is a full national defeat!
    "Digital Book Forget Ancestors" is said to be like Wang Fuzhong, and "eating in the country" is also a person like Wang Fuzhong. "Parch" is also a person like Wang Fuzhong. "Judging" is also a person like Wang Fuzhong. "Big Rebellion" is still a person like Wang Fuzhong.
    In I do n’t know when it starts, Chinese farmers have become some people ’s“ nails in the eyes, thorns in the meat ”, and even publicly published some remarks that vilify Chinese farmers. Add some social benefits to them so that they can also become the rapid development of China's development. Is this too much required? Is this unreasonable requirement? How can Chinese farmers become so hostile or even scorn?
    M of these people, Wang Fuzhong is a typical representative, and it is also the "leader" of these hate Chinese farmers!
    Wang Fuzhong, a well -known economist and a doctor of economics at Peking University, and was a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics. Many of his remarks are extremely "different". After repeated, we talk about his evaluation of Chinese farmers:
    "Farmers are not worthy of respect, farmers have not contributed, and they are lazy and stupid."
    The farmers are not respected? Here, I want to ask Wang Fuzhong: Your hometown is Zhuhe Village, Xinglong Palace Township, Wen'an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province. Your parents are authentic Chinese farmers?
    The people who do n’t know, do n’t know that you jumped out of the stone cracks, no father gave birth to no mother to raise!
    is your father and mother as a peasant, a shit and a urine, and pulling you up for you, for you to wear, for you to read, and hold you with your hands to make you a Beijing Shouldn't they be respected by college students?
    What is this? This is the forgetfulness of forgetfulness, the naked number of the ancestors, and the typical food.
    Wang Fuzhong, are I said right?
    The farmers have no contribution? The people use food as a large population. As a large population, hundreds of millions of farmers in China have sprinkled countless sweats, and they have paid more than one billion Chinese people with their hard work. The problem of eating, wearing, use, and degree of more than one billion people.
    we can eat the grains of grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, and pigs and sheep.
    The road you have passed by, which is not the same as migrant worker friends cast it with their sweat?
    The products, like you Wang Fuzhong, are ordinary families from rural areas. The life of "facing the loess to the sky, dripping sweat into the soil is sweet and sweet" has experienced it.
    The product has experienced the situation of "Jiaogong Grain". When it comes to this "Jiaogong grain", there will be a lot of spray immediately on the Internet and say:
    What to pay for the grain? The food was bought by the country from farmers, and the country was paid for farmers.
    The public grain that farmers handed over to the country were almost 30% of the total harvest. Remember, these are all handed over to the country for free. And it must be the best part of the harvest.
    In the income of the drought or flood disasters, farmers have to pay for food to buy food and borrow food. This is mandatory, there is no room for bargaining.
    It can be said that China can develop to this point today, and it is inseparable from the selfless efforts of hundreds of millions of farmers.
    This farmers for the construction and development of China have made an indelible huge sacrifice. How can you say that they have not contributed?
    Wang Fuzhong, are I said right?
    The performance of strong sweat is lazy and stupid. For this, I am too lazy to evaluate. Everyone is all brain labor, and you Wang Fuzhong talked to us about "economics" here. How old are you?
    everyone is full of brain labor. What do you eat, drink, what to wear, and what do you use? Do you intend to make everyone a god who does not eat the fireworks on earth? In a word:
    The brain is sick and gets cured!
    Wang Fuzhong, you picked up the bowl to call the mother, put down the chopsticks and scolded your father, blindly blinded the knowledge you learned. It is even more forgotten the ancestors and unscrupulous. No wonder your tribe will remove you from the genealogy, no wonder the Central University of Finance and Economics will expel you.
    Please keep in mind that our country, who owe farmers in this society, give them some proper welfare benefits and improve their care medical conditions. It should be what they deserve.
    do you support the country to improve farmers' treatment?
    This, Wang Fuzhong, who is an economist, does not eat the fireworks of the world, and forgets his ancestors. Wang Fuzhong said: "Farmers are not worthy of respect, farmers have not contributed, and they are lazy and stupid." Listening, as an economist, is he said this? Also research on policies to study famous scholars. Can he study like people? It will only discredit policy researchers and economists. As a well -known person who does not know how to respect people, he will be spurred by the people.
    Wang Fuzhong's point of view is wrong. China ’s 1.4 billion population is a large population. If you do n’t produce food in China, I am afraid that the world will make food. The occupation, who shouted to destroy farmers before my country did not have certain policies, is not appropriate, because my country is still a large agricultural country, and a large number of farmers still rely on planting land to maintain their lives. It will definitely arrange the life and employment issues of farmers, and it is by no means Wang Fuzhong's elimination of farmers.
    D. Wang Fuzhong, a well -known economics in my country, and a doctoral student of Peking University. Needless to say, he is a knowledgeable and well -known person with deep professional knowledge. Not to mention, he talked about farmers in a blocking program alone. "Farmers, strong and sweating, I think it is a kind of laziness and ignorance; he cannot create a civilization, open up the new world, and push the global economic development worldwide "The" ideas and perspectives ", such remarks, came from the puppet of a soci economist. Almost everyone was surprised and angry.
    It with both hands to support the half -blue sky. What we can't forget is that farmers are now in the stage of rapid development, that is, we also have a light role in the world economy. The development of everything must be more labor, greater efforts, and sweating for sweat. From being bullied, being aggressive, to now becoming the world's second largest economy, and gradually moving towards the level of a well -off well. In this long and difficult journey, the leaders, revolutionaries, and researchers have paid endless sweats and made huge contributions to in exchange for a good society of economic prosperity and people's lives.
    behind this is the support and support of hundreds of millions of farmers. Each meal and rice that are eaten alone are farmers' hard work, and provide the "non -farm" population at the national macro -control price. It not only solves the problem of their eating, but also stabilizes the social order, but also the embodiment of "unstable grain". Without just knowing labor, the great contributions and sacrifices to the society's great contributions to society are still on the road. It is these labor people supporting the "half of the sky" with both hands, not "will not promote the development of the economy."
    The farmers are vigorous and sweaty, implying that the disrespect for migrant workers is in the huge group of farmers. There is also a branch. They are the builders of the city and their identities are farmers. This is migrant workers. It is true that peasant workers are at the "grassroots" class, not accepted by the city, and on the edge of industries, urban and rural areas. Employed at the lowest end of labor -intensive or other industrial chains. The work is hard and exhausted, and the "strong and sweating" is also their. That is, these are migrant workers, which are mainly concentrated in the second and third industries, which have lowered the low -cost labor force for the urban industry, filling the vacancies of labor -intensive industries such as manufacturing and construction industries. In particular, every high -rise building in the city is piled up by industrial sweats of peasants. There are no migrant workers "strong and sweating". Why is the gorgeous scene of the city?
    In conclusion
    , as a social "elite", "sweating" as "stupid" and "laziness", unknown or intentional. It is almost the same for yourself, and farmers and migrant workers are ignorant. There is no cover, and the peasants of his parents and foods are blatant, and the farmers slander the farmers. It is obviously forgotten the book and destroy his "three views", which stimulates farmers' resistance to him; as a "public figure", from Langfang, Hebei, Langfang, Hebei The children of farmers who come out of a rural countryside in the city just look down on farmers, why not do it? Why do you talk about in public? Isn't Wang Fuzhong's parents a farmer? Looking down on farmers, that is, he looks down on his parents. Do you know, where does this speech let your parents face? Farmers are the cornerstone of society and the cornerstone of a country. Without our farmers today, how can we say that it cannot promote economic development?
    [One city landscape] believes that the human so -called "different", if it is either for the public, or a serious three views.
    Pevy New China, one poor and two white, and the industrial foundation was very weak. At that time, it was implemented "raising agricultural workers". Farmers should pay public food, pay agricultural taxes, embrace military taxes, and build taxes for urban and rural roads. It can be said that farmers have made great contributions to the country's economic construction.

    Economist Wang Fuzhong said: "Farmers are brute force, which is useless to the country." "The relationship between farmers and us has not had a great relationship with us, and even I said almost no contribution." Say nonsense with conscience. In the big name, the construction of the country is inseparable from farmers. When they are young, people's three meals a day cannot be separated from farmers. Professor Wang Da, do you not eat fireworks on earth?

    The grain production from planting seedlings, fertilization, weeding, insecticidal, harvesting, sunbathing, grain, and warehouses do not require manpower? Where does the relationship say? Can you get on the table alone on the table alone?
    The academician Yuan Longping is in his eighty -year -old academician and stays in the field like a farmer. He studied his hybrid rice in ten years, and made a huge contribution to the increase in national grain production.
    Also, farmers do not only plant crops. Washing your feet into the field, entering the city to work, becoming the construction workers, sanitation workers, housekeeping workers, decoration workers, production workers, etc. in the city. His contribution.

    Wang Fuzhong, a faint name: a well -known economist in China, a PhD in economics, a post -doctorate of Peking University, a professor of economics at the University of Central University of Finance and Economics, a director of the Chinese Society of Economics of China, a special comment guest from TV shows , Best -selling writers and so on. The people who watch are dazzling, young talents are handsome.
    But we want to ask: Except for a dazzling halo, what is the contribution of Professor Wang Da? What are the economic theories that are allowed to be in all seasons? Does it only stand on the stage and talk about the banner of the suits? Compared with Academician Yuan, don't you feel self -confident? How do I feel that it is more suitable to evaluate you in the word "flower frame"?
    The agricultural country. In 2019, the agricultural output value accounted for below 10%of the entire GDP, but food security has always been a national strategic plan. The Central Document No. 1 has focused on the issue of the three farmers for 17 consecutive years. It is conceivable that farmers, agriculture, and rural issues are in the minds of the country.

    Economist Wang Fuzhong said: "Farmers are strong and sweaty. In my opinion, it is a kind of laziness and stupidity. The innovation world can not lead the progress of the world! To destroy the farmers! "Professor Wang Da's words are stunning. How arrike is a person who is so arrogant, so he is so disrespectful! It's no exaggeration to say that forgetting to be gratified, countless ancestors, and foolishness! What the hell!

    "The day noon of the hoe, sweat dripping the soil. Who knows that the Chinese food, the grains are hard." Hard work hard, early and late. Farming technology is underdeveloped, and the varieties of grain crops are not excellent enough. The farmers can only conclude and improve farming technology in practice to ensure the harvest of food in practice in practice.
    The farmers not only did not stuck with laziness and stupidity, but also supported generations of Chinese people with their intelligence and hard work.
    Min people take food as the sky. China has a population of 1.4 billion. Three meals a day must be guaranteed that food safety is the top priority. In today's world, it is dangerous to deliver food production in the hands of others. Farmers are not to eliminate, but to keep pace with the times in practice, and constantly use new technologies, new varieties, new farm tools, and new machinery to ensure that our rice is more and more and more fragrant.
    This farmers are "laziness and stupidity". I have to ask Professor Wang Da: Do you plant rice? Do you know that there is an inseparable relationship between the twenty -four solar terms and the farm work? Is the twenty -four solar terms a very great invention? There is no expensive career, and the surgery industry has a specialized attack. You will not be mistaken for children in a church in college?
    Is that the people of farmers are so sensulatory, it is even more laughing. It can be seen how shallow and one -sided the understanding of Professor Wang Da's knowledge of the world today is that the world is really peaceful? It's really ridiculous.
    Also, Professor Wang Da was born in a peasant family. Do you have the contribution of abusing farmers and wiping farmers. Are you worthy of your parents and grandparents? Wouldn't you feel free to accommodate? The tree does not forget the roots of thousands of feet high, and the water flows thousands of miles. People must know how to be grateful, and they must not forget their books. Otherwise, no matter how well you become famous, you will be cast aside.
    The farmers, just like the fertile land in the field, simplicity, nourish you, tolerate you and me, and dedicate it silently. They are our parents of food and clothing. They look down on anyone and they cannot look down on farmers.

    Economist Wang Fuzhong also said that "Chinese medicine is nonsense", "Hebei is poor and dirty to drag Beijing development", "prayer launch failure" and so on. endlessly. In this new crown epidemic, China can achieve a staged major victory. Traditional Chinese medicine can be said to shine in it and show great power. Traditional Chinese medicine is the essence of traditional Chinese culture and has the uniqueness of Western medicine. Visition Chinese medicine is actually vetoing Chinese traditional culture. Its heart can be stunned.
    The Professor Wang Da pointed to the stage, his mouth was flying, his mouth was flying, three and four, and there was no obstruction of his mouth. He rejected this, accused the of that, and even cursed. In him, we can't feel the glory of positive energy and rationality, only yin damage, meanness, pride, self -righteousness and inferiority. Is it like a master of a Fang?
    Mu the so -called economists, do n’t flutter if you do n’t have a small achievement, forget who you are, let alone pretending to be an amazing language, blogging attention, challenging the bottom line of being a man. Otherwise, turning over is an inevitable ending.
    I think if this economist and university professor really slander the farmers, then he must not grow up in food, maybe he grew up in the mechanization of fertilizer pesticides. Or grow up to eat land.
    is a pity that his postdoctoral post is a pity, but unfortunately his title of university professor. Even a three -year -old child is not as good as that of this kind of doing it. Be despised. Although the degree position is not low, he will never be able to stand up in front of the peasants of the country.

    Wang Fuzhong, really hurt the hearts of farmers across the country! Recently, Dr. Wang Fuzhong talked about the farmers: "One of the brute force, it is useless to the country." , I feel incredible.
    Over the years, our country has taken the work of "agriculture and rural areas" as a key job:
    Mun Zedong has proposed: "Workers, peasants, and business soldiers" put the "agriculture, farmers" second.
    In recent years, most of the annual central documents of the central government have strengthened the "agriculture, rural areas" work documents.
    The "rural agriculture" departments at all levels of institutional reform.
    Masant uncle faces the loess to the sky all year round, and has made a huge contribution to the construction of the motherland. Which is not produced by farmers? Eating, drinking, and using agricultural products produced by domestic people every day clamor that "farmers have not contributed."
    It do not know how many days can your life continue?
    This high -rise buildings in all sizes, which bricks, and cement is not built on the building by the peasant uncle "sweating"?
    If the building built by the uncle of the peasant, you still have to live in the open -air?
    On the one hand, uncle's uncle: "One is brute force, it is useless to the country." On the other hand,: "If China really wants to become rich and strong, it must be destroyed all of the farmers and complete urbanization as soon as possible." Essence
    You "eliminated" the uncle of the peasant and went to "complete the urbanization as soon as possible". Doesn't urbanization need architecture? No building sheds? If you need it, who does not rely on the peasant uncle to build it?
    Masant uncle to do the heavier work in the world, and obtained the lowest and slight remuneration. State cadres and employees have to be raised at the age of 60. And our peasant uncle is sixty, seventy, or even eighty or ninety years old. He must continue to work in the field for his livelihood.
    In some people have proposed: "There is no agricultural instability, no work, no rich, and no business", put "farm" first.
    The ancient "Cangxian and Knowing etiquette, knowing the glory and disgrace of clothing and food". Among them, "Cangbu" and "Footfront" are the contributions of the peasant uncle to the stability of society and economic development?
    The is also a peasant, but shouted: "Chinese farmers have dragged down China's development and become a stumbling block for the development of the country." Wang Fuzhong: You really hurt the heart of the peasant uncle!

    I didn't scold others. I watched Wang Fuzhong's video. I have the hearts of people who beat people. Do you grow up? Which of this kind of non -spoken scholar trained by the institution is also called an economist in our country. Who gave this person like this? This is the face of losing the face of Chinese scholars, insulting and blasphemy of the title of economist
    Chang Wang Fuzhong's theory, grass and nature can grow by themselves. Fruit and vegetables can only be produced by farmers. Nature and other animals will not produce. What do economist Wang Fu eat? Intersection Intersection

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